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Link 16 / JTIDS / MIDS (3 days)course

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Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

The Link 16 Advanced course teaches 26 instructional modules that are necessary to develop a thorough understanding of Link 16. The course provides greater detail for many of the topics covered in our two day Link 16 Intermediate Course. All students receive one-year of instructor support which entitles them to contact their instructor with course related questions for one-year.

Applicability: This course is suitable for personnel with little or no experience and is designed to take the student to a very high level of comprehension in a short period of time.


    Patrick Pierson has more than 23 years of operational experience, and is internationally recognized as a Tactical Data Link subject matter expert. Patrick has designed more than 30 Tactical Data Link training courses and personally trains hundreds of students around the globe every year.

    Contact this instructor (please mention course name in the subject line)

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Link 16
  2. Link 16 Documentation
  3. System Characteristics
  4. Time Division Multiple Access
  5. Link 16 Network Participation Groups
  6. J-Series Messages
  7. Link 16 Message Standard Interpretation
  8. Link 16 Message Prioritization
  9. Link 16 Implementation Requirements
  10. Link 16 Terminal Waveform Generation
  11. Time Slot Components
  12. Link 16 Message Packing and Pulses
  13. Link 16 Networks / Nets
  14. Link 16 Network Access Modes
  15. Link 16 Terminal Synchronization
  16. Link 16 Network Time
  17. Link 16 Network Roles
  18. Link 16 Terminal Navigation
  19. Link 16 Network Relays
  20. Link 16 Network Communications Security
  21. Link 16 Pulse Deconfliction
  22. Link 16 Terminal RF Modes
  23. Time Slot Duty Factor
  24. Link 16 Terminals
  25. Terminal Configurations / Maintenance
  26. Link 16 Platforms / Maintenance
  27. Link 16 Platforms


This course is not on the current schedule of open enrollment courses. If you are interested in attending this or another course as open enrollment, please contact us at (410) 956-8805 or at and indicate the course name and number of students who wish to participate. ATI typically schedules courses with a lead time of 3-5 months. Group courses can be presented at your facility. For on-site pricing, request an on-site quote. You may also call us at (410) 956-8805 or email us at

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