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ATI's Glossary of Electronic Warfare Terms

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AC – Alternating Current
AESA – Active Electronic Scanned Array
AMRAMM – Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AOJ – Acquire on Jam
AZ – Azimuth
BSC – Binary Symmetric Channel
BW – Beam Width
BW - Bandwidth
CFAR – Constant False Alarm Rate
CG- Guided Missile Cruiser
COMINT – Communications Intelligence
CPA – Closest Point of Approach
CW – Continuous Wave
CWI – Continuous Wave Illumination
DC – Direct Current
DC – Duty Cycle
DDG – Guided Missile Destroyer
DFRM – Digital Radio Frequency Memory
EA – Electronic Attack (formally ECM – Electronic Counter Measures)
EC – Electronic Combat (formally EW – Electronic Warfare)
EHF – Extremely High Frequency
EL – Elevation
ELF – Extremely Low Frequency
ELINT – Electronic Intelligence
EM – Electro-Magnetic
EMCON – Emission Control
EP – Electronic Protect (formally ECCM – Electronic Counter Counter Measures)
ERP – Effective Radiated Power
ES – Electronic Support (formallyESM – Electronic Support Measures)
ESA – Electronically Scanned Array
FC – Fire Control
FMCW – Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FFG – Guided Missile Frigate
FTC – Fast Time Constant
GCI – Ground Control Intercept
GPS – Global Positioning System
HARM – High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HAS – High Aspect Search
HF – High Frequency
HF-DF- High Frequency Direction Finding
HOJ – Home-on-Jam
IF – Intermediate Frequency
IR – Infar-Red
LF – Low Frequency
LO – Local Oscillator
LOS – Line of Sight
LUF – Lowest Useable Frequency
MDS – Minimum Discernable Signal
MF – Medium Frequency
MFR – Multi-Functional Radar
MSA – Mechanically Scanned Array
MTT – Multi Target Track
MTI – Moving Target Indicator
MUF – Maximum Usable Frequency
NEP – Noise Equivalent Power
OFT – Optimum Frequency for Transmission
PCR – Pulse Compression Ratio
PD – Pulse Doppler
PESA – Passively Electronic Scanned Array
PPI – Plan Position Indicator
POI – Probability of Intercept
PRF –Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI – Pulse Repetition Interval
PW – Pulse Width
PRI – Pulse Repetition Interval
PRT – Pulse Repetition Time
Rx – Receiver
RADAR – Radio Detection and Ranging
RCS – Radar Cross Section
RF – Radio Frequency
RGPO – Range Gate Pull Off
RT – Rest Time
RWR – Radar Warning Receiver
Smin – Minimum signal for Detection
SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar
SHF – Super High Frequency
SIGINT – Signal Intelligence
SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio
S/N – Signal over Noise
SRBOC – Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Countermeasures
SSES – Ships Signals Exploitation Space STC – Sensitivity Time Control
SM-2 – Standard Missile type 2
STAP – Space Time Adaptive Processing
Tx – Transmitter
TALD – Tactical Air Launch Decoy
TL – Threshold Level
TLAM – Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
TOW – Tube Launched Optically Tracked Wire Guided
TVM – Track Via Missile
UHF – Ultra High Frequency
VGPO – Velocity Gate Pull Off
VHF – Very High Frequency
VLF – Very Low Frequency