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Certified Systems Engineering Professional Exam Preparation Frequently Asked Questions

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In anticipation of questions you may ask, we've provided you with the answers and links to get you on your way to pursue Certified Systems Engineering Professional Exam Preparation

What is INCOSE and CSEP Certification?

    The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of systems engineering and to raise the professional stature of systems engineers. The Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) is one of three credentials endorsed by INCOSE. If you are a practicing Systems Engineer with more than five years of systems engineering professional work experience, then CSEP is for you. If you are entering the field or just graduating, then an Associate Systems Engineer Professional (ASEP) is your best choice. Both ASEP and CSEP are based on the same examination, while CSEP also requires proof of education and experience. The third certification level, Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP), is intended for those with 25 or more years of experience. ESEP is based on peer review and interviews rather than an examination.
Certification Value to YOU as a Systems Engineer
  • Formally recognizes your Systems Engineering capabilities
  • It is a discriminator that can aid in obtaining your next job
  • Can provide a competitive advantage in your career
  • Provides a portable Systems Engineering designation that is recognized across industry
  • Furthers your professional development as a systems engineer
  • Demonstrates your commitment to continuing professional development. Participation in continuing education indicates your commitment to personal development

Certification Value to YOUR ORGANIZATION

  • Formally recognizes the Systems Engineering capabilities of your people
  • Some government contracts require certified systems engineering professionals to qualify to be a lead systems engineer
  • Certified systems engineers can be a selling point and a discriminator for your proposals
  • Can be used as part of the hiring and promotion process
  • It encourages employee participation in continuing education
  • Provides an independent internal and external assessment
  • It is a tool for promoting professional competence

What prior background do I need in order to attend this course?

Will this course help prepare me for the INCOSE CSEP Exam?

    Yes. This course will fully prepare you to sit for the CSEP exam. This class is guaranteed to help you pass the exam or you can retake the course for free. The CSEP and ASEP certifications share the same examination and application form, so our CSEP Preparation course is equally well suited for both CSEP and ASEP applicants. The class will also provide you with sample exam questions so that you will be prepared for some of the tricky questions and the way of eliminating false, but near true answers. Just as you would not attempt a state bar exam without studying, you should not attempt the CSEP (Certified Systems Engineer Professional) exam without preparation. By taking a preparatory course, you can yield great benefits in performance, stress reduction and overall, greatly improve your chances of passing the exam.

Does the course provide help for my CSEP application?

    Yes, the opening segments of the course cover the application process and how best to present your education and experience to INCOSE. The CSEP certification is based on three elements: education, experience, and proven knowledge. The first two must be proven to INCOSE through your application, so we help you fully understand what you need to show in your application. We recommend that you do not submit your application until you take our course, because the INCOSE examiners are looking for very specific information about your experience.

Will I receive the official INCOSE SE Handbook?

    Yes, we provide hardcopy of the most current INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook as part of the course. You also receive a 200-page professional-quality course book as an after-class study guide, with detailed notes, and three sets of sample examination questions.

How do I take the Exam?

    You can sit for the CSEP exam at one of the many Prometric test facilities. Prometric offers thousands of test locations and these can be found at under Locate a Testing Center. The exam fee is paid directly to Prometric. Please note that no materials can be brought with you to the test center. You will be notified of your test status (pass/fail) immediately upon completion of the exam.

How quickly can I obtain the CSEP?

    We have had students complete the entire CSEP certification within two weeks of taking our class, although this requires dedicated focus. If you have the information available, you can complete and submit your application within a day. INCOSE allows an “exam first” option that allows you to schedule your exam as soon as INCOSE receives your application. Prometric facilities typically have open seats within a week or two. The longest activity is usually for INCOSE to review your application to approve your education and experience, which may take from two weeks to two months.

Will I receive a Certificate once I pass the CSEP Exam?

    Yes. INCOSE will mail your certification credentials to you so long as all of the INCOSE requirements have been met within one year of the application submittal.

What if I do not pass the exam?

    If you do not pass the exam on the first attempt, you are allowed to retake the exam twice more within the year. Each exam must be taken at a Prometric facility, so each exam incurs the Prometric testing service fee. This class is guaranteed to help you pass the exam or you can retake the course for free.

Will I be required to maintain this certification?

    Yes. INCOSE requires that all CSEP certification holders earn 120 PDUs within each 3 years. We offer a range of continuing education courses that help you stay current in the field and maintain your continuing education requirements.

Will I be awarded CEUs or PDUs for attending this course?

    Yes. You will be awarded a course completion certificate identifying 1.4 CEUs for 14 contact hours, the equivalent of 14 PDUs.

Please feel free to contact ATI directly with any questions regarding CSEP Certification courses at 410-927-6005.