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The issue of home low frequency hum is discussed on several blogs. I did some searches om Home Hum Noise RE: House is humming, literally * Posted by kevin2009 (My Page) on Fri, May 1, 09 at 18:22 Have had exactly the same problem. Problem so bad its been giving neighbors headaches-sleep pattern deprivation etc […]

The issue of home low frequency hum is discussed on several blogs. I did some searches om Home Hum Noise RE: House is humming, literally * Posted by kevin2009 (My Page) on Fri, May 1, 09 at 18:22 Have had exactly the same problem. Problem so bad its been giving neighbors headaches-sleep pattern deprivation etc etc. A low resonant humming getting stronger at night etc etc. Not caused by traffic,electricity etc. Humming caused by water pipe vibrations causing all sorts of low frequency bass like wooing noises. Have found the problem tonight – pressure variance in water mains pressures.Too much pressure causes pipes to hum. Possible causes – pumping station pressures too high – pressure reducing valves malfunctioning – mains pipes causing transient noise due to a “Dead end” section of the mains pipe. Symptoms that can be checked – when the hum is at its loudest turn one of your taps on – the hum may reduce if the pressure lessens in the mains supplying the house – have you noticed any high flow/pressure rates from your taps? Not certain but a loss of water pressure may have similar properties also. This is definitely high time to contact plumbing service company like THA Heating, Air, and Plumbing Inc. If in doubt get your water utility company to do a flow/pressure check on the mains /in your house etc. The turning tap on trick will only work if its sufficient to reduce the mains pressure – if not try to get neighbours etc to turn theirs on at the same time etc. I live in England in wales in Newport. I will now update my posts when the utility company is made aware of the cause of my problem and tells me how they are going to fix it. This is a problem with humming that for me has been caused by mains water supply pressure problem – not necessarily your problem. There are many on call plumber in Fairfield with whom you can get in touch with to fix the damages that are caused to your plumbing infrastructure. 

Simply turning the stop cock to your house off is not enough – the problems still there because the pipes are still singing to the pressure problem. Hope this helps somebody. RE: House is humming, literally * Posted by peachiepie (My Page) on Tue, Jun 23, 09 at 17:31 Wow, I do not believe that so many people has the problem I have been having for three years. I am amazed when someone suggests tinnitus. I have explained I hear humming, not ringing. It is a sound and not a noise. Mine sounds like a low hum of a refrigerator or a motor lowly idling. I have had plumber, water, gas, power, and anybody else you can imagine here in my house in Georgia. This is a 1970s house and the hum began about two weeks after having a new water heater installed. The pressure was too high and the plumber  came in and corrected it. Two weeks later, the hum began. I don’t get a complete night’s sleep at all. What little sleep I get comes from le4aving the TV on late and then turning the radio on. Now, I can run the attic fan all night so I don’t have to hear it. Some people have heard it and others haven’t. I stopped mentioning it for fear people thought I was losing my great mind-lol. People still ask me time to time if I still hear it. I tell them yes. When the power is out, it’s just me and the hum. Drives me nuts. It is 24/7, never stops and in every room of my house. You can’t escape it. I had a client in my office and he asked, “what is that”. I said, oh you hear that. He said yes, what is it. I said, I wish I knew. There are a couple of things here that’s given me some hope. I will try the water trick, though I believe one of those professional plumbing contractors in the Oakland County area did all of thesse things. I will have the telephone company come out to check the lines. Everything else, I believe I have done. Good luck to all of us living with this in all areas of the country. Peachie

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  1. I have felt the same thing too!!!! I also live in Atlanta area. I have slept on over 8 blankets b/c the vibration rattles my head and body so much. My townhome is on a slab and I can feel it under my feet-the vibration and a low humming noise-ALLLLLL the time!!!
    any ideas anyone???

  2. Can definitely fully relate to both posts re the low humming noise – have had all utilities turned off, all meters checked including cable, electric transmitter in the yard, etc. yet irritating low grade humming/droning sound with no set pattern persists! Am going to have the water co. return and check the flow/pressure….house is approx. 2 years old……thanks so much for your blogs!

  3. I posted on 5/1/10 at 6:19 p.m….have since had the water company turn off the water and do the flow pressure test – the miserable sound is still there. Only utility left to check is the gas (though they checked the meter to make certain it was working.) I am researching as to high tech recording equipment so others who claim not to be able to detect the sound can listen to the recording. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst negatives re the situation. Has anyone ever solved the mystery culprit? Would consider selling the house but that is not a logical action at this time.

    1. Could it be the HD Dish? The gas meter is also a possibility… Please let me hear from you if you discover the culprit. Thanks

  4. I have the same problem. It is the water pressure which
    can be cured by turning on the water at a finger size running for about 20 minutes or adjust the water pressure valve where the water line enters the house.

  5. The drone is back!! It woke me up at 2am. I haven’t heard it since last summer and back then I called the power company thinking it was an electrical noise. They couldn’t detect a problem and when I shut off the power main the noise continued. Its a low frequency drone that no one seemed to be able to hear but me…I do have extremely sensitive hearing, but it was so obvious to me that I really couldn’t fathom how others couldn’t even detect a thing when it was driving me crazy and keeping me awake at night. My eldest son suggested drilling from the local mine, but I only hear it in my house and haven’t heard it for a while. The thought occurred to me that it might be water pressure, since I have knocking pipes when I turn on the cold water in the bathroom at a medium flow. I have to turn it on all the way and the knocking stops. So, the water pressure issue as posted above seems like it could be the problem. I hope that’s it and I can do something about it, because this is unbearable. Funny, as a comment on another post, Tinnitus was also suggested to me….sorry, wrong frequency!

  6. Update from guest poster #2 & #4…..there are no other entities to have checked out and no one has been able to detect the culprit….the miserable sound has not surged to the high volume it did one Sunday very early in the morning and the day after….it continues at its low hum with absolutely no pattern as to when nor length of time….no pattern as to when it finally is quiet in the house. Some have been aware of the pressure in the house but only one other person besides myself have actually been able to hear the humming. IF ANYONE EVER FINDS A SOLUTION PLEASE RECORD IT ON THIS SITE!

  7. The HUM is referred to as the Microwave Auditory Effect or Frey Effect. It not only is an auditory nuisance but it effects the Central Nervous System.
    They have denied us our rights and have changed the terms and are calling this the RF tinnitus
    Unbelievable circumsatnce they have put us in.
    Here in Canada they told me we have to prove it, when they know most can’t hear it.
    Look for Henry Lai’s paper on the Neurological effects of the Microwave Auditory Effect.

    1. Since Sept 2009 we have a hum in Western CT US. Synptoms and those hearing it all match yours and conuntless studies. FFT analysis (engineering term for measuring frequency- fast fournier transform) and home made vibration visualization testing proves some sort of ILFN (pool water vibrates). All this began when gas transmission system capacity upgrades were being put on line in the northeast late 2009. One line comes from Iroquois CDN fed off the CDN system. I have the attorney general of CT, FERC , etc. all involved, though they are lethargic. Testing by me and my group(non acoustic experts, but technically qulaified) shows that on these 2 pipelines within 15 miles of my home and at least 1 mile off their right of ways, the problem is real. I suggest you determine if major transmission lines are within five miles of your home and if the hum is new, what changes tooperations have they done. Allother sources have been evalauted and eliminated, other than mother nature. And then have someone download an FFT analyzer , get a good microphone for the computer, and see what the highest level frequencies are. Obviously you’ll need someone to evaluate. Dispotioantely high peaks between 20 and 70 hz, for long periods of time is information you should report to the MOE. I have now been succesful (much pain pushing) to get the two comapnaies to dig a test pit and do measurements of line vibrations. A long battle still, maybe ending up in court.

      1. I guess this site does get viewing, that’s great. One of the posters says they are located in SE Ma. Without knowing any specifics, one of the suspected gas transmission systems causing the HUM beleived here in western CT heads up to the Boston area. More data collecting looks to prove out HUMMING gas lines in our case. A professional study hasn’t happened yet, but making headway with FERC and gaining greater support to get attention to solving this. Although my small impcted resiidents believe we know the source. It gets so bad here that pool water vibrates and tsunami type wave action at time. Be interseted in more details. If FERC doesn’t force something soon, this will be put into the regional (national) news. I have a report that he HUM is also outside Schebtectdy NY (along one of the company lines)

        1. I have started posting in the “Hum Forum” on yahoo. A good single site to collect data for this phenomena. There are likely many sources, but there seems to be a common thread to where gas lines are and reporting- around the country

  8. The last 3 nights I have heard this humming sound so loud that it keeps me up. I am the only one in the house that hears it. I still hear it in the AM. I have woke the household up to see if they hear it they do not. I hear it right outside of the house but not as loud as in the house. I do not hear it away from the house and I don;t hear it all the time. It is driving me crazy.

  9. So glad I found this site. I have been experiencing this hum when inside my house. Its driving me crazy. My guess is either the water pressure or a nearby sewage pump station. Scouring the web I haven’t noticed people saying whether they are near a pump station. I’m going to check out the Frey Effect that Patricia mentioned. I would like to sell my house but worried that potential buyers would hear the mind-numbing sound, but apparently most can’t hear it, so won’t have to disclose a a sound in my head, right?

  10. The water pressure at home in Puerto Rico is relatively low and the hum is there during the nights. The hum is not continuous, it gets louder intermitently. It is specially problematic close to the the bathroom at the second floor and at my bedroom. My wife says she hears it vaguely, but is a nusisance to me specially when waking up at the middle of the night. I will try the water trick but I am skeptic. At least I am not alone.

  11. I am living the the same hell! About 2weeks ago I woke up hearing this aweful humming (like an oscillation). It almost sounds like someone is sitting outside my house with their truck running or their bass turned up. The sound runs throughout the entire house, all day, all night. Worse at night probably b/c everything else is turned off. It is affecting my sleep and overall comfort of living all day in this house. THis house was just built. We have lived in it 5 months and did not notice the sound until 2 weeks ago. My neighborhood is all new construction. WE live in southeast MA. Does anyone else know if maybe the work they are doing around my neighborhood (building new houses, putting in side walks and street lights) could affect something? My husband and I have turned off all the electricity in the house, he says he turned off the water too and I still hear the humming. WE just built this house and I don’t even think it is an option to move at this point. But I feel like I may go crazy. The sound seems to go thru me – I feel it pulsing. I run fans all day long, run the dryer or washing machine to mask out the sound. I guess I will try calling the water dept or electrician to help figure out the problem. My husband hears it but it doesn’t bother him. It’s driving me INSANE! Any other suggestions would be so appreciated. Also, it is not tinnitus. I am acutally an audiologist and am certain it is not tinnitus. In fact, I have tinnitus which I live with. This is a totally different frequency (very low) and goes away when I leave the house.

    1. i have been having this for 3 days.. worse at night – and its litterally doing my head in… i bumped my head 3 days ago and my partner seems to think its that. I dont because if i put ear plugs in the noise stops.. no one else can hear this!! on reading the other posts – my water pressure is very low but turned up full. its driving me nuts!!!!


  12. I would love to share e-mail with anyone in the Atlanta area with this problem. I posted on this sight last year about this problem. I still have it. It’s been 4 years. Not sure if e-mail address can be published so I will let the moderators decide how I can “speak” to you guys. We need help!

  13. I think I am about 90 % sure that what is causing this annoying “humming,” is nothing but local police aircraft or helicopter flying around in circles in the sky. The size of your city, the type of jet engine, the condition of the aircraft mufflers, and each individuals own sensitivity to low frequency noise is unique. I heard some individuals may hear so low a frequency, it is well below the normal range of typical human “tested” hearing. I myself hear it all the time, day and night (and yes depending on which aircraft is put up, sometimes I cannot sleep until it is too late on a Sunday Nite) I never had EVER heard any “Humming noise(s)” before the police planes were put up into orbit 24 hours a day. The reason I know that it is (aircraft) is because one nite when I could not sleep, I decided to go outside and try to track it, just when I thought it is above my head, saw the airplane slowly approaching me (I do not know if it saw me or not) and then I noticed how it has routine flight characteristics-back and forth, etc) I can hear this noise even out of the city for miles !!
    The noise may be something else “altogether, ” but I myself suffer from low frequency as well as high frequency noises, but thanks to my job and my age- i do not have to worry too much of high-frequency noises, because i have what doctors call “high frequency loss.”Too bad it wasn’t low frequency !!

  14. Glad to see that I am not alone. Early this year we purchased a home in a rural Western VA mountainous area. Since about early Nov we began hearing a low bass-type humming noise. Someone else described the noise as bass coming from a car outside the house – very low vibration. We never heard the noise during the summer or early Fall. In Nov the noise began. We have eliminated every possible cause from within the older house. We hunt and being in the woods we can also hear the noise in the woods outside the house. Initially, since properties around our house have turkey/chicken farms we thought the noise was generated by some type of heating systems the farmers use in their buildings when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees. The mountain behind our house does have main power lines coming across the mountain and traveling northward along the mountain. After reading several of the post, I’m wondering if the power lines are the cause. Clearly no expert, I’m wondering if the dry air that comes into place in the winter can affect the noise power lines generate (? Some sort static discharge). Also, likely why we did not hear the noise in the summer/early Fall was likely due to the foliage on the mountain blocking the noise. It does seem the noise is more apparent in certain areas of the woods. Ridge tops the noise is heard, low hollows no noise. House in open field at base mountain = noise.

  15. about 5 yrs ago I took a hike into the middle of our nation’s first wilderness area. The Gila in SW new Mexico. I’ve lived in the area for over 30 yrs and it wasn’t til I took that hike that I heard the hum in the middle of the night, far far from anything. Possibly because it was so quiet. Sounded like a diesel motor running a long ways away. I heard it in two different locations. The third night it was windy and I did not hear anything. I’m guessing frequency was about 10 cycles per second. Never heard it before or after that trip.

  16. peachie, zak and mike- I continue to check this site (see yahoo comment) and do need location data for plotting US hot spots on where people are sensing (audible inside structures, cars and vibrations). Our little group in CT theoriezes some of the HUM problems are caused by operational changes of the interstate (intrastate) gas line operations to pump more gas. We are presenting data supported evidence to US Gov’t FERC.

    Mike, EIA maps do show gas lines thru SW NM and depending whre in Va- yes. Peachie Atlanta also. (see Lisa post). I am mapping locations in US, but need allot more data for trending.

    Locations on your reports are important


    1. As many say, likely differnt casues. we have to act like experts in certain fields (as you can figure I’m on the gas line issue for my area). Certainly as data develops let’s exchange notes. And yes the gov’t really does not have a handle or want to have one on this, that’s one reason data is being collected for possible exposure thru the media. But data, science, literature search, certainamonunt of expertise in the field and allot of personal work has to be done to get there.. Where are you located

  18. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve noticed it is just terrible during the winter. Summertime I hardly hear the hum. I got myself a Scalar Home Protection System which did help lower the frequency in my house so I”m not sure if the hum is connected but I feel that it is. I wear Diodes. I’m ignoring it but find myself focused on trying to ignore it. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get rid of it either. I’ve notice when the fridge kicks on or it a vehicle drives by with a loud muffler, it voids the hum out.

    1. Other people have reported HUM in SLC on two other sites. I don’t know what diodes are, but doesn’t matter. See my comment to Carmel, and pls get back.

      Is the HUM mostly continuous and varying in intensity and quality (when it’s real bad here it’s a buzz saw , low piched drone

  19. I live in Australia and have just started hearing this noise for the last three weeks. I have lived in my house for 8 years. It is driving me completely insane. I have had my gas water heater changed as it was 18 years old and the plumber thought it was that. Still there. Had my gas meter changed a few months ago so plumber thought it might be the regulator. Got that changed. It went, yay, for 3 days. Back again after I relit my gas heater pilot light which then started sputtering. Plumber out again. He adjusted it. Still have hum. Its like a throbbing, pulsating, rumble-hum. was at one side of house, now seems to be all over. plumber coming again on Tuesday. I have turned off all electricity and water. Its still there. Plumber can here it but he is flumoxed. After that I am going to ring power board and see if my underground power lines are doing this. Then council to see if anyone is doing any strange day and night work. Had neighbours move in across the road from me about the time it started. wonder if it could be them doing something odd. As you can see it is driving me up the wall and I think I may have to sell. Done a bit of research and one guy heard it constantly until he had a blackout in the street. no hum. Street lights came on, hum came back. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I know what you are all going through.

    1. Your at the beginning of the mission. Do one thing that you probably not thought of. Drive your car a few blocks away from your home, find a safe pullover, turn it off with closed windows. Listen and take note of the quality of the sound, what’s it like. Do you still hear the HUM. If you do you’ll have to send me some vegimite. Only teasing, but do let me know.

      If not, it’s likey you’ll be taking the steps you already outlined to eliminate things.

      Steve K CT USA


  21. I am having exactly the same problem. It gets much worse at night. The plumbers came to my building and for a day all was well, but now it is back. Is there a machine I can buy to “suck” this noise, or a sheet rock that stops the noise from coming out of the wall? I don;t even know which wall it comes from. It is more annoying in certain areas than in others.

    1. John and Adam- what town/state do you hear the HUM. I am going to assume it is not home caused and want to add your report tothe map of USA locations.

  22. I HEAR A LOW DRONE HUMMING NOISE !!!!!! I live in Rocky Point, Long Island New York. I’m 9 minutes walking from the Long Island Sound. This “hum” started, oh two weeks ago–that I noticed. I thought it was my ears, until tonight


    I only rent an apt, so I am not at liberty to have water pipes checked, or anything. HOWEVER, I HEAR IT OUTSIDE TOO! It’s loudest in my bedroom, as my apt. is half underground, so that could be why. We have a water tower a 1/2 mile away and a power plant sub station about 3/4 of a mile away.

    I mostly hear it at night when it’s quiet and everything is off. There’s no vibration with it, just the noise. I’m going to try to listen for it in the morning.

    I can block it out, but I just want to know what it is!!!!! LOL

    Don’t know if my post # is linked to my email, so anyone can email for anything. If you can’t, I’ll bookmark this site and check back often.

  23. I thought I’d post back that, tonight, less than 24 hours after I posted my last post (which hasn’t been approved yet), I DO NOT hear the humming right now. I don’t remember hearing it until 10:30-11pm Eastern Time. We’ll see what happens in another hour. It was pretty loud last night, because I’m straining to hear it right now so I KNOW I don’t hear it. I certainly didn’t have to strain to hear it last night. I hope to one day solve this !!

  24. Marion, Iowa. Have lived in same house for 15 years. Just started hearing it a couple months ago (sounds like heavy equip engine running a ways away -sometimes oscillates up and down a little). Can’t hear it outside- and it sometimes goes away, hear it about 85% of the time. Have to turn on fan and put tv on timer so I can sleep. Tried the water thing- no good. Laid head against walls to see if volume increased or felt vibrations- no to both. Son lives at home- says he does not hear it. But home is the only place I hear it- no where else. Will try to listen in enclosed car a few blocks away. Sounds like maybe in 80 to 120Hz range. Hmm..

    1. Just like thousands of others. I hear it daugthers say I’m crazy. In western CT and we believe the problem is from changes inoperations of natural gas pipelines for capacity needs. Unfortunately have a battle to prove. In LINN county you have a couple of liquid lines in the south and some NG lines. It is possible, of many other possibilites, they are the problem. Stay connected because we are pursuing as our homes vibrate, pool water rolls and the HUM at times inside teh homes is sickening.

  25. I’ve got it too. We live in the mountains in Pennsylvania. Never heard this thing or had this problem until we bought a house here and moved here last year. It only happens in the winter- during the cold months. The first winter we spent here my spouse said – you’re probably just hearing the furnace getting warmed up before it kicks on- relax. He can’t hear a thing! I hear it as if there is an idling motor right outside my bedroom window! It’s driving me mad. It starts around midnight and goes until?? at least until 8am or later- by that time the other ambient noise in the house and neighborhood drowns it out for me. But my God – the damn sound wakes me up at 12 am…4am, 6am (forget about sleeping in! though my husband can sleep right through it!) I try to go back to sleep – which takes an hour or two and then the humming wakes me up again around 3am, 5am and finally I just get up and get out of bed at 6am but I can still hear it throughout my house- in the kids room, the basement, the living room. I go outside I hear nothing. My house is an amplifier for this sound. We dont have a gas line going to our house so its not that. We live near a water tower- I wonder if that is what it is. We live in a neighborhood that also has telephone poles – but the other neighborhoods dont have poles or wires in the air they have just those big green transformer boxes in their yards so I guess their electrical is underground? I wondered if it was someone’s geothermal heat pump? But I know our neighbors have either gas, oil, or electrical heat. I never hear it in the spring fall or summer. I bet you can hear it in the winter because the ground is frozen solid so maybe the sound reverberates off that? Whereas in the summer fall or spring – the soil is loose and the sound passes through? I don’t know. All I know is that it is maddening. My spouse can not hear it and I’m afraid to mention it to the neighbors because they might think I’m batty. My theories: It’s either fracking (underground mining for gas?), a water tower thing, wind turbines (they are about 50 miles away on the opposite side of the mountain but they can generate an underground hum), a generator of some kind for the local school district? We live near farms too so maybe its a piece of farming equipment? It runs every single day without fail. The only 2 days I noticed that it didn’t run were Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. Isn’t that odd? It’s definatley man-made. This is not a natural phenomena. I also wonder if it might have to do with water pressure? Our water heater has a pipe that is too small for it on it. I wonder if that’s the cause. Our house is a gem. It perfect inside and out and great neighborhood with beautiful views and yard. Just this damn noise that drives me insane in the winter. I have to run the humidifier to sleep but that’s kinda noisy too. When the heat kicks on (forced hot air) it drowns it out so that’s welcome relief. House built in 1950s and I highly doubt that the plumbing or electrical has been updated since maybe the 70s? Anyway. Ugh.

    1. Waoh… Sounds like you have the same issue as many. Wind turbines , very likely but seem too far away. Yes LF waves travel long distances. My suffers here in western CT have almost certainly idnetifed teh HP inter/ intra state natural gas lines. evne on occurance I personnaly know of in NC that’s a liquid propane line. Lady there reprots it. Yahoo Hum forum had all this stuff going on. More importantly, what town are you in. Or at least the county. I’ll check the pipline maps and add you to data base. PS- you guys are loaded with lines in western PA. The gas companies have changed teh operations to cause this – our belief. Not unusual for only you to hear, 2-5 percent hear low frequency. So explanin that to your neighbors, then ask them if they hear a HUM. You might be surprised they tell you inside thier house sounds like a diesel truck in their driveway all the time and they even hear it inside a closed in, turned off car. Let me know.

      1. HOw can I find where the pipelines are near my house in Chicago? Corner of Albany and Birchwood on the Far North Side…?

  26. Hi i live in Ireland and 6 months ago myself and my fiance started to here a humming and a high frequency sound in our house. It was consuming our taughts at night and we could not sleep. Anyway i wanted to share some possible solutions with this form because i know how damaging this can be to your lives. We discovered that when our mobile phones were turned off the high fequency sound disappeared. Also i lowered the pressure on the gas boiler to point 1 and this helped with the humming. It seems the water pipes were causing the humming sound. If you open the gas boiler you should see a knob that can be turned to release water from the system thus lowering the pressure. Hope this helps. remember turn off those mobile phones at night to stop the EMF coming through the house it really helped us.

    1. Thanks sounds different than our problem, ours is Low Frequency. Thanks for responding back. If it doesn’t go away check out eh yahoo Hum forum for the global issue of HUM

  27. I am having the same problem. Sometimes the noise seems to come from one wall, other times it seems to come from another; in some areas it exists more kintensely, then I lower my head and it’s gone. How can I identify this? Is there a machine to find where it comes from and what type of solution to apply? I live in New York.

  28. In my case,the humming started last year ,late Feb. thru March then went away. The humming just came back (again late Feb.). I describe the noise as a resonance that pulsates,it is constant. I hear it only inside my house and garage, nowhere else.So far no-one else can hear it.Last year my wife and I were going away weekends,and I found I wouldn’t hear the noise for a couple of days after returning.The more time I spend at home the more I fixate on the noise.In the evening I mask the noise with. TV or music .I go to sleep with tv on a timer, if I don’t get up to go to the bathroom I can sleep most of the night.If I do wake up , I fixate on the noise and then can;t sleep.I bought a Trifield meter to try to locate the source but had no luck.However, on the magnetic scale there is a very small fluctuation of the indicator needle that matches the pulsation of the hum. I’m so happy to have found others who are experiencing this curse.

  29. I live in Southern California, and the noise started last week. I really notice it between around midnight and 5:00 am, when the traffic noise is minimal. It sounds just as if a truck is parked outside the bedroom with the engine idling–a regular, ryhthmic, pulsating hum. It’s driving me nuts because I can’t relax enough to sleep well. I’ll fall asleep through sheer exhausting, only to wake an hour later, and that cycle repeats through the night. I’m going to try the suggestion of cutting the main circuit breaker to see if it’s electrically related. Also, shutting off the water main. The only thing that give me some rest is earplugs, but then I worry I won’t hear the alarm in the morning, which further contributes to my lack of sleep. The one thing I can think of as far as a cause is a major construction project on the freeway intersection a couple of miles from our home. They do the work at night, and there’s lots of heavy machinery involved. One thing that’s puzzling–and frustrating–is when I walk outside, I can’t hear anything–only in my bedroom. As some have suggested, perhaps the layout of the house is acting as a giant resonator. Arrggh!!

    1. I also live in Southern Ca (Fontana) and have the same humming noise! Just started a week ago and is driving me nuts! I described it exactly like you did! The idling truck parked out front. Mostly late at night. Seems to be 2 noises. Kinda sounds like a swarm of bees in the air vents. Did you ever solve your mystery? Please let me know you ever found a solution. I think it might be rats. Sounds crazy but like rat sonar vibrations or something.

      1. I just read an article about The Hum in Windsor Ontario https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/19/world/canada/windsor-hum.html?partner=applenews&ad-keywords=APPLEMOBILE&asset_id=100000005745248 , and remembered my experience when living in Fontana, California.
        I remember the first time I heard it, I got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked around my house and finally opened up the front door and peered into the air above my house. From the sound I was hearing, I fully expected to see an aircraft of some sort hovering above my house. I heard it many times again over the 15 years I lived there, but learned to ignore the sound. When reading the article on Windsor, they mentioned a steel mill. I lived about a mile from a steel yard on Jurupa that made tremendous and terrible sounding noises all night, most nights. This may be a connection to steel mills, and Fontana is famous for its steel. The First time I heard those particular noises, which sound like what I could only describe as what it would have sounded like if dinosaurs were fighting and flinging metal around. Sounds crazy, but if you live there you know. Also, some people have talked about a possible cause of the hum is water pressure in the pipes. We had notoriously high pressure in Fontana. We had to replace sprinklers and faucets yearly because the pressure would cause them to break continuously!

        Alternately, there is also a smell that was creeping into Southrodge in Fontana that was making me sick. I believe the foul odor, which I still smell anytime I travel up the 15 through Ontario to Rancho Cucamonga, comes from a water treatment plant on Etiwanda Ave. it is not the same sulfuric smell I grew up smelling at Vinyard and the 60 freeway, which has lessened considerably in the past 20 years.

    2. Folks, if you could provide the location of hearing I will be using it on a mapping to prove and support of a theory like we have us in western CT that gas line operations are the cause. Since the gov’t won’t take action for a small group like us in CT, we’ve expanded to the entire US. The HUM I need to know about is teh typical LF diesel, continous HUM. Heard mostly inside the home or a parked, quiet car.
      Steve K

      1. Same hum in Hays, KS. It seems to be worse in the as it gets colder. I’ve turned off the water, the power, the gas.

  30. Have posted as “Guest #40 and #38….am out of options to research at this point! – droning wakes me out of a sound sleep – still has no set pattern – can be heard throughout the house and sound volume varies usually louder at night probably due to less noise outside it can be heard easier. At least during the really warmer temperatures the ceiling fan shuts out the droning and during the much colder temps the central heating drowns the miserable sound. However when a ceiling fan or central heat/central air does not seem appropriate the droning is absolutely in control. My house is also on a slab foundation as were all the others and have never had to endure the horrendous droning!

  31. OK thank you everyone for your theories. we all have our own theories as to what is the cause but only those that have tuly experienced the exact symptoms as the initial reporter (as I do) but has also remedied the problem with a successful outcome can actually solve this issue for the rest of us.Please can anyone help us solve our Issue. thank you. NO MORE THEORIES

    1. You all need to identify where your hearing this. Town location is fine. Data is power. I will tell you that over 500 identificable locations out of thousands have been plotted and there is a direct link to locations to gas lines. And I only started this 2 months ago.

      There are numerous other sites very active on this. So, you are not alone. we just have to get this raised to the level of an investigation with the gov’t.

      Jeff, RR, Nanette and madshogun- your symptoms are all familiar. I am typing from western CT and getting beat up by noise and floor vibration. Try sitting in your car, windows up, everyhting off- HUMMMMMM.

    2. I can’t believe I just found this on the off chance that someone else might know what this damn humming is! I live in Ajax, Ontario. Every night for the last month or so, I’ve wakened around 2 – 4 AM hearing this low humming sound. At first I thought, “why is someone idling their car engine at this hour?” but the sound goes on all night, starting in the early evening. You kind of have to “tune in” to it but once the house is quiet, it’s hard to miss it. I explored the idea of a heat pump in the adjacent house maybe? The sound cannot be heard through any of my walls and yet it’s all over the house. Can’t hear it outside either. It’s definitely not water pipes. I’ve had that problem in another house and it didn’t sound at all like this. No, this sounds like some kind of engine or motor and it fluctuates as well. I thought about those power windmills used for wind hydro. I live along Lake Ontario and we do have some of them in the next town over along the lakefront but that is nowhere near here, so I don’t get it. It’s really annoying! Now, I’m wondering about mobile phone towers too. We used to have terrible reception around here. Could it be a new installation somewhere nearby that I don’t know about? As for gas lines….unless it’s possible to hear em from a distance. We haven’t had any new gas lines installed around here in years, so I don’t get it.

      1. Doesn’t need to be new gas lines. Trans Canada has a line or lines north you (how far I don’t know) But if your within 25 miles of them and depending amplification from geologic features and water bodies, you may be be experiencing Low frequency sound waves off the lines. From my understanding, and it’s not much- wind turbines are a womp, womp type sound. here in CT US, the gas line operators made massive changes to their systems and the way they operate them to get more gas here, which almost conclusively has caused the HUM. This isn’t from mere guessing, we have measured as well as consultant noise experts.

  32. NO MORE HUMMING… I to had humming only in the house which would increase during the night. It started when I had some drywall repaired and the outlet/cable TV covers on the interior walls had been removed.
    The humming was coming from the cold air in the attic coming down thru the interior walls and out the uncovered outlet holes causing a hum and slight vibration. You might try insulating the attic and sealing the sockets with styrafoam sealers bought at a home improvement store.
    I hope this helps you get a good night sleep

  33. i live in nottingham uk and all night i can hear the humming iv had no sleep for weeks …. so we all in the same boat.. though i was going mad!! haarp thats the one…

  34. we have solved, for the most part, this annoying, buzzing dilemma. my wife and i live in West Asheville, NC. we decided to rely on the supposed power of natural crystals placed at each corner of our house and around our bed, and even our car. the noise has vanished, leaving behind clarity of mind and peace. these orgone generators are hard to believe until you try them. but our lives have improved drastically since we procured these special puck-shaped devices. AMAZING and works. worth a shot, $40 for 12! http://www.orgonix23.com . good luck!

  35. #12, the city is Leander (outside of Austin, TX.) Am thinking that in all probability there are other houses in my subdivision that have the same sound disturbance; but they are not aware of it because evidently not everyone is unlucky enough to be able to!

  36. We live in Salt Lake City as well, it started in February. It comes on around 4 am every morning, and wakes me up like an alarm. I noticed it on at 1pm on sunday too. We have police aircraft sounds as well, but they are slightly louder. This hum I can feel/ hear it more when I am standing on the floor of the room closest to the waterline comes into the house. The noise makes me physically ill and nauseous. I tried turning off the water to the house – but it didnt help. Please tell me what to try now. This is driving me insane.

    1. Tom, SLC- there are many people on differnt sites reproting from there. It may be required that we all make an uprising about this soon to the gov’t. maybe teh crystal, but for me it’s SEEMS a bit masked when running bath fan or ceiling fan. Only 10% of people hear this, whilst everyone can feel the tingly vibrations for bad HUM levels.

      Nanette, et. al. , it would be worth while going and listening in others homes and simply ask if they have heard a constant deisel sound. If they say no, leave it alone, If yes, open discussions and let me know. That’s par tof the process of discovery.

      Liz will take alook at the sites.

      Jake, gas lines line a couple miles from you to the east. I’ll plot your data for use in our data base for pressing investigation by the feds. And may try the crystals

    2. I live in American Fork, I have been hearing this for the past month. Shut-off my main electric service didn’t stop. Sometimes I can hear it in the car. Sounds like a low humming sound, thought it was a motor of some type. Interesting to see others are hearing it too. Was wondering if this poses any health risk. What is also interesting, about a month ago Comcast was in the neighborhood checking for a disturbance to the cable. He shrugged off my coments, so never heard if he found anything. Keep me posted what others finding.

      1. Scott #6 Riverton, many SLC, hollady, providence are posting HUMS. american Fork (UT?) is right on some major gas transimssion lines. changes are occuring causing this.

        Dave#1 if your near teh lake, there are lines west of you, but, just like gas lines the water lines may be the culprit, or a combination, or soemthing totally differnt. Too many variables to judge from a far. Your sensations hit the mark of all teh HUMMers. i am going to plot you on the map.

        PS- this is to take up the ladder and make a case in public.

    3. Tom My advise is to keep a fan or air filter that makes some noise running at least at night .This will ease the discomfort.This is not sound that you hear but rather it is microwave in the atmosphere from the likes of cell towers,radar for weather forecasting,FM and AM radio waves ,TV signals etc.There is so much Radio Frequencies in our atmosphere that its killing our bees and us.

      1. And the sound waves causing vibration from that the gaslines through the ground are causing the hibernation distruption of the bats in the eastern USA.

  37. Sandaura,
    Your posts have not been approved because of the YouTube link. The last minute of the video lists quotes, titles and workplaces of multiple individuals. We have no proof that these quotes were authorized by the individuals that you are quoting. If you would like to re-submit your post with the YouTube video removed or edited to remove that portion we would gladly approve your comments.

  38. An executive with the company that originally installed the heat,air conditioning, water heater when the house was built has been kindly attempting to help me solve the “disturbance” problem…earlier today he had his crew install a new water heater; but sadly the miserable droning, pulsating, sound, ie disturbance continues! Have contacted an expert in the field of audio who is also (so very glad there are still people who for totally unselfish reasons are willing to help strangers!) trying to help me. Will keep posting re any progress.

    1. Have them do a sound test to determine Low frequency signatures. Use an octave analyzer, 1/3 octave band. If you get i’ll give you an email to send a pdf copy. North of you there is liquid pipeline that looks to be a similar situation in North carolina (which I have personally heard as well as a local reproting HUM there.)

  39. West Rogers Park, Chicago Far North Side. We’re quarter mile from the water filtration plant on McCormick, and close to the ‘Deep Tunnel’. Have had the hum since March of 2003. Right now is going on, and it’s gotten worse! Used to be able to block with white noise machine and fan, now that only works some of the time. Like other poster wrote, wakes me up out of sound sleep around 4pm, sounds like a truck idling outside, go outside and its quiet as can be, come back inside and the Hum is there. A nightmare! I’m starting to get mono-like symptoms, tired, sweating, swollen glands and sore throat. It’s not the toilet, ballcock like several blogs maintain… I’ve turned off the outside water main, opened up all faucets, shut of toilet valves, still heard it. Could be gas, too coldl to shut off heat right now with a child in the house. Seems to be especially noticeable when humid or raining. A few days in summer when very hot, no hum. WORST TIME is when its warming up in the Spring, and cooling down in the Fall.
    I’ll flat out pay $500 cash to ANYBODY who can PERMANENTLY stop the hum from sounding in my home. I don’t have money for expensive acoustic engineers, and we’ve turned off the power main, have a cap on our chimney, checked the furnace, roof vents are tight, have one gable vent on extension 2nd floor, but I don’t think that’s it. It sounds, and feels like a ground vib ration.

  40. My life is not the same since I moved here…where this humming, pulsing vibration and pressure relentlessly assaults me.

    Reading this blog is comforting, yet there are no concrete answers.

    I went away for three weeks to a place where there was no humming…and I felt like a great weight was lifted. I looked better and had much more energy and my creative juices (necessary for my occupation) were flowing.

    Now I am home…going down with the buzz…
    It is constant…I need a fan to sleep…yet it is still there..it goes against my own body vibrations…(artist not scientist, forgive my terminology)…

    It is basically hell.

    I will continue to seek the source. One of my sons who was visiting (who also hears it) suggested that I use it in a positive way to energize me…I wish it was that simple…I have tried to reframe it…but it has serious negative effects.

    My sincerest wishes to all who suffer from this…

  41. PS…I live in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire where the movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed…although I feel like Darth Vader is going to come out of the woods any minute now.

    1. Do you hear it in squam or meredith. Let me know what town so I can add to the data base of locations.


  42. I live in Nova Scotia, just outside Halifax. The hum is driving my Neighbour and I nuts. Our spouses can’t hear it! Please anyone help.

    1. My friend to the north- go to this site and let me know your proximity to the gas lines running in your area. There are quite a few reprots on other blogs from your area and some along the coast line of maine. All seem to parallel the lines from Cdn. I am plotting HUM location s in the US and “peaking” at CDn ;ocation swith the same startling revalation of the source. The HUM is always in the house, closed structures and closed in turned off cars. Soemtimes outside. Is it like amn idleing deisel with varying intensties and some changing characteristics?


    2. My friend to the north- go to the site with the CDN Gas System on it (I included but was blocked- sorry) and let me know your proximity to the gas lines running in your area. There are quite a few reprots on other blogs from your area and some along the coast line of maine. All seem to parallel the lines from Cdn. I am plotting HUM location s in the US and “peaking” at CDn ;ocation swith the same startling revalation of the source. The HUM is always in the house, closed structures and closed in turned off cars. Soemtimes outside. Is it like amn idleing deisel with varying intensties and some changing characteristics?

  43. Same sound in our home in Michigan for the past 4 years. Corners of walls are the worst, like a diesel engine. Electrical company shut down all power, even disconnecting transformer with no change. Stops during summer months, starts again the first day with temps below 30 degrees.

  44. I too have been hearing the “Hum” and have just started to investigate, leaving a few comments here and there where others are mentioning it. I live along Lake Ontario in Ajax, Ontario, not far from Toronto.

    Started noticing the hum in the middle of the night a few months ago. It sounded like a car idling…ALL NIGHT yet you can’t hear it outside. I am in a townhouse, an end unit. The neighbours do not have anything that could make this sound, (e;g; fan etc) Most of them have not heard it. It isn’t some ear problem. This is definitely a real sound….Lived here for 10 years, never noticed this before.

    I can’t hear it in the walls either. Turned off the toilets and water supply and electrical panels on various different occasions to see if it’s plumbing or electrical but the sound continues through all of my tests. It sounds like the noise is coming through a tube at times. This leads me to think it’s plumbing and yet…why can’t I hear it near any pipes? Almost sounds like a wheezing noise; high…low…high…low….low…low…high…etc…

    Checked the attic…the sound isn’t coming from there either. Not everyone else can hear it…at least not when it’s daytime and it isn’t very loud. I suspect I’m “tuned” into it and I admit I am “listening” for it now that I’m conscious of it. Very perplexing because I had the water heater guy look at my gas water heater. Nothing was wrong….Now, I think about a plumber but with no leads at all and a such a faint sound during the day, I am not sure it won’t be a waste of his time and my money!

  45. 3:20 am and I’m going mad from the humming-it’s a cold spring night and the sound is at the level it was during the winter. My ear hairs are even vibrating. I live in Kansas City, MO north of downtown, close to airport in a newly developing area. The sound started November 2010, woke me from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and I haven’t had a peaceful moment since. I am interested I’m much that I have read here but I don’t feel hopeful at this will be solved…I’ll keep watching and reading.

  46. Just to clarify concerning my 1st post-planes aren’t flying on top of my house, I’m not that close to the airport. This humming is all over my house and my body feels saturated by it, there is no escaping it, except to leave.

    1. Depends where you are in Jackson Cty, but the pipeline theory holds for you. I suggest you checkout the yahoo Hum forum and particpate. 2007, 2008 looks like major gas line expansions there. We have the same HUM and vibrotactical sensations on bodyparts. Constant pressure on the ear. Our pet was on prozazc when this all started, coyotes left the area.

  47. Am hesitant to state the noise has stopped and the solution was to have an approx. only 3 year old water heater changed out….however the older water heater was one with some type of auxillary tank – which evidently is somehow always on the alert for when more hot water is needed which accounts for the almost constant humming……hopefully the miserable humming is actually gone forever and I have not hexed myself by stating it has disappeared!

  48. I recall that in an earlier post I mentioned the changing out of the water heater but the humming continued….it was explained to me that it took a bit of time for the new water heater to handle the problem from the old water heater….which seems to be the case…once again I can only say the sound has been gone for awhile and if it returns I will be very very very very dismayed/sad/miserable indeed!

    1. Site seemed off line for a month. Glad to see it’s back up to me. Naette, we in W CT have had about a week of relief. Started to ramp back up first few days of June, and continues to worsen. Hopefully you escape it’s return.

  49. sleep deprived in South Boulder, Colorado. First house in Boulder I have heard this and its effects on my nervous system. Thought it was the neighbors radon fan-nope. Not the electrical. Water pressure has been a problem in the area,but why would hum get LOUDER? This house has water handles on the wall to turn on when running the washing machine and turn off when done (otherwise could explode into flood). Had water adjusted in house, but pressure is hard on hot water heater-need small additional tank of some sort attached to it. Am getting the water main to the house checked out. Steve, any gas line changes in Boulder, Colorado? Landlord willing to let us out of our lease. Will be listening in next house for it at different times of day/night before moving. Heard it in Mt. Princeton, Colorado at a natural springs place, too. Surprising.

  50. Hmmm yes, I hear it as well. Live in coastal town in MA. I really began noticing it about a month ago but remember hearing and noticing it for the first time in the not to distant past. I either ignored it, it went away for a time or i just did not “hear” it. Either way I hear it constantly now when things are quiet and I find it extremely annoying. It does not bother me to the extent that others who have posted are suffering i.e. not being able to sleep etc. but it does grate on your nerves. To me it is a very low droning up and down hum with a sort of vibration like quality to it. It reminds me of how a propeller plane droning way off in the distance sounded when I was a little kid. Like everyone else has said, I want to KNOW what it is, where it is coming from and what is causing it. I hear it all over the house, and it is most noticable when it is quiet and seems worse at night. I am just now sitting in the family room off the kitchen and the fridge went on….no hum….. fridge off and the hum returns with a beyond irritating vengence. To me it seems to come from the direction of the ceiling of whatever room I am in. I know it is not in the ceiling per se it just seems to me the direction from where the hum emanates. I am so grateful to hear (no pun) that others are experiencing this and that it is not “just me.” One thing that concerns and upsets me though, and others might find interesting, is that we recently visited family who live outside Sacramento, CA and I heard the hum in their house too. I have never ever posted a blog but for obvious reasons was compelled to write. Thank you.

    1. Yes, exactly how I would describe my house hum. My next approach will be to acquire a stethescope and try and pinpoint a source location.

  51. Hi there, I’ve been in my new house 1 year and I heard it as soon as I moved in. I’d thought I’d gotten used to it but it woke me last night around 2 in the morning (I’m wondering if it’s louder in the summer, we moved in around this time last year). No one else in my house hears it. If I put my ear to a wall or floor I don’t really hear it. I can’t localize it, it’s not anything in the house that I can tell but I can hear it all over the house and not outside. I live in north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and there are plenty of under ground pipelines in my area. I don’t know what to do, I’d love to confirm the hum with other people in my area. Does anyone have any suggestions, I’d prefer to eliminate the noise and not mask it. Thanks in advance.

  52. Never realized there was a page two. Anyhow Leonard, Susan, Min.
    Leonard- there is a Calgary group that seems active and allot of noise from BC. I only peek at what’s happening to our friends up north, but can tell you your inside home symptoms are exctly lke thousands, you hear the LFN idling deisel noise, your spouse doesn’t, just differences in physiology. BC, Windsor/ Essex Ont and North of lake ontario have many reports. All in prox of HP gaslines either to US or from US to CDN. Many years ago in Ft Saskastewan, and innisfail
    Susan- I am in Brookfield CT and the new lines from Maine into MA have reprots all along them (Chelmsford Ma is one). What town are you in for the mapping of HUM reports. (San Fran/ Sac area is loaded with reports, likely had something to do with San Bruno – my opinion. The lines from western CT, thru CT to Boston area the same. Changes to Nat Gas supplies in NE have made things very bad, and our Government has their heads in the sand for what we keep telling them, for obvious reasons. We are trying to do somethihng about it. Besides annoyance, there seems proof that this is causing the bat and bee declines. Other human health issues of Vibroacousitc dieases likely. Not to scare you, but contact your congressman. Most likely the fcause is pushing the use of natural gas to new levels, not cell phones, HAARP, etc. I go to Bergen County in NJ and State College (Bellfonte) in PA and hear it there as well, and they both tie back to NG lines. Yhey radiate low frequency noise, travels thru ground long distances, reasonates your home and causes the HUM
    Min- major natural gas system changes in your area, as well as Salt lake area in the last 1/2 dozen years.. Check out the EIA (energy Information Administration) and google around around it. You’ll see.

    I’m not an expert on the gas industry, but have become very studied and tested with this theory that it seems, no one else has ever uncovered. Our group has been trying to get from Congress attention.
    You are each one of thousands (US, UK, CDN, AUS..). Check out the Yahoo Hum forum, there are many others. Stay in contact


    1. In my area there is only bottle LPG gas available but that hum is there 24-7. In any case to my ear it seems more like a a low frequency electrical type of sound, a two note alternating drone. And no it’s not tinnitus as I’ve had that particular scourge for years and it’s a high pitched whistley whine. Isn’t this fun …

      1. Further to this,
        We had a local total electricity failure two nights ago and the hum persisted regardless. So discount electric-related causes. Still not convinced with the gas pipeline explanation as they are quite removed from where I live. I am getting a stethescope today in an endeavour to localise the source. Last night it really sounded like a type of hydraulic pulse you would hear emanating from pipes with liquid vibrating inside. It was quite strong very early this morning it felt like the air was resonating at extremely low frequency.

        1. You’d be better of getting an FFT program and understanding the differences from a low hum to high hum day. Then do an area wide measure to pin pont the epicenter. Keep in mind, you need induced room (or car) reasonance to cause the hum. Search on room reasonace, nodes and anti nodes. It’s interesting. The sound system folks understand this stuff better than me.

  53. I’d like to add my location info for whatever purpose it may serve. Because most of the previous posts have very closely expressed my experience, I will not repeat a lot of the details, but will say that I’ve lived in a north Livermore, CA community called Springtown for eight years and the noise began around Nov/Dec 2011. I have also gone through the long list of things to check, in addition to talking to senior transportation engineers regarding the poor condition of nearby (.45 mi.) freeway and ongoing construction projects, and their possible contribution to this noise. There was an antenna-type structure added to the top of nearby power line tower back then, and I also had a new roof with a ridge vent installed. At suggestion of engineers began tracking weather conditions (air pressure, temp., wind speed/direction, humidity) but could not figure out a correlation with variability of noise level. Noise drastically reduced end of April for no reason I could determine, ecstatically thought it was gone, but is now back. Audiology report was normal. At this point I don’t care about the cause unless it is something I can change, and apparently it is not. Would be willing to wear low-frequency-dampening hearing aid full-time if it were possible. I’m beyond the exasperated stage to one of unwilling acceptance/tolerance. Thanks for a place to share and to sympathize with the rest of you.

  54. Hi Steve. Thank you so much for the mention in your reply on June 8th. You asked where in MA I live. I live in Marshfield with my husband and two sons and I am the only one in my family that hears the HUM. I also stated that while visiting family in the Sacramento area I heard the HUM there as well. El Dorado Hills is the specific town and while we were all sitting around in the family room talking I asked if anyone else could hear that “that low droning HUM” and of course they could not. Just moi. I asked my next door neighbor if she hears anything at her house and of course she does not. Just moi. I have started to tell a few other friends and relatives and some of the reactions I am receiving are interesting to say the least. So there you have it. I have also broached the subject with a very intelligent and knowledgeable friend of mine who works in public health to see what she thinks as well. I’ll let everyone know what she comes up with as she said she would do some research.

    1. Susan/ Elyza- First off there are many theories out there, but the one my little Brookfield CT group is onto is changes made to the NatGas ditribution systems, espescially the ones pushing gas into the changing NE market from oil/ coal to NG. The reason we have exposed this is coincidnece and follow up testing research from two large NG compressors installed here in a residnetial neighborhood. At this point, we lost teh battle to have them here, but now we’ve got this mess, plus another one of local flutter pusling our area. focusing on HUM resonated in the house, inside your parked closed up car though.
      Elysa There is a Livermore TOPIX site that seemed to be active, many sufferers in the Bay/ Livermore area. I believe you meant 2010 started hearing? The reason for the location is to plot HUM locations around the US for proof of our theory to congress and the media. Points plotted on a national interstate HP Natural system map which we have exposed as starting to have caused increased levels of trouble since 2005 (though some areas affleicted much longer). And with a 98% accuracy of over 400 points, it is holding up. There is a site by the gov’t NPMS Public viewer, it shows where lines are by county, And you area is loaded with lines, maybe some are misbehaving radiating ILFN (Infrasound Low Freq Noise) heard through reasonance of structures, not directly from teh line.
      Susan- If I plotted your hearing location correctly in MA, your 10 -20 miles from differnt Gas lines so your location might be impacted, but testing would be needed to track down the source. El dorado hills on teh other hand fits the gas line theory- both haz liquid and natural gas lines withn 11 miles, solid bedrock and likely faults to carry the ILFN sound waves good distances.

      When you ask open up by saying you less than 10% of population can hear this LFN. You should listen for yourself. Also, if they are hearing it ask if they constantly hear an iding deisel outside their house, with no explanation- it will open discussion.

      Anyway, that’s our theory and your data is appreciated. MAybe get atention in congress soon.


      1. Hey Steve, a few questions please. I started that Topix forum by the way, and would like to update it soon with information I have found since then on a very complex subject, and possibly refer to this site regarding LFN and proximity to nat. gas lines. I think there are several possible issues going on in posts submitted here related to LFN from sources originating outside of the house but heard in the house (or cars) though, among them is LFN from freeways, which is covered extensively on websites, as well as from gas lines. I just discovered that we are approximately 460 feet from a Nat. gas line ( a real surprise!), but we are also around half a mile from the freeway. I was recently in the city of Fremont for a few weeks, and most definitely heard the same LFN in the house (owner didn’t hear it) at 1500 ft from a line, and 1.12/.84 miles from two freeways. What is the distance range for people being able to hear LFN from gas lines? How do you differentiate/determine LFN source between possible causes such as when lines are also near freeways? How do you account for variability in level of intensity? Pressure in the line? Atmospheric conditions? There are also LFNs that are audible to most people of normal hearing range and reported by a large population in an area, and then there are the LFNs heard by some of us who have had the misfortune of developing a sensitivity to LFN which others do not hear. (Assumption is that the hearing sensitivity developed recently and not that the noise started recently) Have you found that LFN from gas lines is easily heard by the general population as opposed to only sensitives, or is it that we are we hearing different things? Any web site resources on studies specific to gas lines and LFN? Is the report you are presenting available for viewing online? By the way I have been in two locations so far where there was absolute silence, Imperial Beach in Southern Calif, and Berkeley, CA in the Berk. hills area, both areas miles away from freeway, not sure about gas lines. Thanks Steve

        1. allot of questions so here we go;
          – ILFN (hum) depending on geology, water bodies and intensity/ peak to peak fluctuations can travel tens of miles and likely 100’s (like taos from alberqerque). Using a quiet car as mobile lab have used FFT and octave analysis proofed 25 miles away from our epicenter location.
          – spectral analysis using FFT becomes higher and more active at high hum levels. Prominent freqs here in CT are 40, 30 and 16 hz. Highway noise is higher spectal frequencies, DOT info shows that. Measurements at 2 am in the morning no traffic , high HUM, high frequency activity- not highways. Elect lines in the US at 60 and 120 hz and no impact at 600 ft where we live from them (consultant confirmed). You need allot of power to make this HUM and the gas lines have hundreds of thousands of HP pumping into them.
          – if you understand how gas transmission systems work they vary on demand and at night they even pump up the storage capacity and underground storage facilities for next day demand. The reason many systems are now mis behaving is becasue the govt allowed increases in Max Operating Press (MAOP) since 2005. Also the compositon of gas has changes affecting components once designed ok, now not, Also gas flows directions have changed as sources change- all account to variability
          – the gas lines radiate ILFN, sound travels like seismic waves as evidneced by seiches in our pool. The interact with foundations, caves, etc to casue resonance and HUM, with resultant vibrotactical sensations toteh feet and butt. This ILFN is also suspected to be causing teh bat and bee problems (and likely other unexplained un natrual ecosystem diasters in teh last few years (not chemicals, cell phones or power lines or HArrp)
          – Ferc and all those guys are bewildered as I guess no one has ever come to this conclusion (unless covered up) NO WEB SITES we are trying to teh govt to engage, but as you can expect they are resistant considering teh consequences of truth here.
          – go to NPMS Public Viewer to see if gas lines in proximity of the locations. Geology may attentuate it in you peaceful locations, sand etc, really need experts at this point. Surely the Seattle area =Vashon hum is influeneced by geological faults, etc.

          Nosie started and those sensitve enough hear it, Changes in gas line operations is casuing it. And teh systems have had major changes since 2005, especiaaly pushing into the northeast where we live.

          Trying to get into news, the work is electronic format. s a start I suggest looking at teh HUM mapping I have posted on yahoo hum forum in the files section- very revealing!

          I am sure this will generte more questions, feel free to bounce back. Yahoo Hum forum is active. The folks in windsor Cdn are living thru Hell right now and teh peieces fit that this “glove fits”


          sorry for typos but now easy spell check

  55. I live in a rural area ,no water pipes except plastic for my well pump.As I said before It is Micro Wave hearing.I never heard it until I move 400 ft. from a TV,FM radio,Cell tower. It has followed me to my acreage when towers were placed near by.It became louder in 2005 when HAARP boosted the power by one hundred percent.It’s enough to drive a person insane .The only way I can live with it is to have other noise the blanks it out.It has a vibration that penetrates into my nervous system.My only hope is that those that are causing this will suffer more than I do!!

  56. I live in a rural area ,no water pipes except plastic for my well pump.As I said before It is Micro Wave hearing.I never heard it until I move 400 ft. from a TV,FM radio,Cell tower. It has followed me to my acreage when towers were placed near by.It became louder in 2005 when HAARP boosted the power by one hundred percent.It’s enough to drive a person insane .The only way I can live with it is to have other noise that blanks it out.It has a vibration that penetrates into my nervous system.My only hope is that those that are causing this will suffer more than I do!!

  57. Bob that’s why we need a full investigation to get to the bottom of all the damnation sources. we can’t stop the technology or as you know from Saundras site, moving gas. But this is really geting bad. The only way is to contact your congressman and newspaper. This won’t be easy, espeically since the gov’t is out of money.

  58. We’re in Franklin, TN—we’ve lived in this house for sixteen years, but a couple of years ago we began to notice a hum that has increased to being a continual ( and at least in the home, inescapable) source of irritation. Even now, at the computer after another broken night’s sleep, the hum is very oppressive. With people over during the day or even during the evening, are not bothered as much. But at night, trying to get a good night’s sleep has become a continual fight to mask the noise—but the hum overrides everything, from fans to rain on an ipod, all turned up loud. Neither one of us is sleeping well anymore, waking up many tines every evening. For many years this was an extremely quiet house in a very quiet neighborhood ( which has seen changes from a new development nearby, completed for a couple of years now, with underground electricity and expanded water lines. We think the hum began around this time.) We take a walk on a gravel road from our home, and both of us can hear the hum for about a half mile around, but, being low frequency, we can’t identify the source, though at times we think we can detect the general direction. Others have also heard it in our house. We vacillate between thinking it’s an outside source that our home unfortunately vibrates ( this week’s top choice) and a dampened power mains or some power source vibrating through the wiring in our house. We’ve gone though all the hoops with checking water pipes and plumbing, turned everything off at the breaker box one by one—-and read many posts like this one, hoping to find the answer. One night we got in the car, and followed the hum to the nearest power station. But perhaps we were temporarily insane that night. We go to other places around town, and don’t hear it at all. Having dismissed traffic noise and all but one industrial source, our current prevailing theory is that it is some sort of localized phenomena involving RF and power line noise. Would love for it to go far far away. If it doesn’t soon, we’ll have to.

    1. Gary- you are now on teh data map of people close to HP Natural Gas Lines suffering from teh HUM. Columbia Gas has what looks to be a large line about 2 miles south of center of Franklin. Seismic like low frequency, ground born sound is reasonating your home and inside your parked car. Typically symptoms all over, and mine all over western CT within at least 25 miles of our 2 systems passing by.

      1. Thanks, we’ll check that out—it is funny how some people come in the house and don’t notice any hum ( we don’t mention it) maybe we’re just the small percentage of people who hear the once ( to us ) inaudible sounds of the earth rotating, the collective power grid, cell towers, etc—we both heard the same hum recently while hiking around MT Pisgah in NC—maybe it’s just us

        1. Haven’t looked yet where MT Pisgah is, but there is a slightly different phenomena going on near a line the runs past PineHurst/ Southern pines. I actually was there spring of 2010 at forest Creek and heard outside a HUM after studying it as an inside thing here in CT. Bewildered me. Found out there is a HP Propane line the runs up from down south up into NC. It’s a liquid line and soemthing different is occuring with it. Majority of Humers hear it most often inside. I beleive some places there may be some reasonance of geological structures that might be heard in dead silence outside, needs allot more invetigation

  59. Hi there, I live in Coffs Harbour – Australia I’m wondering if LFN can be more apparent in areas where water is having to be pumped up hill ? Mains pressure would have to be higher to cope with delivery of water to elevated houses. Water pressure is the only answer here I think – no Natural Gas pipeline etc in this area.

  60. I have been hearing the same low frequency hum for about a year and a half now on and off and first noticed it when i got up during the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I live in the UK in a quiet road and thought it was a wind turbine that was making the noise as it started about the time the turbine started to be used, so i complained to the local council but when the turbine stopped being used, the noise to my dismay carried on and it really begun to affecting my sleep and quality of life as i started to listen for it all the time. I have had the council out with recording equipment but it did not pick any sound up which i thought it wouldn’t and if it did, it still wouldn’t identify where it was coming from, this has got to the point where i am considering moving because if the council by some miracle come out and investigate and find the source, they probably will say they can’t do anything about it. I know exactly how everyone feels as i am goin through it now all the time and it seems like living hell being irritable, tired, grumpy and snappy all the time, i will have to try and look into the gas pipe theory and go from there.

    1. Nobby and chris
      The nice lady from woodland that’s inteh news said no gas lines near. I checked the UK grid map and for her down thru Durham and into Teeside there shows a line, proably north sea gas??? The ILFN (infrasond low frequency noise) these radiate can travels 10 to 50 miles, at least, depending on geology and intensity of source radiator – somehing in the gas flow stream has changed. Chri- you might want to join Yahoo Hum forum and exchange notes with Maggi locted near Newcstle. And yes, other things can cause LFN, but the gas lines explain why it covers hundreds of miles. I’ll check where Coffs harbour is.

  61. I’m fed up too. I’ve talked with “Steve” before on the yahoo “HUm forum”.

    This damn sound is very real! I started noticing it last January. Hoped it was related to winter weather…NOPE! At times, I think it’s gone and then…it’s back again! It’s now September, 2011 and I’ve been hearing the sound –especially loudly– for the last few days. It is NOT my imagination or an “ear problem”.

    I’m getting very testy with people who imply that because they can’t hear it, it must be my “imagination”! The sound is everywhere in my house and yet not in walls or pipes that I can detect. I’ve checked with the hydro authority, gas, and water heater people. No angle has panned out. Every time I think I can live with it…(because it’s quieter some nights)…it gets louder again and I get frustrated.

    If this is a gas pipeline…I can’t find one here in my part of Ontario. I AM along the lake, though, and there is a flood concern for this region. They have been exploring possibilities for drainage. I’m wondering if this has something to do with drainage systems beneath the house.

    There are several musical notes to this sound, mostly low but a few here and there that are higher. I have a musical ear. Could that be why I can hear it and most of the neighbours I’ve polled cannot? (There are two neighbours who describe hearing the same thing as me, late at night especially, when it’s quiet.)

    I’ve also heard it while walking the dog at night outside and closer to the lake where I live..

    Another note…we had a power failure this summer. The sound continued which tells me it isn’t electrical – even externally to the house.

  62. I have had a hum in my house since about 2006. the sound resonates through the walls, and I can also hear it outside on the porch. I have checked all utilities, not it. I had a power outage for 8 days, still the hum. The sound is a low frequency hum, like a motor running, I can’t escape it,its like the sound is in my head. I live in a rural part of North West New Jersey. Most men can not hear it.I hear it mostly at night and on the North side of the house.Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be?? Engineers from the power company said it is something they havent ever come accross, ever.

    1. Dee just across the Delware river cutting over into NJ are a couple major High Pressure pipelines. Considering your on bedrock and faults could be pipeline HUM from them. The hypothesis being worked is that major changes in operations from these lines due to gas demand and things like Marshallus Shale gas are causing these lines to have internal low freq noise radiated from them, like sieimic waves. Authorities don’t want this out! A couple weeks ago chatted with a lady from warren county. Are you in warren or Sussex.

      1. I am in warren county and I am going crazy with this sound. It is getting louder. Who can I call about this. Thank you so much for your response.Someone else in warren co. hears this? please call me to discuss further.862-324-0142

        1. I am following teh announcements of the Marcellus gas pipelines, and western Jersey is getting a few more…

  63. Humming Buzz in France.
    I have read with interest all the comments posted and feel compelled to give you my experiences here in France.
    We moved to what seemed to be a peaceful rural area with no traffic or industry.
    After a short time we became aware of a humming,buzzing low frequency noise.What could it be?After turning off all electric supply the noise still persisted.It seemed to come through the solid walls of the house.
    First instincts were ear problems,tinnitus.However driving a few miles the noise lessened and eventually stopped.
    Conclusion,must be a localised source ,but what can it be?.
    After extensive local research as to potential sources we have concluded that the hum source is a local chicken farm housing 15000 chickens,replaced every 12 weeks.
    My guess is the cooling fans and feeding machinery causes local air disturbance of low frequency which is capable of penetrating solid walls.
    Most of the time the noise is 24/7 and at other times intermittent.
    Yes,It does stop,but not that often.What a relief though and we almost feel human again.
    When it is going, the only thing to reduce the effects is to open windows allowing other exterior sounds to soften /distract from this terrible hum/buzz .ok in summer,not so good in winter.
    We like our house and general area,no crime etc but dont know if we can put up with the hum/buzz.forever!
    My advice therefore to all sufferers is seek out FANS.The low frequency noise they expel is hard to source ,even by the experts.The sound travels great distances,through solid structures and is such a level that only some are aware of the disturbance.
    By the way ,there are no gas pipelines or High Voltage lines nearby.
    It has been interesting to learn the true extent of this modern day problem and my sympathy and understanding go out to all you folks having to endure this burden.
    Finding and understanding the source helps,it is a natural human instinct to react to unknown noise sources,primitive survival instinct I guess.We know our cause/enemy and it helps.

    1. Terry good you found the source, now you need to test the hypothesis. Have the ranchers turn the fans off for a few minutes (call them on your cell and coordinate).

      Ceiling fan does seem to help.

      Now- what town are you in and how do you know there are no gas lines? The sound radiated from the ones here have been confirmed by measurement and hearing (inside a parked quiet car works great as a mobile soiund chamber) at least 25 miles from them. Maybe I can find a gas line map of france and will check for you.

      1. Terry, attached is a link to French map of large pipelines. The importance of this is to do a spot check of those that believe no gas lines are near them and they are experieincing the humhttp://www.theodora.com/pipelines/france_and_belgium_pipelines.html.

        1. Steve,Thanks for the link to the pipeline map.
          Yes there is a pipeline within 25 miles according to the map.
          I will now factor this in to the possible source or add it to
          my own conclusions.
          I am now wondering that what we may have here is a combination of localised low frquency noise from an industrial source,chicken farm fans combining with gas pipeline radiated noise.
          Intensity does vary but the noise is there.
          Thanks again for your input,we will get an answer eventually.

          1. Combination of different sources absolutely plausible. What appears going on here in CT USA is the base problemis the lines. To effect teh ground born waves, a source has to have a great amount of power.

    2. Is the hum louder when you get closer to the chicken plant?
      I live in Pau in SouthWest France and the source of the hum seems to
      be west from here.
      -When the wind blows from the south or the south east I cannot hear
      the hum
      -When an area of high pressure is blocked on my region I cannot hear
      the hum or it’s very very faint.
      -The pitch of the hum seems to be in synch with some low noise
      electrical engines in my house (external HDD, central heating pump)
      sometimes the pitch of the hum resonates with these low noise
      electrical motors, when I stop the electrical appliances, the hum is
      still there.
      -The hum is outside my body
      -Only my left ear can hear it
      -I sometmes feel a pressure on my left ear drum.
      -There are some places where I’ve never heard the hum (in Paris for
      -The noise of the hum is reflected by the concrete building across the
      -The intensity of the hum can be high during the day too.
      -I started hearing in the hum in my early thirties in Pau (in 1990)
      and I had never heard it before.
      -There is no military base or submarine base nearby
      -My region has moderate sismic activity, we’re located on the Pyrenees
      -My left ear was able to detect future eartquakes (from a few hour to
      two or three days) when I was a teenager.
      -Nobody around me (my wife, kids, family, friends colleagues, students
      (I’m a high school teacher)
      has never complained about hearing the hum.
      All the best from the sunny Pyrenees;

      1. The humming began in my house several months back. It is a constant very low frequency and seems to alternate between 2 tones approx. half a semitone apart. It occurs continuously but is almost inaudible during the day due to interference from other ambient noise eg traffic, birdsong, neighbours etc. Hence it is particularly annoying if you wake up at 4 in the morning. The frequency of the hum is such that it seems to penetrate my bed and pillow when I am lying down. In fact at time I cam actually feel it moving my eardrum! I live on the edge of the bush in a semi rural area south of Sydney Australia. There are no gas lines, power lines, underground pipes, factories, machinery or chicken farms within kilometers of here and in any case the noise seems to be being generated from either under the floor or the ceiling of only the back part of my house. I have killed the mains power and water yet it still persists. In fact I’ve just paused in the writing of this and can hear it now. There are a few not very convincing explanations I have, along with others here, come up with. 1. Residue high water pressure causing pipes to resonate. 2. Some sort of electrical vibration being generated by the power connection from the street. 3. Some sort of vibration from my solar hot water system (but why at night). 4. Elves having a communal singsong …But I just can’t find a specific source location, the sound seems to emit from a general area. Anyone with ANY other ideas …HELP!!!

  64. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m the only one around me who hears this rhythmic humming noise, has a slow beat to it, and with it I feel a vibration like a pressure on top of me. I started hearing it suddenly one night in May and I thought it was due to winter – perhaps a neighbour had bought a diesel heater or something – but I now hear the sound further afield than my own neighbourhood. I went to Sydney at the weekend and I didn’t hear it where I was staying. I bought a white noise machine which I play really loudly at night, and it helps me get some sleep. I play a CD during the day with the sounds of it raining, to help distract me from the noise. The noise otherwise has the potential to send me nuts.

    1. When it started here in CT USA, dog went on Prozac to stop her from shaling out of her skin. Coyotes have left, thats good. pool water gets standing waves and vibrations from the ground effects. I think I dropped you a line elsewhere?

  65. I live in LONDON the hum sounds like my neighbour working from home, so I played loud music to cover the sound and he reported me to the police, and now doesnt speak to me. The first time I heard it during the night, it woke me up suddenly and the vibrations shook the bed and I thought I was having a stroke. I have since contacted the local council who sent a man and young girl to investigate, both of whom were less than 30. Neither of these could hear noise nor feel vibrations. The council doesn’t have any traching equipment. Looks like end of story, grin and bear it? I hope not. I shall try any suggestions that anyone offers and hope something works.

  66. I live in Frankston, Victoria Australia and have had this noise for about the past 5 years. It has been silent for almost a year, but has now returned, worse than ever. Previously, only I could hear it, but now my wife can hear it as well (which is a relief, as I thought I was going mad). I’ve tried tuning off the mains power and noise continues. I have tried running taps to relieve water pressure in pipes and again, no affect. If I leave the house there is no noise outside, it is only in the house. I am at my wits ends, this is completely beyond me and defies all logic. Any ideas on how to stop this would be very much appreciated.

    1. Troy It sounds like you hear what sounds like an idling diesel engine always running and varying in intensity and annoyance. Maybe even ear pressure and vibration feelings at your feet onteh floor. You are near main HP gas lines and you fall into the data base of being near what we believe has been operational changes through out teh world to the way natural gas is being transported and teh type of gas being transported. There are many other Aussies reproting this, some not so near lines as well. Let me know where you are located relative to the lines on the att map link

      1. Hi Steve.It is hard to tell, but it looks like I may be rather close to the BASSGAS Pipeline. I am located very close to where the BASSGAS pipeline joins the LONGFORD to DANDENONG Pipeline. Do you know when this pipe line was installed?

        1. Looks like I could also be close to the Oil Pipeline that runs parallel to the LONGFORD to DANDENONG Pipeline. Thanks for you help.

          1. Hi again. Locally you should investigate when and what kind of changes were made to these systems as part of energy development prior to and during teh appearance of teh HUM and other sensations. I am not in teh industry so what I’ve discovered is peiced together by research. And proofed by tsting. I would suggest contacting unbiased acoustic experts to do acoustic modelling over a large region. This ILFN is generated by a line source, not point source so it’s expansive. Use FFT, Octave analyzers and Spectra LAb water fall computer based software. Use dbc weighing.

            Obviously I could go on. The universities over there, in Adelaide?? do allot of research on this stuff. Maybe you could convince them to study, but first ask if teh gas industry donates to the school. We need this fixed, and our efforts are not an attempt to stop this development just take responsibilty and fix it. It’s killing us and the ecosystem.

            Steve from CT

  67. I live in Woking, England. About 2 years ago I noticed a hum in our house, like a low frequeny electrical hum. At that time it seemed to be at night, but would cut off, almost like it was switched off midday, after which it would start around 7ish again. Now its 24/7 and really makes me feel nauseous. I’m around 50 and have been told people in their fifties are more likely to hear it. Personally I feel its making me ill giving me hedaches and bad sleep. My wife cant hear it though. I use an electric fan to drown out the hum at night, but can still ‘feel it’ in my head

    1. Oh boy. Hopefully knowing your one of tens of thousands should take the “is it me” out of the equation as long as you know nothing is medically wrong. Suggest you check where teh gas grid is (high pressure, large lines). let me know. Check internet for line locations maps in the UK

      1. The hum has just got worse and worse. At night I can cope with a small electric fan to mask it, though this is inconvenient in the cold weather as I also like fresh air so have the window open. Was using the free version of a Itouch app called Urban Apps ‘Ambiance lite’ with a sound called ‘Sleep machine’. This worked great and sent me to sleep really quick, but my right ear has an infection at the moment (probably from having earphones in it all night) so cant use that – aint life great.

        The worse is in the afternoon. I can literally feel the hum vibrating my whole body and its deafening in the house, but my wife hears nothing. I just dont get it. Stick my head outside the window and its quiet, just in the house.

      2. I know we have a gas pipe under the house – both our neighbours have gas heating (in fact I wonder if it might be my left side neighbours heating system, but I dont know them well to check – they arent very friendly). I hear the hum in my right side neighbours house too (who i do know).

        I feel a bit daft though ringing the gas company and saying I hear a hum nobody else can hear. What should I ask – what would they check? Do I ask them to check pressure?

  68. It was very strange – watching tv, heard a humming. Turned tv to mute thinking it was the tv. Still humming. Located it, and this is the wierd bit, to the area around my sofa. Turned off all the electrical appliances around the sofa (printer, hifi etc) still heard humming. Moved from sofa to area around it – humming stopped. Back to sofa – humming. Moved sofa expecting a childs battery operated toy, nothing. checked cushions, nothing. This is the first time I have heard it. It was very loud. Hence this comment as I have not idea – any ideas?

  69. I live in South India.I just moved house and am hearing a sound that is a bit like I am just hearing the bass part of a loud sound system, or else some kind of mechanical pulsing equipment. I was not hearing it at my old house but am hearing it now all over the new neighbourhood.Its not very loud but super irritating.I have driven all around the neighbourhood by motorbike stopping here and there to try and find the source but so far nothing that can explain the 24 hours a day sound.The house is near the beach. I can hear the sound also on the beach. But it is not the wave crashing sound because I have lived near the beach many times and it has never irritated me . This is like a drone.There are power lines on the beach – I wonder if they could be vibrating or something? But it doesnt seem to be louder on the beach than in my home which doesnt make sense of that theory. I am waiting to see if it goes away or I get used to it – otherwise I may have to move house again.i also put the fan on at night even though its too cold for it really. Now I am also fearing it may be something wrong with me and I’ll hear it in other places too….

  70. the hum is back in full force. i’m on the ramapo fault in NJ…. i have fans on all the time so i can think..the frequency has increased with resonance’s yo to 200 cps base freq….. still in the 9 cycle range …i know why just don’t understand why it comes an goes… the usgs wont say a word will report more as 2112 approaches ….shumann resonance plays a big part sun activity etc… im sick of it jk

    1. John I grew up in Fairlawn. Left Bergen Cty in 1994. Visit to parents in Fairlawn. I started notiing HUM ther inside their house about a year ago. Rt 208 doesn’t drwon it out. Same HUM as in Brookfield CT and State college PA. The fault has a major carryer amplification effect of teh ground born ILFN. In fairlawn the Transco line thru Rochelle Park and PAramus is suspected

    2. I hear the hum in Columbia,NJ for the last 5 years and i am going crazy trying to figure it out. Sounds like a low frequency hum in my walls…247. I have called every tech about this and if they hear it; they are puzzeled too! My neighbors have Geothermal heating system, can this possibly be causing this vibration?? I cant sleep or even think straight , this noise is terrible!

      1. Hi Dee
        I do have your location already from the other site. It’s only going to worsen there as the new gas lines go in that you are reading about for West Milford, Ornage county etc. Theres a large group in Minisink battling expansion there and are trying to expsoe this before it begins there.


        1. Hi steve, I am in Goshen,NY -Orange County. I have this vibration also. My house is 7 yrs old – never had any vibrations. It started humming in October and now I have a constant loud hum and vibration through the whole house. It feels like a truck running in my garage. My pet is so disturbed by the constant noise he is under a bed when I get home from work. I don’t hear it outside. It’s in my garage also. I have turned power off, still hear it, I have the heating guy here – he heard nothing, sugested I get my hearing looked at. It’s in the walls too. Sleeping is a joke. It gets loud at 2am and 4am which wakes me up. The levels of noise go up and down. My plumber cannot pin point it, but I was thinking of changing out my circulator. Now I may not have too. I too have been leaving TV’s on and music to mask the noise. this week I have to raise the volume at it is increasing in volume as well as vibration and duration. I started to hear the noise at my office in Mahwah, NJ. this is so disturbing. Who is the group in Minisink? this noise is horrible.

          1. stopmcs@gmail.com

            DM Try this email address. I can’t give out individual ones. if this doesn’t work let me know. They are battling two huge compressors going into their neighborhood, like what happened here in BrookField CT and forced me to investigate the cause of the hum that started here in mid 2009. I actully visited Minisink area and heard the HUM in a Westown home. The owner wasn’t sensitized to it yet.

            Your situation is usual. Many around you do not hear, inside the home heard mainly (and in your parked car as well). These systems seem to crank things up at night (or other masking frequencies disappear), or something that casues the nite time to be a diaster. I suggest contacting your congressman and have them contact our CT Chris Murphy’s office. This is going to get worse for you folks there because there are major pipeline projects going in in Ornage County. (assuming there isn’t another local source for you)

            Do not waste your money on trying to chase in home things, you’ve shut off everything and it still hums.

            Only 2-5 % of people hear this LF stuff. My dog had to go on prozac for 3 months when this started. Coyotes have essentially left the area. Pool water has standing waves from the seismic characteristics. This is real, and FERC and the gov’t aren’t looking for this problem to get out.

            Your office near Rt 17 is near the El Paso system, teh one near your home is teh Miilenium system, and soon to come the Iroquois system. My office 15 miles away in Middlebury CT is bad as well (along 2 of these bad acting lines).


  71. i just typed a long blog on the increasing hum and frequency but it did not post ramapo fault in NJ…try again…jk

  72. i know how to build a house that will not resonate … a bit expensive … will report any changes in frequency oramplitude… most people don’t notice…. most people don’t notice anything.. so we are the lucky ones…. it drives me nuts…. will test again next month…2112 may not be a joke

  73. IT IS all natural… not electric… will always sound louder at the end of a house or in the corners where low freq’s build up stop looking around the neighborhood…. its very large .. as in- world size…google shumman resonance… read a bit – if you cant sleep ..-find a small loud fan or heater with a fan only setting and turn it on next to your head and it will mask it and you will sleep…. i promise jk

  74. So not crazy, lol. l live on the 16th floor in a high rise flat in glasgow and have lived with this constant 24/7 buzzing noise in my 2 bedrooms but not the living room. it sounds just like a washing machine on spin cycle, the strange thing is if you stand in the centre of the room the noise cant be heard. lf you put your ear to the wall seperating my bedrooms you can clearly hear the same loud buzzing noise. it is so bad my bed is positioned in the centre of the room and have to have my windows open to drown out the noise, gets cold in winter though, lol. its not just me that hears the noise people that visit hear it also and say its someones washing machine, explained that the noise goes on 24/7 and has done since l moved into my flat 11 years ago. cant take it anymore so looking for a new home 🙁 if the noise is from outside my home why only the bedrooms effected? and whats going on with it being louder in the corners of the room and almost total silent in the center of the rooms? what is causing this? 🙁

    1. Learning this acoustics thing is a strange one. There is soemthing called nodes and anti nodes. soem audiophile sites discuss the effects. 16 floors up? what about building HVAC, or soemthing like that?

  75. I first noticed this multi-note hum a few months after moving into our winter home in North Las Vegas in 2009. I didn’t hear it for a long time and then all of a sudden it drove me crazy. It can hear it quite clearly in my bedroom, the living room, the office, all over the house but as soon as I step outside, I can’t hear it. If I put my ear close to the wall of the house, I can hear it again. My husband can’t hear it, most of the neighbors can’t hear it but one lady can, now it’s driving her crazy too. When we went to our summer home in North Carolina in 2010, the hum was there too but not every night. The Colonial Pipeline distribution pipe for natural gas for the east coast runs through our back yard but we had built that house and lived there for 22 years and I had never heard that noise until last summer. It isn’t the door bell circuit, we don’t have a door bell in that house. We use a brass knocker instead. The sound isn’t quite as loud as Las Vegas and is easily ignored but it is still there. Then I started noticing that when we traveled in the RV the summer of 2011, that one state park where we stayed for a couple of weeks in the Oregon Cascades had the same hum (and it was nowhere near any gas lines) and that most of the rest didn’t. I suspected that it was the power stalk and one night went out and unhooked the power line to the RV and turned off the switches. The hum remained even with the electricity off, the same two notes, oscillating in rhythm though not constant. I have had to buy a sleep machine with summer night sounds and use that to get to sleep, then I can ignore it and sleep through the night most nights. Other nights, like tonight, it is quite loud and the sleep machine can’t mask it. Then I have to set the thermostat to run the fan all the time. That covers up the noise and I can get some sleep.

    1. Judi


      I suggest you go onto this govt site “NPMS PUBLIC VIewer” and check where you are hearing the hum relative to the lines on teh map. LV has lines. And your synptoms are like tens of thousands of others. Unfortunately the entire industry seems to be making changes to the NG systems and this dam hum is increasing all over. Vehicles serve as a perfect mobile acoustics lab to hear the sound. In Oregon on the westerly side of the state there are many reports of HUM. You might want to sign into the yahoo hum forum and go into the files to see a mapping of these hums in the USA

  76. So glad to see I am not the only person who feels frustrated with a persistent humming sound in and around my home. I live in a small town in Manitoba, Canada and in the past passed off the sound of the humming to farmers tractors running in the distance although at times wondered to myself why they were working so late in the fields at a particular time. Then in the winter I would think it sounded like someone running a large truck to warm it up….Unfortunately I have since found the sound is persistent and can hear it from everyroom in my house as well as in my attached garage and outside my house as well. My husband cannot hear it but did turn off all the breakers in the house for me at one point and yes I could still hear it so it is not something running in the house that is making the noise. I find now I have to keep a radio or the TV on in the background to try to mask the noise. My daughter has heard it as well so it is not just me. What can it be….We have lived here for 30 years and it is just the last couple of years that I had heard it but never as loud inside our house as it is now….Help with suggestions as to how to find out what is causing it appreciated…

  77. I can’t believe that I was actually able to find other people with this same issue. When we first moved here (10 years ago) I thought it was from a large cow farm in the area. The farm has since closed down and the sound remains. I can hear a lot of things my husband can’t normally hear but even he can hear this. We noticed it is definitely louder closer to the walls than in the middle of the room, and noticeably louder near our bay windows. Difficult if not impossible to hear outside however due to wind, bird, frog, etc sounds (I believe this is why). I’ve done all the same things…shut off breakers, etc etc. We live out in the “sticks” and I was doubtful about gas lines but I looked at the map & sure enough – there are some within 10 miles of us. Whether it’s gas lines or shumann resonance as someone suggested, it’s horrible and definitely causing me to lose sleep and peace. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please add Paisley, FL to your list of locations where this is occurring.

  78. my neighbours running electric equipment/but sometimes sounds like 2 stroke engine. They mrefuse to madmit to it but I hear it switch on. they have reported me to the council trying to get me sectioned I think due to my age. I have said Im hear it because these low witched noises are only heard by the over 50’s. I was interogated two days ago by both the neighbours and someone they told me was from the council. I really got nowhere, their solution tto me was go to the doctor.
    As I have no medical problems, what a waste. Who can I contact to get them to admit what they are using. Some noghts they start it up about 2.0 a.m. and carry on until the early hours. The only thing that I can think at this time that they are involved in is something to do with roulette. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you

    1. Are you saying, they are saying they aren’t running the engines? This dam HUM sounds just like an idling diesel. What is your location. Get back and I’ll give you some toughts

    2. Are you saying they are running an engine in the garden or in the house, were the people from the council or not? has anyone else heard the noise?

  79. I live in Victoria,Australia and have had the Humming in my ears for 3 weeks and its drving me around the twist,i don’t know if it is my ear or my house have been to the doctors 3 times in the last 3 weeks and to make thing more frustrating it started the first day of my long awaited holidays.
    My ear hums more at night than during the day its like a truck engine idling in the distance.
    Have tried everyting from turning of the main power unplugging all power points under my bed etc so it good to hear that im not alone on this one.

    1. Hi Brooke, I am also in Melbourne, Australia and hearing the “hum” I am in Keilor Park & have been hearing it for the past 2 weeks, it’s also causing me to lose sleep as I am a light sleeper with very good hearing. It doesn’t bother my husband as he doesn’t hear as good as me but he did say he could hear it slightly, but I reckon he thinks I’m going crazy! The hum is only inside the house & it goes day & night, if I am busy with housework or watching TV or listening to music I don’t hear it but when all is quiet it is there. I thought maybe it could be the airport or industrial area nearby or even something to do with the neighbors 2 satellite tv dishes electro magnetic frequencies? Have tried turning off power but just like everyone else that didn’t stop it. How do we get help to find out what is going on, who do we need to contact & make this more public? Maybe contacting the media?

      1. Well I’m an advocate that teh gas grid is the problem. But, recently it has come to my attention that in the Melbourne area that there are newly installed wind turbines. I can’t speak about them as I have no experieince or their location to you. You may be getting a double dose. One or the other (or both) need to be investigated. Massey Univ in NZ is doing allot of work, check with them.

        1. I’m trying to eliminate various explanations. We have no gas grid at all in our area, no industry nearby; I live adjacent to a national park. No wind turbines no underground pipes. What gets me is it seems to have only started around 2-3 months ago, or maybe I just started noticing it and its always been there. Sometimes I think it could be some sort of resonating pipe effect, perhaps to do with our solar hot water system. But I’m not convincing myself just grabbing at straws…

          1. Mart, where do you sense this, if USA I can check a map for the lines. Even though you have no gas, these lines can be near by moving gas from thousands of miles away to hundreds of miles away, and you don’t know it.

          2. Mart I see later comment -Sydney. Check teh internet for gas lines, you have a couple big ones running thru your area

          3. I’m leaning more and more to some sort of hydraulic resonance in the water mains. I tried an experiment the other night, the hum was quite loud around 4 am so I turned my water mains tap down to a minimum level. Just enough to keep the water coming but at a much reduced pressure. The hum persisted (of course) BUT its tone changed to a discernibly lighter level. Still it’s no solution.

          4. How does one expand this thread.

            Mart, it may be like the ceiling fan benefit. Running a ceiling fan makes the hum less harsh..Consider the ILFn is casuing the walls of your home to reasonant. Putting another frequency signal into that mix, MAY modify the harshness. Sure needs allot more investigation. Be cautious not to jump to conclusions. It’s like concluding tonic makes you drunk- Scotch and tonic, gin and tonic, whiskey and tonic- it must be the tonic…I will try the water running test in my array of experimenting

  80. Google brought me to you- last night I noticed a low pitched ‘hum’ while trying to sleep. I assumed it was someone running something on a floor above me (we live a a split level house with four levels – I was on the third level, semi underground with a cement floor)

    when I got up it was gone from the house but also from my mind. Well, it just started again slightly before 1am. I swear, it’s strong enough that I can feel it as well as hear it. This could drive a person crazy.

    I can hear it all over, but it’s most pronounced in the lower two levels with the cement (foundation) floors/walls.

    1. Jill I am mapping locations where this is occurring. What is your location. A map can be found on the humfoorum on yahoo under the files section. The map is for teh US. We have a serious pipeline casued hum inside our homes in CT, which the small group of subjects discussed with either hear and/ or hear- sence the sensations.

      1. Stopped by the site, I live in Connecticut and have been plagued by this hum for years, I’ve heard it might be the ELF low frequency system from the navel base but it’s driving me crazy…let me know what information you’ve acquired regarding the hum here in CT…

        1. Fig what town, I’m in Brookfield. Proofed HUM all along (wihtin at least 10 miles off of) the high pressure natural gas lines systems running thru CT. At least 5 monster sized lines. Cant get AG, Senator, Confgreeman, FERC, CTDEEP to investigate….I have measured and proven extreme levels from Gaylordsville, Danbury, thru Middlebury, Nauagtuck up into West Hartford. Thats as far as my travels in CT, but I am sure it is all the way up into the eastern part of the state. Started here with low level in mid 2009 when the systems changed the way they operate and other installations made. Most of the time, the in house hum is very bad, ear pressure, insomnia, pet was on Prozac, pool water vibrates and has standing waves, on and on.


          1. Milford Ct near the water and it’s intense here, tough to concentrate and it makes you cranky because it’s non stop and it is heavier at night which could indicate something more than just gas lines. Contacted the Attorney General in Ct, if enough people complain maybe they’ll look into it. You don’t realize how debilitating it is until it stops for a second. I’m listening to it as I type this :{

          2. Fig we need to get coordinated on this. I had AG Blumenthal and others send letters of Support to FERC, but blumenthal has now easier things to deal with and wave teh flag on. trying to get this into the News Times to see how wide spread in Fairfield county this is. I have many hearers from exposure in Middlebury office that convince me my hypothesis is correct on this. BTW, one of the culprits is the high pressure natural gas transmission company with major compression facitliy in Milford pumping gas under the sound to LI. Besides the damnation you and many others up here are being put to there is solid data and research correlation to the LI sound lobster die off and this line. Up here bats and bees (besides us humans) are suffering. This is a real revelation that teh gov’t doesn’t want to deal with, believe me!!!!

  81. karen :
    So glad to see I am not the only person who feels frustrated with a persistent humming sound in and around my home. I live in a small town in Manitoba, Canada and in the past passed off the sound of the humming to farmers tractors running in the distance although at times wondered to myself why they were working so late in the fields at a particular time. Then in the winter I would think it sounded like someone running a large truck to warm it up….Unfortunately I have since found the sound is persistent and can hear it from everyroom in my house as well as in my attached garage and outside my house as well. My husband cannot hear it but did turn off all the breakers in the house for me at one point and yes I could still hear it so it is not something running in the house that is making the noise. I find now I have to keep a radio or the TV on in the background to try to mask the noise. My daughter has heard it as well so it is not just me. What can it be….We have lived here for 30 years and it is just the last couple of years that I had heard it but never as loud inside our house as it is now….Help with suggestions as to how to find out what is causing it appreciated…

    karen :
    So glad to see I am not the only person who feels frustrated with a persistent humming sound in and around my home. I live in a small town in Manitoba, Canada and in the past passed off the sound of the humming to farmers tractors running in the distance although at times wondered to myself why they were working so late in the fields at a particular time. Then in the winter I would think it sounded like someone running a large truck to warm it up….Unfortunately I have since found the sound is persistent and can hear it from everyroom in my house as well as in my attached garage and outside my house as well. My husband cannot hear it but did turn off all the breakers in the house for me at one point and yes I could still hear it so it is not something running in the house that is making the noise. I find now I have to keep a radio or the TV on in the background to try to mask the noise. My daughter has heard it as well so it is not just me. What can it be….We have lived here for 30 years and it is just the last couple of years that I had heard it but never as loud inside our house as it is now….Help with suggestions as to how to find out what is causing it appreciated…

    I too have been burdened with the constant “hum” in my house, 24/7. Louder at night and I now have to run a fan in the bedroom or have the tv or radio on to drown out the noise. My husband/sons don’t hear it or it doesn’t bother them?? It is comforting to know that others hear this hum as well but I really find it is effecting my sleep. Are there any solutions out there (other than moving?) I live in Richmond, BC. Anyone out there have the same problem?

    1. Plenty of BC vicinity reports. Check out Vancover HUM, Galgary hum, Seattle HUM, Vashon Island HUM. I assume the hum sounds like an idling diesel, possibly feel tingly vibrations.There are forums on a couple if these.

  82. Last Wednesday evening, Nov 9, 2011 my home started humming. I have always had great hearing but this is really extreme. I cannot sleep at night and I have had headaches every day since. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I am hearing a constant, low pitched multi-level hum. This hum can be heard in every room and on every level of the house. As others have described, it sounds like a diesel engine idling in the distance. There is no break from this noise at all. IT DOES NOT STOP even for a second. I really don’t know what to do because others cannot hear it and therefore, do not take me seriously or do not understand the seriousness of the issue. I’ve been in this house for 2 1/2 years now and the noise just started last week. We have had no new items/upgrades so I don’t know what the cause is.

      1. Gloria, do you happen to live in Riverdale? We were having major gasline replacement work done in our neighbourhood in October through November, and the result is the constant unremitting low-pitched hum I’ve been hearing ever since. The gas company won’t even send somebody out to look. What do you think? If you’re in the Riverdale neighbourhood of Toronto and are having this problem, please email me so we can try to figure it out together. michaelfjay@yahoo.com–PS, I’m not some weirdo, I have a wife and family, just so you know. 🙂

        1. Michael
          I am not plotting Canadian hum locatins vs high pressure pipelines, only monitor reports. There is a very good correaltion though. There are many hum reports from Windsor east thru Ontario. There is a real problem up there like here in CT USA.


    1. Gloria- join the Windsor Essex Hum facebook, contact your MOE and local councilman referncing the problems thry have in Windor Essex Canada. Keep records. You know my thoughts on source and your symptoms are like tens of thousands on many similar sites and forums.


    2. Another source could be cell phone towers/masts/antenna, WiFi, Smart Meters, etc., and the electrosmog (electromagnetic frequency and other acronyms) they produce. We have a growing problem with all the above in Florida.

    3. Just wanted to weigh in for those who think they’re going crazy because they’re the only ones who hear THE HUM:

      For the past seven days or so, I was experiencing the Hum. It became somewhat of an obsession, because I was convinced that some new construction project or cooling fan had taken up residence across the street. It only happened when I was in my quaint, quiet-as-a-mouse bungalow in Markham, Ontario. I called town officials, the local newspaper, even the local environmental regulator (Ministry) to try to get to the bottom of it. Nobody knew anything, and more frustrating than this was that no one had ever heard it.
      After much agony, sleepless nights and general crazy-making, I have concluded that my problem is related to a head cold and sinus congestion. It’s not very romantic, but at least you don’t have to spend countless hours hunting all over town for the culprit. You need look no further than congestion in your inner ear. There may be legitimate noise pollution out there causing your hum, but if you’re the only one hearing it, chances are it’s an internal thing affecting only you.
      After careful study and obsession, here’s what happens with me:
      I come home. No hum. House is deliciously quiet and I lie down to take a rest. It’s winter here, so the furnace kicks in for about ten to fifteen minutes to warm up the place. I hear the thermostat click off and prepare for the dreaded hum. As soon as the fan stops blowing, I am left with hummage. It sucks, but I have now found a way to deal with it: Nyquil. Yes, innocuous (I mean…it-knocks-you-on-your-ass) Nyquil. If you don’t live in a place that sells Nyquil, it’s basically a powerful cold remedy/decongestant/make-you-pass-out medicine that will remove the Hum. If anything, it will knock you out so you can, at the very least, get a great sleep. Warning: it kinda wrecks you for the next day, so maybe try to take it early so you don’t get that hangover.
      As far as what is happening physically, I’m no doctor, but I do understand sound. I personally believe that the mucus build up and inflammation in your eustacion tube creates some sort of weird resonance that keep low frequencies humming long after the original source has gone away. Another thought I have is that once the catalyst (in this case, my furnace) goes away, it tunes your ear to some bodily function, say, hearing blood rushing in your veins or something.
      I really hope this helps some of you. Trust me, I understand how this phenomenon makes you crazy, almost to the point of tears, but there is help. Just a note: I am still experiencing The Hum, but to a much smaller degree…it’s intermittent, and I am starting to manage it with traditional airplane-ear clearing techniques. I’m hoping that as this head-cold clears, so too will the hum.
      If you’re still having trouble, try blocking one ear with a foam ear plug. Usually the hum resides in one ear and not the other. If you don’t like that idea, having a ceiling or floor fan going is a good plan to create a general white noise that replaces the hum. If my hum doesn’t go away, I think I may go to one of those ear-clearing spas that use the candle and fluid to clear your ears. Hopefully, my immune system will save me this trip!

      1. I can attribute part of teh answer to your observation. When I bend over and put my head down low, something causes the hum to become more noticeable. even where you don’t hear it outside the “bend over” affords you to hear it there. There is much more at work here than sinusis

  83. Noise started off right away, no slow build-up, just heard what sounded like a truck diesel running one night. Has been 4 years now & have lived in 3 different houses in same town, different areas, same problems. It is 24/7 for me as I hear it when really low frequency, & when it “cycles” up, when my husband also hears it. There is also a sound like mad bee hives which I think may be an affect of the original noise. I think the noise (harmonics/acoustics) is coming in through the roof then travelling down to the ground, or in reverse, causing the electrical wires to sing. It does sound to me like it comes from the attic thru the vents. There is no way to silence it. We also get floor vibrations that penetrate beds, furniture. I feel at times like I am walking on a moving ship, There is no way to block out the noise-it penetrates my skeleton as I have tried even the best Bose noise-cancelling headphones. I wear a headset to bed, during the day, while on the computer or tv ears watching tv, or else all I hear is this noise. I know it is not my hearing as I can seek out a quiet place and all noise is gone. I know I hear a/c’s in stores or doctor/dentist offices & feel the vibrations but I think this is because I have become so sensitized to it. One thing I believe the cause is the city water pipes, but they will acknowledge they do not have vibration absorbers on their water lines, although my husband was told they do not by an water engineer! Another is the huge chiller unit behind a supermarket. Harmonics, frequencies, acoustics, waves! I do have loss of hearing in the higher frequencies, and this is probably a reason why no one else seems to hear this over-whelming noise. Although my husband has very good hearing & he will hear it at certain frequencies, and sometimes feels floor vibrations when I do not. As I type this my house is “humming” or rock n’ rolling as hubby says. Recently electrical or magnetic frequencies due to Wi-Fi or cell phone masts has been mentioned to me as an additional cause of the buzzing. The odd thing is we checked this house out 3 times before we decided to buy it & never heard any issues. All house systems are A-ok. Is it possible the weight of our furniture/appliances on the foundation can amplify the vibrations and noise? We live in central Florida in a one level house, with a poured concrete foundation, block walls, stucco finish, tile roof. I am on anxiety meds due to this disturbance & get flight syndrome from time to time, but there is no where to escape to. Our lives have changed drastically since this began. We cannot afford to move again, so I feel doomed.

    1. Barbara, assuming your health has been checked at teh docs, you are not doomed. What appears to be a major natural gas pipeline problem around teh country is very strong in FL from Tampa across to the Gold Coast. Up and down it, all along new or capacisty changed lines. My home as well as office and others here in CT are doing teh same. Run your ceiling fan to break the hurt of teh hum a little bit. I assume your around Orlando, more and more hums being plotted on a US hum map I am collecting of hum vs high pressure interstate pipelines.

      What town are you in?


      Steve from CT

      1. hi Steve, I am just reading this on 1/06/12. Didn’t think to come back and check. Thanks for your information. Had no idea about the gas pipeline. We live in Titusville, on the east coast by the Kennedy Space Center. We do run ceiling fans but maybe because we have high vaulted ceilings and the volume is too much, do not notice any break in noise (much more than a hum). Will mention your info. to my husband.

      2. Steve, more specifically we are about 1 mile east of I-95 and appx. 2 miles west of Route 1 and the Indian River.

        1. I checked your location below, relative to the map for these lines running N-S in FL. You can check on teh site”NPMS Public Viewer”. Up here in CT our geology stiff rock and faults, etc, guide the low frequency sound waves that are coming off these lines as measured at least 25 miles from these lines. Fl geology probably has other characteristics. The reason for new problem areas of HUM is because of all the changes occurring to the operations of the natural gas supplies in the country. And beleive me, in FL you have had many changes. Check out the Gulf Stream System project phases. I did not sense it in Marco last week and there are no major lines near there either.
          Keep in mind that there are other sources as well. The lines are a good distance from you, but the possiblility exists it may be contributing, would need testing.

          1. thanks for info and checking our situation Steve. I will look into the references you provide. Our area has a lot of coral rock And naturally sand! Can you suggest what we would need for testing.

          2. Absolutely. It is posted in the “files” section on the yahoo hum forum. Tell me how to post here and I will

          3. yahoo-humforum-MAP_USA_Hums_locations_version_11-17-11.jpg

            A friend sent me this link – not sure it will open in this format. Worth a try.

          4. I think I’m the author. Can’t open. It is on the “hum forum- yahoo” files section.

        2. Barbara,

          I also live in Titusville, Florida and this low frequency hum is driving me crazy. We’ve lived here for nearly 6 years before this problem began. I have also noticed a reduction in the number of birds in the area. In particular, the scrub jays (which are supposed to be protected) have all but disappeared. I notified the county but no one seems concerned. Interestingly I do not hear it in our new workshop that has the same roofline. It is worse at night and in the morning. Water pressure is not high in this area. We are near an industrial area, but since this seems to be heard all over the county, I’m not sure this is the answer. Anyway, it is reasuring that I am not alone in this.

          1. Pam, normally where we are in CT we have tons of bats and bees flying around. We use to have a large pack of coyotes behind the house. Well as I reported to CT DEEP, FEDS, etc the coyotes left their habitat when hum started late 2009. Bees this summer were 5 little bumbles until mid summer when population improved. Bats, counted 2 the whole year. What this all means a serious investigation is needed. Our pet lab in late 2009 had to be put on doggie prozac she was so fearful of teh hum and floor vibrations. Fortunately she acclamated after 3 months off the drug.

          2. Pam, I’ve been researching elsewhere on the net trying to find answers to this dilemna, so just now checking back on this site and was amazed & happy to see your post. I’ve been trolling the web seeking local sufferers using “anyone in Titusville Fl hearing low frequency untraceable noise”, with no results! We have had 3 plumbers tell us no problems with house, nor could they detect any ground noise outside. FPL engineer came out & told us the noise we are hearing would have “fried” us if it was electrical. He was going to come back with some sensor equipment, but so far, no see him. Contact with the T-ville city mgr’s assistant, told us no one else is complaining & naturally the hearing problem remark came up; and then a Water plant engineer basically was not accepting responsibility for any issues with water lines, pumps, etc. I believe my husband was told the water mains are not concrete, thus he feels the pvc city pipes are cavitating, causing the rumbling noise to rebound within the system. He could explain better but went to bed finally at 1:30 am. This noise started for us about 3 years ago. We moved 3 times to escape it. First in area of Park & Harrison, then near the Mims/T-ville border, then back to Harrison area. Felt safe when we checked the 3rd house several times, it was quiet. Still can’t figure out why that was so, as the noise/vibration started up days after we moved in. God help me, I’ve lately been thinking of getting the house blessed and cleaned of spirits – that’s how crazy this is making me. The style of homes we have had also seem to escalate the problems due to the vaulted ceilings. Something we did not realize. Act like a cavern. Contacted a sound engineer but the cost for a study is prohibitive. Will buy a sound level meter this week & see if I can pinpoint any possible source(s) other than the water system. I’ve slept in my car in the driveway but the vibrations penetrate the car. Due to the low frequency I believe there is more than one contributor to this. We live 1/2 mile or less behind the stores on Harrison & I believe the large roof a/c units, huge chiller unit behind Winn-Dixie, laundromat machines, may be contributing to the ground vibrations. Truly hope a sound level meter will help clarify this.The more of us to deliver our discoveries to the authorities the better chance something can be done about it. Well, if you want to ask me any questions, I’d be happy to respond. We’ve found no relief from ear plugs, Bose noise-cancelling headset, white noise, etc. I wear an MP3 nearly 24/7 to mask the noise. The vibrations come right thru the furniture, even my hard computer chair. I lift my feet off the floor to try to get a break from feeling them. I am now on anxiety meds and take Melatonin to sleep at night, as does my husband, but his sleep is severely disturbed and he gets very little. Authorities have no clue how this is affecting people’s health, physically, mentally or emotionally. I also wonder what the code is for industrial/commercial buildings to use sound deafening materials, vibration absorbers, etc. Also hubby will call gas company and see if they will come out and check the lines. You know of the national pipeline coming into Tampa from across the gulf, then across the state, coming into Brevard at the south end and up the coast to the new FPL plant in Pt St.John. I wonder if we are able to feel any of the gas compressors here yet? Sound must travel quite easily thru sand, coral and water.
            Gosh, can you tell how thrilled I am to have discovered you are in Titusville and experiencing the issues happening here. I have had such a long search finding you. I hope there are more of us in this area as that might make the authorities take more responsibility in locating and correcting the environmental problems. None of our neighbors admit to hearing or feeling noise/vibrations. We have one friend who said they felt the vibrations in one of the houses, and a contractor who said he heard the noise outside. Don’t know if they would be willing to be witnesses if need be. We don’t see how we can be the only ones in this neighborhood. If we are, why is that so? Another part of the mystery. Well, great meeting you & hope to hear from you again. PS: it is sad to hear about the birds. One of the wildlife agents took me to one of the protected areas and the blue jays actually flew right up to us. His first name was Xavier and his office is in the Enchanted Forest complex. Perhaps you can call him and report your observations about the scrub jays. They have worked very diligently to protect them.

          3. PAM, please read #50 below, my reply to you that you may miss since I’m not sure if I replied to your message or input a new one.

          4. Barbara; you might want to check out the Palm Beach post about “natural gas revolution” in Fl. BTW the Gulf Stream gas line from Miss to Tampa, installed in phases in FL leads the hum reprots i’ve found on many sites.

          5. Thank you Steve, will check out info you provided right now. I am going well & truly nuts listening to this noise 24/7 + feeling varying levels of ground vibrations. Hoped to get a response from Pam so we could possibly exchange locations or maybe further details so we could find others in our area to join us. City, county, won’t pay us any attention as right now we are in the number of one complaint. Living with this is nearly impossible. I am fed up with having to wear a headset of some kind 24/7 to try to mask the noise. Nothing can be done about the vibration. We are waiting to get a stethascope to see if we pick up sound from the ground. Also will buy sound level meter to try to locate source(s). + going to have gas company come out to mark the gas lines for us. Hard to believe this “unknown” sound/vibration can make life so hateful & make us feel like helpless victims.

  84. You can add me to the list of “hummmm-hearers!” I have been trying to find the source of our house hum for weeks. It seems to have started about two months ago, and is louder in the evenings and early mornings. Sounds like a truck is in idle outside my house. Have lived here for almost ten years — we built the house — and haven’t had any major problems. It is somewhere in our house, because the sound stops when I check outside. I had my husband flush out our gas water heater, and I still think it may be reverberation on pipes. But it is driving me bonkers. It is almost deafening, even now. Of course, my husband and daughter cannot hear it at all. I know I am not making it up because I can’t hear it anywhere else — just my house. Any suggestions? Help!

    Fort Worth, Texas

    1. Here’s an idea my husband had: water pressure is too low — we are in a major drought here in Texas and have had water mains bust nearby. The “hum” started a few months ago, almost directly timed with our drought reaching it’s worst point. I think the noise is from water pipes and our pressure be too low. The timeframe fits the hum sound. Just thought I would share —

  85. Your blog is really cool to me and your topics are very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of website owners are doing these 5 errors”. http://bit.ly/rCEfXp You will be suprised how easy they are to fix.

    1. Five Mistakes..you don’t happen to live in the Mountain’s Edge area do you? I have noticed a hum since I moved here about 2 years ago. Very low vibration that rattles my ear drum (only the right ear) for some reason. It seems to be worse at night. I notice it more in certain areas of the home and less in the summer than winter. My husband cannot hear it. Just moved to another house about a mile down the street (but still in Mountain’s Edge) and still hear the noise although it is the little softer.

  86. Wow I am stunned at the responses here. I did a quick Google search and thought I would find nothing or a simple easy solution. I just purchased a home built in 2000 in Las Vegas. Before I moved in I did the normal repainting etc and noticed no noise. The first month I lived here I noticed no noise but about a month ago just about the time I started using the gas furnace (on the roof I think) I started hearing the sound. The low frequency hum mentioned by everybody here. I haven’t really done much to track down the issue yet….turned off the power to the house and the Hum was still there. I’m about the call the HVAC and Gas people next. I’m intrigued about the water issue however. This house has some sort of pressure regulator installed by the previous owners. Does anybody know if that might be the problem?

    Anyway I sympathize with everybody who hears the Hum and hope we all find a solution and a good peaceful night’s sleep……

  87. We are as well experiencing that humming sound; it does sound like a pipe resonating, sometimes persisitent, sometimes intermittent. We thought the hot water heater; but we heard the sound with the hot water heater was not engaged and there was no demand. Our water meter was replaced a few months ago and that timing is relatively close; is that a possibility of a water pressure issue? We have gas heat and hot water; so is the gas supply as well a possibility.
    We have done all the trouble shooting possible and the sound still comes and goes without reason or ability to locate the source.

  88. Oh, I live in Walpole MA (USA) on a main street; so the main gas lines would be running within 50 feet from the front of the house if that is a potential source of the sound travelling in to the house. But eerily and thankfully the sound seems to be restricted to one side of the house where the water, gas and electrical mains are in the basement; however, the basement itself doesn’t appear to the source of the sound.

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  90. Hum started in my house about three weeks ago. I live in Las Vegas and have been in this house for nearly four years. The hum is just as everyone else describes it: sounds like an engine idling in the distance. Like someone is sitting in the driveway next door, preparing to back out but they’re sitting there, idling the car. You know what the engine sounds like just before you put the car in gear? That’s the best I can describe it. We cannot seem to pin the noise on anything. I thought it was possibly connected to the yard decorations that the neighbors have installed for the holidays. I’ve also wondered if our crappy neighbors have bought something to purposely annoy us (they are problematic neighbors).

    It is not our house making the noise. It seems like it is coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. As for it being tinnitus, well, I already have that and I can assure you, this is not related at all. In fact, the humming bothers me far less than it does my roommate, who has perfect hearing.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’m lying in bed, it’s after midnight, and all I can hear is what sounds like a huge truck idling in my driveway.

    1. Sofie I live in Las Vegas as well and my noise started a short time before yours started. Coincidence? What part of Las Vegas? I’m by the Silver Bowl. I just had my whole A/C and Heating system replaced ( the house needed a new one anyway) and the noise has not stopped. I’ve had the plumber over and he could not hear the sound. I think it’s coming from somewhere in my house as my mother lives only a couple of houses away and I do not hear the noise in her house……..I’m thinking Gas Line as well……my next test is to shut off the Gas at the meter during the quiet part of the night when the noise is loudest and see what happens…Your description of a truck idling is exactly what I’m hearing and in fact the first night I heard it I thought to myself who is running their car at 2:00 am and I went outside to see where it was coming from but it was dead silent……..weird indeed.

      1. Marc,
        We live in Summerlin so quite a distance from you. Do you recall exactly when your noise started? I am fuzzy on the actual date. I do know that it was after Thanksgiving but before Christmas. Our water heater failed in mid-December but the noise was present before that.

        Did you try your experiment with the gas? I’m very curious. Perhaps I’ll call the gas company tomorrow and make some inquiries about this.

        1. Sofie, go to the site “NPMS Public Viewer”, you’ll see you sit right on a high pressure gas line. These systems are pushing the living day lites and making huge changes with all the “great” natural gas we have. These are not your run of the mill lines feeding your home. These operate at 600 to 1400 psig. I don’t know what LV ones are at. Change is teh problem.

  91. Hum has been terrible here in Chicago, West Rogers Park. Suffering with this off and on for years, slightly better in the summer, terrible right now, loud, penetrates all, ear plugs don’t help, the sound is too low. I’ve been in contact with someone who maintains it is power equipement being installed on power lines to enable broadband. The engineering is waay above my head, but i have the email for anyone who wants it. I first noticed it after our new water heater was installed, or shortly after. Like the rest of you, first thought it was the fridge, then turned off power main, checked gas line, no attic fan, chimney has cap, my house is buzzing right now like an amplifier improperly grounded. Open to ALL reasonable suggestions!

    1. Keep in mind the lines I am invetigating are not the small low pressure lines ditributing gas to homes. The lines under invetigation are high pressure interstate, rangeing from 24 to larger than 36 inch, at pressures from 600 psig to 1400 psig. Maybe the low pressure lines do transmit from these HP lines. In my area we have no LP lines, just the large ones passing thru the area.

    2. I have hear the hum continually in the past. Have reported it to the building management company. I live in a high rise in north side of Chicago. The hum is not heard all the time. What is this??????????

      1. Susan, I am in West Rogers Park, the hum is terrible. I’m starting a group here in Chicago to see what can be done. If you are interested in discussing this, you may reach me @dlightme@yahoo.com, regards, Dave

  92. The incessant humming started at my home 2 weeks ago when a Smart Grid meter was installed on my gas outlet at my home.

    1. Jeanie, what state/city do you live in? I am now wondering if that’s the source of our hum.

      The power company came out and actually changed a noisy transformer in our yard. We thought that would solve the problem. It did not.

      Does the incessant humming you hear sound as though it’s the house that’s humming or does it come from your meter?

      1. Transformers and electric do surely cause hums. If you can measure the frequency and in teh US if it’s 60 and 120 hz tones, you may have found your source- great!

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  94. Well last night was the last straw. At 1am the Hum woke me up again as it was the loudest it’s been yet. So I got up, shut off the power, gas and water and the noise was still there. I’m at a loss as to what it could be…it’s starting to affect my health. Not sure what to do next….

    1. Contact your congressman and tell them you are aware of a study ongoing in CT regarding low frequency noise radiated from the interstate natural gas pipeline systems. Have them contact congressman Chris Murphys office and Senator Blumenthal’s office. Also, contact FERC’s Environmental Dept and complain to them. This bunch is well aware of what is going on, and continues to stay quiet. Use my name name Steve from Brookfield CT. Expect to be meet willful ignorance…

    2. Oh, I just saw this post. Marc, our noise is still present. We’re in Summerlin. We had a transformer in our front yard that started humming rather loudly. The power company replaced it but the hum is still there.

      Have you talked to anyone else who said they’re having a similar problem?

      1. Wow we’re on completely opposite sides of the city. I’ve asked one of the HOA board members if he’s heard of anyone else complain about the noise and he said no and also could not hear the noise when he came inside. The problem is that during the day the noise is fairly faint and harder to hear. It’s really loud right now at 3:30 AM but it’s hard to get any repair people to come out at this time and at this point I don’t even know who to call. I did notice the noise the other day at my Mother’s house who lives just around the corner. These are tract built homes all the same except for the number of bedrooms. The other thing our homes do have in common is they both have a water heater installed by the same person, an unlicensed handyman not a plumber (the former owner of my house). I’ve been looking at that as a possible clue. Also my noise was not present when I moved in during October so if it were Power lines (all underground here) or Gas lines you’d think that the noise would have been present from the start. I first started noticing it when they shut down the pool and spa area for plumbing repairs and in our monthly newsletter they mentioned something about needing to replace the sump pumps so that’s something I’m going to look into as well. Have you had anyone else hear the noise on your side of town? I wonder how we could find out if others hear the noise in Las Vegas?

        1. We actually had two issues adding to this phantom noise. The neighbor’s pool pump is clearly on its last legs. He started running it 24/7. After we got him to agree to run it for short periods of time, we thought the noise problem would be solved. It was not.

          A transformer in our front yard started an abnormally loud humming. We called the power company. The neighbors called the power company. Finally, they changed the transformer. The noise continued. Mind you, we had also been hearing the transformer and pool pump on top of this mystery noise so the efforts of the neighbor and power company were not in vain.

          However, this strange, low-pitched, constant hum continues. It is unbearable. We are not friendly with the neighbors on either side of us. You know how it is in Vegas, often the neighbors are some scary folks. One of my neighbor’s is a nut but they were hearing the noise. The other has had some domestic violence issues. We steer clear as he has guns. So, to answer your question, I don’t know if they are hearing the hum and I am not about to engage them in conversation.

          I have been trying to think of a way to survey the neighbors/ Haven’t figured it out yet.

          1. When you approach people you should explain what you hear and you woul like to take a listen becasue keep in mind, only 2-5% are hear this stuff. This is proven worldwide. Unfortunately, or fotunately we are sentinels of a bad problem growing. I went thru this at teh beginning and actually found it in every home in my area and even had a couple say “oh I’ve been hearing that but thought it was a trck”. For which I responded- running 24/7 in driveway??

          2. Actually I was thinking if there was a way we could survey the Las Vegas community in general to see if indeed there is a widespread problem. Maybe a call to Contact 13 or 8 on your side if they wouldn’t think we are crazy.. For the record I’m not really a fan of “conspiracy” theories or wild ideas. I’m pretty sure there is a logical explanation at least for the noise here…as least I hope there is . One thing to note is the volume is not constant in my home. It’s louder in certain areas than others. This leads me to believe there is a simple solution as I didn’t hear the noise when I first moved in….whatever can start can also stop. I’m going to keep looking for the source of the noise. I’ve got the AC company coming out to do a Duct cleaning and hopefully they will be able to hear the noise and pinpoint it’s source. Also for the record I don’t hear this noise anywhere else but around here. So far only my house and my mother’s around the corner. I’m still looking at the Water heater or the community’s Sump Pumps as possible suspects…..

          3. Interesting. The hum is also louder in one area of our house. It has gotten progressively louder in recent days but it is still louder in the master bedroom than anywhere else in the house. Have you had someone come look at your furnace?

            I’ve gotten some good suggestions recently. Potential sources could be the gas regulator at the gas meter. It can hum when demand is high. Also, could be the neighbor and his pool pump and the noise is filtering through our sewer lines.

            I’ve been advised to call County Public Works and ask about potential projects that could cause the hum. Also, the water department, get them to do a pressure flow check on the house.

            In situations like this, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. We had a new water heater installed around the time the hum began. We thought the hum predated the water heater by a few days but really, we can’t be sure. We had that bad transformer in the yard that could have caused the noise we heard before the new water heater.

            So, it is possible that the pressure is fouled up on the water heater. It’s a more power appliance than we had before. When the pilot light fires up and the water is being heated, it makes a loud humming noise. The plumber did some adjustments to the flue on installation and I’m now wondering if all of that is related.

          4. Sofie, when you’ve exhausted these possible remedies, contact your congressman. HAve tehm contact Chris Murphy office in CT.

  95. Hello fellow hum hearers! I’m surprised I stumbled upon this after I googled low frequency hum in house, I thought it was just me but I’m glad I’m not alone. I just moved from Philadelphia to cape may which is a very quiet town in the winter and extremely busy in the summer. All summer long my house was quiet. Ever since winter started I haven’t stopped hearing the same hum you all have described. I believe that water pressure is key. Of the 50 some odd houses on my street only about 20 of them are occupied right now. Many of them are only summer homes for folks. I never heard this hum in the city, only down here. I’m wondering if any of you other hum hearers are also living in rural areas. Is there a connection? Do any of you hear it in the city?

    1. I live in the city. I think you may be on to something with the water pressure. I can’t figure out if the noise is actually louder at night or if it’s just that there is less ambient noise from jets, traffic etc during the day that masks it. I think there would be greater water pressure at night as fewer people are taking showers, doing laundry etc. My houses hum started about the same time they shut down the pool and spa for repairs in the housing development I live in so that might have affected the water pressure. But my mother’s house actually shares a wall with the pool area and I don’t hear the hum in her house. As I type this it’s 4:15 am and the hum is really loud all through the house but it’s dead silent outside…Interesting observation about Winter as my hum started when the temperature started to drop. I did not hear the hum in October when I moved in. This is such a maddening situation as the noise seems to come from everywhere but nowhere specific……I’m looking at the Water Heater as a possible candidate as it’s hooked to a water softener unit I don’t use and was installed by the previous owner himself and not a licensed plumber…

      1. To figure out if it’s the water lines or the HP gas line line up in North Cape May county will take some work. For now document the symptoms including level of hum on a scale of 1-10, any tingly feet/ lower leg vibrations, ear pressure, ringing of ears, etc. Anything that seems strange. Ther probably are multiple types of sources at work. Maybe the more metal these guys put intot he ground, the more we start getting into a frying pan with interactions of systems.

        This is kind of quecky I know, but if you want to understand this thing you have to take some investigation action.

  96. In west hartford center (conn) the hum at night is unbearable. Loudest in blue back square . What is causing this???

    1. JT- I did a visit up from my home in Brookfield (50 miles away for non CT folks) on a hunch about a young guy having serious VAD type issues of health in West Hartford off Farmington Ave (son of a co worker). The 2 same Spectra Algonquin lines causing our HUM in BF are close to WH, as well as an El Paso one just west of WH. The home is a 3 story older wood framed structure. Just heavily insulated after renovations. Well, the HUM was as bad if not worse than my home. Did all teh measures and proofed it out for the files and future exposure campaign.

      You are not a data point on teh hum map. If you know others in CT, please reprot it to me. Also, call Blumenthals office and your Congressman and tell them of this. They know me! Refer your congressman to Chris Murphy.

    2. Little Rock AR…I hear it. HAARP, SmartGrid?…thought
      it might have been fracking/compressor harmonics from the hundreds of wells near here, initially.

      A few transformers and power lines in the area. Major gas pipeline not far, also, maybe the psi is enough to cause ground-based vibrations. BUT…Seems to be 60hz or so occasionally oscillating to 120 or so, so electric?

      The links posted below are reiterations of earlier posts, but offered again to keep top of mind.



      Good luck to all!

      1. 60 and 120 hz sure sounds electric grid for you. Did you measure it with FFT or something to be sure?

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    1. It is an incessant, 24/7 low frequency driving noise that sounds like an idling diesel engine, inside your home. It can cause nausea, vertigo, bewilderment why you are hearing something like this all the time, ear pressure and tingling feelings in your feet and legs when they touch the floor. Your pets may be unexplainably becoming fearful and agitated.

  98. Ok everyone, it looks like we’re all fucked. i just went down to visit some friends in south east NSW, Australia. About 20 k’s west of Braidwood. Woke up at 4 in the morning with THE HUM !!!! This is a 150 yr old homestead in the middle of nowhere on TANK WATER …. Uncle Phil said he’d been hearing the hum for ages and, … Fucking AND! there’s a gas pipe going through the nearby town. Excuse me while I commit Seppuko in the privacy of my humming living room.

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  101. Hi
    I moved in to my current house in Richmond, London four years ago. The very first night I noticed the humm, exactly as everyone describes, a far away idling (badly) diesel engine. It was so anoying that I went around the house checking the fridge, the taps etc but to no avail. The humm persisted. I’d never heard it before moving into this house, now, wherever I go, be it Spain, Morocco, France or Germany I can still hear the humm. My partner on the other hans says she can’t hear a thing.

    1. We suffer from the hum (in Woking), but when I mentioned it to my Aunt who lives in Kew in Richmond, London she told me she too had suffered from it in her flat in Kew too, so you are not the only one in Richmond. She suffered it for many years and could find no explanation.

  102. Well it woke me up again this time at 1am. It’s 4:20 am and I’m sitting here with my Studio Headphones on which block most of the Hum. Louder tonight than I’ve ever heard it after being somewhat quieter lately….Maddening. For the record the only other place I’ve heard the Hum was recently in my Mother’s house who lives two doors down……I’ve spent an hour or so this morning on a step ladder poking my head into the attic or crawl space to be more precise….The Hum seems to come from nowhere and everywhere….I would start to question my own sanity if I hadn’t managed to actually record the sound into my PC recording studio….

    1. Marc, Philly? The trend of warmer weather this winter vs last the hum is less harsh this year. Everyonce in awhile gets extreme. At any level it is deteriorating and working on our health. This is expansive and when it starts to get a cold wave or summer heat, they’ll be pushing more gas and the extremes will return.

    2. Is the hum bothering your mother?

      Remind me, Marc. You said the hum started a few weeks after you moved in, right? And you didn’t hear it at your mother’s house in the beginning?

      Have you been in touch with the water district or gas company? I will be calling both tomorrow to see if they can explain this hum.

      We were planning to move when our lease is up in four months but it’s now looking like it will be a miserable four months. This is insane. I’ve since spoken to some neighbors and all of them said they do not hear a hum.

      1. Hi Sofie, no it doesn’t bother my Mother, she can’t hear it and neither could the Plumber I had come out (Don’t ever use Larkin they suck). I have recorded the noise onto my computer so it’s not an ear/medical problem and no I’m not crazy…. 🙂

        Not really sure what to do at this point. As I said above I’m thinking of taking the $900 gamble and having my Water Heater replaced. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to do….Maybe I’ll call the Water District and SW Gas. I have the feeling they will treat me like a loonie but I guess it’s worth a try……..

    3. Hi Marc – I just found this website and have been reading all the posts. I wanted to write to you and let you know that I am also experiencing the “hum” here in Las Vegas. I live over in Summerlin off of Charleston east of the 215. I have lived in Vegas for almost two year and have lived in two homes here….experiencing the “hum” in both homes. I moved to LV from Florida where I lived for 30 years. I never heard the noise until I moved to Las Vegas. I would like to talk to you more concerning this sound. Is there a way for us to meet up for coffee? Maybe we can get more people to listen to our issue if we get together as one. Do you have an email you can share?

  103. I can’t believe it but I think we’ve found the source of this incessant hum. It’s our neighbor’s giant aquarium. I took him at his word when he said they didn’t have anything with a pump or filter on it. His wife told me tonight that he has an aquarium. The hum was so deafening at 10 p.m. that I decided to walk the neighborhood and ring doorbells. The only sign of life from any of the houses came from my next door neighbor. I rang the doorbell and the instant she opened the door, I heard the source of our mystery hum. She was defensive before I even talked to her. It’s nice to know that my neighbor is a liar. This explains why he acted so nervous a few days ago when I was talking to him about the hum we’ve been hearing. I thought at the time that he was acting guilty and I talked to him for a long time, asked him if he had acquired any new pumps, or had old water pumps of any kind. He feigned ignorance.

    I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. Obviously, there’s a solution to this, short of him having to get rid of his aquarium. But I don’t appreciate the fact that he tried to lie. It means he doesn’t care about doing the right thing.

    Marc, have you investigated the neighbors and whether they have aquariums? I didn’t realize it until I started doing some research but aquariums are the source of quite a bit of noise pollution.

    1. Hi Sofie, glad you’ve found a solution. No it’s not an aquarium in my case. The power went out in the entire neighborhood recently and the noise still persisted. So it’s not electrical in nature. Tonight it’s extremely loud. I’m thinking of having the Water Heater replaced out of desperation and if that gamble doesn’t work I may have to put my home up for sale but you know how the market is here in Vegas….not much chance of selling it anytime soon.

      1. Marc, maybe your already doing this, run a ceiling fan near you bed for sleeping, someone recently said a HEPA filter near bed works. Seems like the 60 &120 hz sound generated makes teh hum less harsh and for mid levels un noticeable for a few feet aroind the machine.

        1. I’ve tried fans but the frequency they produce is not low enough to effectively mask the Hum. I’ve taken to dragging my mattress into the room where my TV and surround sound stereo is located. The two 12 inch floor speakers easily mask the noise but sleeping with them on can be distracting. I put the system on sleep timer but still wake up in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if it;s the hum that actually wakes me up or not but once awake is hard to fall back to sleep.

          1. Sozie on another site says that a HEPA filter works best for her. I did a case study recently that a young man in West Hartford CT was having weird withdrawal, head issues. Not drugs or anything, a clean kid. After talking with his dad I went to their home and found (observed and measured) higher levels of hum than my home. Second and thrid floors progressively worse. He had to move his bed from a room that was recently renovated and well insulated. BTW they have 3 high pressure gas lines, 2 of which are by me 50 miles away.

  104. Okay, I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s happening to me. Incessant noise, up all night, husband can’t hear a thing, but thinks I need a trip to a psych ward. I’ll try everything above, but I’m one step away from unstable after enduring the blasted noise for the last several weeks.

    1. Call your congressman and complain. Use the fact that thousands of others are in teh same boat as you and me. Refernce them to CT Chris Murphy

    2. Alice, see if you can get a hold of a Microphone and record the sound onto your computer. I have done that so I have proof the noise is real I don’t need a Doctor. 🙂

    3. Alice, I’m in Pittsburgh and I hear it, too. It is Fox Chapel area here. Are you any near here? It started about a couple of months ago and is driving me crazy. I checked and it is not: plumbing, electricity, radon mitigation fan, bees, nor tinnitus. I hear it outside the house and neighboring houses, too.

      1. Wait till the ethane crackers get built there using the surge of marcellus gas. Contact your congressman, as many as possible write,contact FERC (they know all about the hum problem from the HP gas lines. Here’s the issue, not to stop the development, but force them to admit a problem and deal with it before it harms more peoples health and the source of the sound waves from the lines possibly playing a role in pipeline failures from weld fatigue. An investigation must be demanded. Pitt, my position is well studied and not without basis. Let’s get some attention.. PS- the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas have many HUM reprots found from internet forums

  105. the hum mystery will never be solved, i have heard it for five years. but to get a good night sleep buy the CD womb music from amazon this blocks the sound and you can sleep

  106. 20 years battling same issue. Night time neighborhood investigations, looking for a source, engineering analyses to see if I could dampen the sound in the house. Sounds like I am sitting in a tin can. Now I hear it in many, not all hotels and other peoples homes. I believe it is a proliferation of diesel backup generators and improperly insulated, ground-mounted water pumps and spas. I hear it at the family homestead that sits on a quiet river out in the wilderness too. The only other conclusion is that we are being microwaved from ground-based or space-based transmitters … Urrrghhh

  107. So you hear exactly the same pulsing low Freq noise that is intermittent?

    Ive been hearing it for about 2 years now. Not every day but 5 days a week at least, and night time especially.

    It seems to be almost everywhere. Omnipresent, and impossible to even begin locating. It can be heard well in a basement with your ear to the Cement walls. It is like it is the earth that is vibrating.

    Usually lasts 1-2 min stops…1 min…and starts again….all night long. Sometimes I can distract myself, but When I hear it, I have trouble not hearing again.

    This seems like a frequency of less than 50Hz cause no one hears it but me…and everyone obviously thinks im crazy. I play music and have excellent hearing. I don’t listen to music loudly, so the new youth might be encouraged to lose their hearing so they could not actually detect the Waves of mind control.

    1. Evann, what state and town. I am keeping a map of all reprots that sounf like an idling, greuling diesel engine sound which I assume yours is simialr to

      1. Steve, I to live in CT and have been hearing some extremely uncomfortable humming noises. They seem to come and go. (4-5 times a week)I really thought I was going crazy. I was telling my wife about these noises I have been experiencing and she has also been experiencing the same. After reading some of these threads I would of never guessed! We both experience extreme pressure in the head sometimes during the middle of the night. It always leaves us with a major headache. I was wondering if it was something to do with radio frequency or some type of electrical current, satalitte frequency? I have a small door way fan in the corner of the door jamb and when these extreme humming noises start to happen if that fan is running you can tell because it actually interrupts the operation of the fan motor. I really am not sure what is causing this? I live in North Central region of CT.

        1. Hi Glen. Once you go thru the posts you’ll see I have discovered here in CT that teh high pressure natural gas transmission lines running through teh state are the cause. It all started for us in Brookfield mid 2009. We have 2 of teh 4 major compnaies here IGTS and Algonquin Spectra. If you are in west Hartford area you have the Spectra and el Paso lines. I have tested from NYS to Hartford and have solid proof. Been in contact with AG, DEEP, rep Chris Murphy and Blumenthal, FERC, EPA and they don’t give a shit. I have mapped all idnetifiable locations its happening in teh US and 99% of them are right near similar pipeline systems. Changes to push gas are casuing it. Contact you congressman and complain , complain , complain. Have them contact Rob Michalik in Murphys office and FERC complaint line in DC. Stay in touch. What town are you in and I’ll check how close you are tot eh lines.

          1. Steve, I live in Enfield. Do you think this would also interfere with a small door way fan. I can hear the small electric motor strain when there is like a frequency surge?? I noticed this started happening appox. 6 months ago. It is very annoying! Sometimes it feels like there is pressure built up inside my head.

          2. Glen just west of you in sufffield is the el paso line (4 miles) and to teh east 2 haz liq lines. The el paso high pressure lines are close enough to fit my study work casuing your hum. As far as your fan it probably is some sort of acoustic interaction. Many are finding relief from teh hum using HEPA filters and ceiling fans. Kinda of softens the harsh idling deisel sound for sleep. The pressure build up is like standing in front of LF boom speakers. Call you congressman and complain, we need to start to get attention to this stuff. Do you know anyone in the news? As soon as I get myother computer back on line will add your data point. It can be found on “hum forum- yahoo” in teh file section. You have to join. Tim above came in this site from the forum..

  108. Could someone tell me how to record the hum on my Mac? Or on my PC laptop? I am starting to doubt the hum is real…. No one else around me can hear it!

    1. Where are you and the hum is real. If you research this you’ll find that your situation is typical. You hear it and a dozen others don’t. Many people try to record it, and many synthesize it. Unfotunately not with much success. You’ll need to get more analytical with acoustic analyzers.

    2. Marina, I’ve managed to record the sound in my house but I have a home recording studio set up and have the facilities to record and edit the sound. You’ll need a fairly good microphone and a program like Wavosaur or Audacity (both free) to record and edit the sound afterwards to boost volume and cut out the unwanted frequencies…….

      1. I’ll give it a listen as soon as I get my failed computer back up (replaced) with speaker system with woofer.

  109. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. I have been hearing “the humm” over the past 3 years on and off. Tonight it’s really bad. I first starting hearing it when I moved into my first house. I often thought it was the neighbor kids loud stereo…but it wasn’t. Then there was a news story that tried to say it was from road construction…I doubt it. I have since moved and I still hear it in my current house. As I type this it’s 0312 hours and “the humm” is strong and loud. Not sure what it is, but I’m really tired of it.

    1. Guy, there are many reprorts Baltimore/ West side of DC in VA, Through VA into NC. There are a couple reports from the VA Beach area. I suggest you find others and get it into the news media.

    1. Marc I will as soon as I replace my computer that has the woofer attached. This laptop won’t do justice

  110. Well its comforting to know I’m not crazy, or at least know i not the only crazy one…

    My hum seems to be getting worse, and my 12 year old says he hears it. The hum is a very low frequency occilating hum (like a distant generator or aircraft engine) that seems to be coming from the airport about 2 miles away, however if I close my left ear and put my head in the pillow,the hum just seems to get worse.

    I’m starting to think that the cell phone towers, or maybe some satellite is hitting us with this low pulsing signal. Like dish network…

    I can ony really hear it at night and indoors when there litte other noise. If I wal outdoors, the ambient noise drowns out the hum.

    Houston, TX

    1. Dan, if my premise from whats going on in CT is correct, i am bewildered by why more folks from the oil patch aren’t suffering (complaining). Strange…Natural gas lines up here….

  111. Interesting… I have a gas line 200 yards behing me, and for the last few months the gas co is adding yet another pipe… Hopefully they are replacing the old pipes that are causing the hum.

    the a pipeline could be causing this since the hum almost sounds like its coming from the ground.

    Steve :
    You all need to identify where your hearing this. Town location is fine. Data is power. I will tell you that over 500 identificable locations out of thousands have been plotted and there is a direct link to locations to gas lines. And I only started this 2 months ago.
    There are numerous other sites very active on this. So, you are not alone. we just have to get this raised to the level of an investigation with the gov’t.
    Jeff, RR, Nanette and madshogun- your symptoms are all familiar. I am typing from western CT and getting beat up by noise and floor vibration. Try sitting in your car, windows up, everyhting off- HUMMMMMM.

  112. I live in Fort Worth Tx. and began hearing “the hum” 4 days ago. Exactly as described: a low, pulsating, hum. I can only hear it inside my home at this point. It is at the same level day and night and the same in every room including upstairs. Already searched the source to no avail… The everywhere and nowhere comment is dead on! Took a stethoscope to every wall, electrical appliance, hot water heaters, AC/Heating,.. Turned off main breaker and zipp. No vibrations that I can feel by touch. I’m going to try and record it before I go asking around to the neighbors. I can’t imagine living with this for years!! A

  113. Irving, TX. I’m not sure how long it’s been. Maybe a year or two. I only notice it when I’m trying to sleep. I have done the same thing as others. Listening to my air-conditioning, my refrigerator, going outside to see if it’s the transformer behind my house. I can’t pinpoint it. I try to describe it as something that I don’t know whether I am hearing it or feeling it. Technically, hearing is feeling, so that’s just a way to give someone a better idea of the experience. I’ve used white noise for many years to mask random noises to help me sleep. Because of the way I experience the hum, I didn’t think the white noise would mask it. I finally turned up the volume of the white noise out of exasperation and was surprised that it worked. That was maybe a year ago. Lately I am noticing the hum again, so I don’t know what happened. I turned the white noise up again, but at some point it is also too distracting.

    1. use a hepa filter, as suggested on another site. It does work. Also, on hum forum- yahoo theres a guy with the handle Stingpickens who claims he has a masking technique. It is very plausible it works.
      The Foth Worth Area has allot of natural gas pipeline expansions going on. Hum is going to worsen. Contact your congressman and refer him to Connecticuts Rep Murphy. Somehow we have to get a mass movement on dealing with this growing problem.

    1. Hi Steve, saw your post of 3/12. Yes you are the author of that map. I’ve tried to join this blog but have not had a response from them yet. If this one doesn’t have a way to expand, perhaps we can open a new thread on this site?

      1. For at least a few messages this thread should work. There is a building level of hum reports from Tampa to Orlando (north of it) into Palm and up and down the coast. I am looking to engage the state university here in CT to bring credibiltity to my work. On Sat I was at Gulfstream PArk in Hallenday but didn’t try to listen for this mess. Maybe next time. I am not sure you can psot files to this forum.

        1. My fear is there is such big money in the natural gas (and other fuels) enterprise that they will just send us to our rooms to live with the noise and vibration. After all, utilizing coal and gas are the saviours of the energy crisis. I contacted the UCF about 2-3 years ago about the noise/vibration (not sure yet tied to the gas lines or other commercial mechanical faults) to see if their noise lab would come out with their specialist equipment to at least source it, but no reply. You have compiled a lot of data, so U of CT may be more amenable. More and more I think there is not one source of the noise/vibes, but a combo thereof. Another blogger on this site (Pam) has also noticed that in our area the air is filled with noise. Even when the low frequency thumping, bumping, rumbling, vibrating activity has decreased to a lower volume, the one-sound continuous whining seems to take it’s place. So we’ve got acoustics, resonance, sound-recognition, noise waves, etc. all in play. I’m worn out trying to even identify the experience.

          1. Barabara, we have two things going on here. The worst for me is the hum. The other is a flucuating pressure wave in the air from turbine exhaust. A home nearest is being really hammered. And as you say, we are cast to live in the shadow. FERC is like a snail that’s worried about being squished by the foot of teh all mighty the gas industry. Besides the U of C I am trying to get into the media, to get a message into the public for teh court of public opinion to say if this continues. No regs…. There have to be thousands who are bewildered (as us) suffering, not particpating on sites like these. I just got home fro New Jersey. My wife has a painful head from it, not the norm for her. And the hum and flutter is so bad I can’t sit in my corner easy chair and have pint for St Patties day. Will crank up the HEPA filters to neutralize as much as possible. We are dealking with people that are demonstrating teh max practive of “willful ignorance”. I am helping people in New York force FERC and Millenium gas to look at what is going on here in CT with teh hum caused by Iroquois gas and Spectra Algonquin.

  114. Well I’ve had a second Plumber out and while standing side by side and the house humming like a nuclear reactor he turned to me and said ” Dude I don’t hear a thing”. I’ve recorded the sound again so it’s not an illusion. Perhaps an Audiologist could help.
    I am at a complete loss. Putting the house up for sale is my only option I guess………

  115. Barbara and Pam The constant whine may be due to exisiting or new compressor equipment on teh florida Gas Transmission system. I found allot on the huge amount of changes in FL in teh last couple. I searched on Florida Gas Transmission compressor stations and found many articles but heres one. We have whine from 2 new units here that never were here before 2008.


    Compressors, loops, pressure increase, gas type all are contributing to the new sources of hum. There is an energy center at Cape Canaveral that may be your whine source. But I can’t tell from CT

  116. Some significant progress. I’ve always approached this problem from a practical standpoint. I thought it must be a case of a simple repair that needed to be made to my home. After some further research I’ve come across this:

    Other research found sites that mention the Taos Hum and the Brummton-Phänomen in Germany have been measured at 100Hz.exactly the frequency at which I measured my Hum. Other sites mentioned people often say the Hum get’s louder when their head hits the pillow…just as mine does….I found a chart that shows a huge spike in the number of people reporting the Hum in my exact age group. After this research I’ve opened my mind to the possibility that the sound is not caused by a defect in my home and have actually managed to hear it when sitting inside my truck with the engine off on a quiet back street in my area. More research is needed but I’ve decided to consult an Audiologist instead of another Plumber………

    1. Marc same symptoms, inside a vehicle the hum can be as bad as inside the home. I use it as a mobile acoustic lab when I go out over the miles of data collecting to hear the hum and measure the levels.
      I’ve done this through CT , NJ, Eastern NY and Central PA.

    2. Hi Marc – I just found this website and have been reading all the posts. I wanted to write to you and let you know that I am also experiencing the “hum” here in Las Vegas. I live over in Summerlin off of Charleston east of the 215. I have lived in Vegas for almost two year and have lived in two homes here….experiencing the “hum” in both homes. I moved to LV from Florida where I lived for 30 years. I never heard the noise until I moved to Las Vegas. I would like to talk to you more concerning this sound. Is there a way for us to meet up for coffee? Maybe we can get more people to listen to our issue if we get together as one. Do you have an email you can share?

      1. Hi Tim. Wow another Hum victim in Las Vegas. Have you seen the posts from Sofie down the page a ways? She’s from Vegas as well and on your side of town no too far away.
        Yes I’ve been wanting to contact the local media but I’m sure they are going to think I’m some crackpot who’s just hearing noises. Perhaps there could be strength in numbers. Anyway contact me and we’ll go from there. My e-mail is gtrplr5 at cox dot net

        1. I am preparing a blitz to the invetigative news people here in CT. It’s not easy to get them to get interested.

  117. I’ve been hearing the hum for several months. It first began after the power company installed a smart meter on my home. It’s interesting that there may be a connection with gas lines because I live right by one. My neighbor also hears the hum but our spouses don’t.

    1. where? for the data map (A copy is on the hum forum- yahoo in the files section last updated end of 2011) These are the points that out of thousands of reports in the US identify their location.

  118. I too hear this hum sound. I live in Woodinville, WA. It started roughly 5 months ago I think. I was laying in bed, just thinking before I went to sleep when suddenly a low hum caught my attention. My nearby neighbor has a big dump truck (diesel surely) and they sometimes are up late doing “stuff” and so I figured that’s what it was. However, the tone never changed, very consistent and what I would almost call “pure.” I of course walked all over the house looking for the source, even outside, it never changed. I finally decided, much to my dismay, that it was in my head. I could only hear it in my right ear. Then and only then did it my ear start to feel “full.” Odd how that works, you concentrate on it and it manifests itself. Anyhow, it continued off and on for quite some time…

    Fast forward about 5 months… I had recently quit playing a racing game on the xbox that I had previously been playing quite a bit. My girlfriend kept telling me that the sound from the game was messing with me. I use headphones and the constant sound of the engines may have been causing it, or so I thought. Well, for about a month or more, I didn’t hear the sound at all, not once. Then I played the game again one night and “bam”, again with the hum that very evening. I thought I had found the source so I stopped again, but it has since returned twice without having played the game so it’s probably something else.

    A few days ago while hearing the sound I finally decided to do something I’d been meaning to for awhile… I grabbed my phone and downloaded a frequency generator app, plugged in my headphones (in the ear kind) and went to testing. I can match tones pretty well and can say with certainty that the tone is approximately 80 hz. This was done by putting the headphone in the ear which doesn’t hear the sound ever.

    After a bunch of searching I started finding articles about “The Hum” and this site. I also found some info about the gas pipelines etc. So I took a look here as suggested by someone: https://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/

    Guess what… There is a gas pipeline 1 mile from my house. The end of that pipeline is only 2 miles from my house. The next time this is happening I would really like to take a long drive away from home to see if it makes a difference. I’d also like to take a drive up to the neighborhood that’s sitting right on top of that pipeline and go door to door asking if they hear anything like this ever. They’ll think I’m nuts though. 🙂

    Anyhow, just wanted to share. The sound doesn’t drive me nuts yet and only happens between 9pm and 8am. Not every night and only in my right ear. Also, my girlfriend doesn’t hear a thing, of course haha

    What I have found so far is that the more I think about it, the more I hear it. If I think to myself, “I’m going to hear it tonight…” I will. I think that may be key, at least for me. Maybe if I don’t think about it, I can ignore it. Who knows. Good luck everyone 🙂

    1. Jon, you can use your car as a mobile test lab. Find a safe spot to park, shut engine off with windows closed and you’ll hear the hum if it exists in that spot. You won’t hear it outside and expect that 95% of the people you ask if they hear it, won’t. Ask them more of, do they have unexplainable ear ringing, ear pressure, tingly vibrations, new mood issues. The other problem with this phenimena is the source (as I have found in CT) is a long linear one (miles of pipe, not a point source). So the LF sound waves emanating from these lines is wide spread and attenuation of the hum takes many miles depending on geology. Best evaluated by measuring using acoutic analyzers on a laptop. Listening will give you an indication if it’s there or not but not if it’s worse than a mile away.. OUtside the strength of the sound waves is much greater, but you need a structure to reasonate to get the hum.
      There are many hypothesis what’s going on, you can check some of my work in the Hum Forum- Yahoo posted in the files section under copsne. There’s a map of all identifiable hum type reprot locations I can find on the internet of the hum and you’ll see on the map their correlation to the high pressure interstate gas lines. These are teh lines that can be as large as 36 inches and operate far ablove teh pressure coming to your homes if you have gas. BTW the Seattle area is loaded with hums and the geology of faults and fissures likely influence the range from teh lines teh hum reaches. The reason for early morning high hum levles may have to do with the time the transmission companies need to push the next days gas supplies to be ready for teh next days user demands.

      The sound and harshness will get to you. Run a HEPA filter or ceitling fan at night to lessen the harshness.

      I will add the new reprots you , KAren and others are reproting toteh next map update.

      I would contact your congressman and make a stink about this. Have them contact FERC and CT Rep Chris Murphy’s office, they are very aware of our problems here in CT. Get it into the news.

      1. Steve. What if you go out in the wilderness miles from any civilization and Gas Lines and still hear the Hum?

        1. For the line theory I think you’d need to be in a cabin or parked car to hear it. At any rate, beleive me, major pipelines run right through the wilderness You’d have to check the NPMS Public Viewer for USA locations of these lines. The ground born effect I’ve confirmed for upto 25 miles away. The right geology this goes real far.

          1. I’ve viewed the NPMS for Southern Nevada and it’s possible to be many miles away from any pipeline in a short period of time. I’m going to try this when time permits.

          2. keep in mind I’ve heard and measured the hum in a region test 25 miles away from the lines here. Depending on geology, this stuff goes very long distances.

  119. Hello from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and yes, I have the hum. I was starting to think it was in my head / imagination or possibly problem with the ears. Also been hearing the noise in Herndon Virginia where I just moved from. It had been going on for about 6 months. When I moved to SC this house was so quiet and then one day the hum noise started. Difference is my hum is not very low – the refrigerator motor is much lower. Reminds me of a bad overhead light in an office maybe, or better yet when it gets really awful I look up to the ceiling and think for a moment someone is upstairs running water in a shower or sink for a long time. I already had a maintenance call on the HVAC and found compressor problems, no AC. That said had to get a new unit because inside and outside were different specs causing the compressor to over work including mold. And within 2 days here comes the hum again. Before the new AC my hum cycled 24hrs on 24hrs off. Now it is never ending. It was suggested that I have bees in the siding. Have lots of holes in soffit and siding, making it very tempting for bees to come in and inhabit the house. But after reading this thread of endless complaints I think the bees is a long shot. Yesterday thought I was imagining it all when I continued to hear the hum outside. There has got to be a fix. I don’t think I can deal with it much longer. The anxiety of waiting for a pipe to burst is very high. Hum is also reminiscent of listening to a new hot water heater fill up. I just bookmarked this blog and await the discovery of a cure. No too soon for me.

  120. I live in Central CT and have been hearing it. Did anyone hear it last night around 11:30 pm? Steve how can I get in contact with you?

    1. use this email c_o_p_s_ne@yahoo.com. Look forward hearing from you. The hum for the last few days has returned to high levels. I usually make it through midnite sleeping, but after midnite the hum gets to very bad levels. What town?

        1. Great! Depending where in Newington, you are equal distant from (2) and (1) lines. Same ones I believe permeating hum is from into a West Hartford home I did study at a couple months ago. The same (2) lines are next to my home in Brookfield. Hopefully others from CT, MA and NYS counties east of the Hudson will be interested as well.
          Site for the lines is US sponsored EIA site called “NPMS Public Viewer”.

        2. Lesley- I have a couple of people, one in particular from the south part of West Hartford, who want to exchange notes on the hum with you. Are you still out there?

          Did you see teh article in the New Haven register about the gas lines and sound waves? Search on the New Haven Register- Brookfield Homeowner fears….”

        3. Lesley- I have a couple of people, one in particular from the south part of West Hartford, who want to exchange notes on the hum with you. Are you still out there?

          Did you see teh article in the New Haven register about the gas lines and sound waves? Search on the New Haven Register- Brookfield Homeowner fears….”

      1. I was woken up tonifht at 2:30 am by intense hum and I cannot go back to sleep. I am in Jackson Heights, NY.
        I started hearing the hum on my second home in Milford CT in October 2012 at 10:30 pm and it has not stopped since. I am glad that I am not alone.

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  122. Hum has been real bad last three days. I notice it’s bad when it’s humid outside. I no longer buy the SmartGrid explanation… it hasn’t yet been implemented in Chicago, and we’ve had this on and off for 10 years! Affecting my health. I hear it in my neighbor’s house next door, but NOT in my neighbor’s house across the street to the side of us (we are on a corner). We are near the Deep Tunnel river bed of the North Branch Chicago River near Howard Street, but I have heard it two miles south and a mile East of here too. Quiet outside, minute you come in, you hear it. Louder on second floor in our bedroom. Lately the white noise machine and fan are NOT masking it, driving me insane. Is this some spook plan, or just a vibrating pipe in a wall I can’t find, or….???

    1. Dave you can make a novel of the responses about natural gas pipelines in teh forum. Humid means hot, means the electric power plants are using much more gas (not necessarily in Chicagoland but anywhere the gas goes that passes throguh your area.) Add using a HEPA filter, the big boxey one with the square filters, Holmes …

  123. I am looking for the folks from CT, Putnam/ Westchester County NY and southern MA to stay active on the site.

  124. Just started hearing the hum 3 days ago here in Kansas City and it hasn’t stopped! Sounds just like an idling diesel truck like mentioned before. This is hell!

    1. Lexington/Bedford area in Massachusetts – – – have heard the HUM for almost 2 years. Trips to the fire dept, DPW, thought I was crazy. I bought a white noise maker, helps somewhat but the vibration still comes thru. I read thru many posts and think there is may something to the theory of water pressure in a nearby town. Have owned this house for 7 years and this hum has been around for at least two – — glad you guys are out there.

        1. Sandura thought you fell off the earth. Are you monitoring a godlike production site called “any any one in Massachucetts hear low pitching humming sound now”?

          Are you getting anywhere withyour ideas?

    2. I’m in California and we have been hearing this hum for 2-3 years. I’ve been all over town trying to locate the source of it. I even get up at all hours of the early AM and go outside and up and down the street, but nothing. I’ve isolated the Smart Meter so it’s not that. It’s not the water pipes or the neighbors fish tank. This hum goes on all day and night, sometimes louder then quieter, then pulsing, then changes it’s sound completely. Wikipedia has a good description under Taos Hum which is where the Hum got it’s name, Taos. I think this sound is from the Military either Navy or Army. The Navy uses low decible sounds for communications which have killed whales and dolphins. The Army uses HARRP. I also have considered the source from all the public communication devices which includes all satelites, phones, and anything else that uses the air for transmission. I don’t know,but this is really annoying.

        1. Steve. The town of Livermore, home of the Livermore Lawrence Nuclear Laborotory. I have even gone out there and parked at the east, west and north sides of that facility but do not hear a thing. On one of the local forums here some people think the Lab is digging underground tunnels, but I have never seen any signs of huge quantities of earth being transported anywhere. Unless they are vaporizing it as they go along (science fiction stuff) and thats not happening. One thing I might mention is it used to be I only heard what sounded like a deisel engine running a long distance away coming from only one direction at night. Now it’s coming from everywhere all day and night. Also it gets louder during the day which makes me think it’s man made and controllable. I have some thoughts on why it’s louder during the day but I don’t want to sound paranoid, which is stupid because this is serious stuff. This sound is very distinguishable from every day and night noises so I’m not imagining it because my wife hears it also.

          1. Lakotah
            Are you on Topix Livermore- Low Frequency Rumbling. If you read the posts I participate from CT. I am in battle to get an investigation done into what I’ve proofed here as changes inoperations of high pressure natural gas line causing ILFN/ LFN hum and vibration here in CT since 2009. So in my thousands of hours of research I ‘ve tried to see where else it is occuring, it’s all over and almost ever case near these lines. So my first find that I’ve told FERC, PHMSA and NTSB incesting San Bruno- 10 months prior to it in Sunnyvale a guy was desperately looking for the Hum and help at his home. The same pipe goes up from Sunnyvale to San Bruno. As you say, your not paranoid, this is serious to safety and the effects of the constant exposure to the high levels of low frequency noise and vibration. Measure the LF stuff, becasue the ear is almost useless. It is extreme.
            Reprot this to your congressman and have them contact FERC in DC


          2. Steve, it appears you are very determined to find the source of this noise. I certainly hope you find the source of it. Myself, I have a tendancy to think attempts to find out where it’s coming from and who is responsible will be in vain. Obviously no one is stepping up and admitting they are the ones causing it and that they will discontinue what ever it is. There are just too many people being annoyed by it for the culprits not to realize what they are doing, so I think it is deliberate. I also think that contacting my Congressman is a waste of time as they have a very cushy job and don’t want to create any bad vibes for themselves by sticking their nose into something that is not any of their business and out of their control. First thing, if all this new technology with satelites and all is causing it, you can bet with the money that’s involved the noise is here to stay. Second, if this is some kind of mind game being played with LF, the people behind it will never stop unless we see some sort of civil un-rest because of it. I don’t know, I could go on and on about this but what’s the point. Who ever is behind this is alot more powerful than I am so myself and everyone else is just going to have to figure out how best to ignore it until we have come to point where we’re all just babbling fools. Anyway Steve, I’ll keep you posted if I come with anything new. And I’ll keep watching this site for something that might reveal what’s causing all this.

          3. It has been located here in our case. Testing and research have it tied down and it can’t be denied. Just resistance to admit it. Fortunately we have lines that are by themselves to do the proof testing needed to avoid interference from other lines. Get it in your news if you you distrust your Representative, which I can’t disagree with your thoughts

          4. Steve, I don’t know what you mean by lines. And the News……I never read or watch it. They don’t know how to report the truth and they are controlled. Maybe you could shed some light on what was found with these lines. Anyway I thought I might start a new comment to get away from these columns but it looks as though it may get lost somewhere on this blog, so disregard comment #11.

  125. There is a major gas pipeline near my house in West Rogers Park, Chicago, but the NPMA gas pipeline site won’t detail exactly where it is. Been experiencing it shortly after we moved into house, hum started around March 2003. Usually better in summer, hotter weather… NOT THIS YEAR for some reason. Driving me crazy. Is a HEPA filter same as a ‘white noise machine’?

    1. I really haven’t tried a white noise generator, but others have with little success. The HEPA is one of those kinds with a fan and filters like a Holmes. Also, running a ceiling fan above the bed area works. Keep in mind the more gas is being pushed around the systems are really acting up. This will get worse as the natural gas craze increases. Report it to your Congressman. Referecence problems in CT and South Carolina already being sent to those representatives to FERC.

      1. Steve, much to my amazement I found out this morning the part of Livermore we live in is completely surrounded by Southern California Gas and Pacific Gas lines. Just north of us, I’m guessing two miles, the main gas line splits and runs towards the south on both the east and west sides of us. The Pacific Gas lines run south of us by about one mile. So we are completly surrounded. Our only option is to move out of this area because the gas companies are just too big and powerful. And like I said before, writing to our Congressman is a waste of time and the price of postage. If this is correct about the gas lines being responsible for this noise it may explain why in the early AM the noise level increases as heating demands increase. But then again I notice the noise level really gets louder during the day and is very distinguishable from every day noise. I don’t know, could it be because Industry is demanding more? It would seem to me the noise level would not be any louder as the day went on because we really don’t have big Industry around here and residential heating demand would go down during the day. So this makes me question if it’s really the gas lines being responsible. This takes me back to all the communication devices that man just can’t live without or the Military. My own gut feeling for all it’s worth, is that we are being saturated with this noise for devious purposes along with the Chem Trails I see being released over head. But that’s just Conspiracy stuff and how can we beleive that? I mean come on, it’s just jets flying over head releasing colored vapor I have seen with my own eyes.

        1. Lakotah
          Trust me (if you might), the extensive work I’ve put into this in CT can’t deny that the only supportable source here are the lines. Keep in mind gas supplies from thousands of miles away pass right through my area to Long Island, and we have no gas to our homes avaialble. So, don’t think that local needs are what’s driving how these systems operate. I am told from industry experts that after midnite, the suppliers (storage resevoirs, etc.) give out the transmission companies daily gas allotment called “nominations”. So after midnite, they add as much compression horsepower as they need to push the gas to wherever it’s going. Keep in mind these systems have to adjust to varying daily operating conditions, so that’s why you get varying characteristics during the day. And if you have mulitple systems within miles, you get the varying interactions of ground born sound waves, we have 2 systems composed of 3 lines here, so you can figure how much variation we get. Being from CA you should understand how ground born sound waves work. Many experts right there. With mild conditions here for gas purposes in the NE, the hum has been milder. But as temps start to increase the big electric generators will need increasing fuel supply. Allot of A/C will be kicking on.

  126. Steve, what you say is very convincing but as I was doing my on site research traveling around town I was actually (unknowing at the time) within hundreds of feet of these underground gas lines listening to one of the many sub-stations and all my wife and I could hear was the buz from the station. The same goes for the sub station out by the Lab and we were very close to the PG&E gas line. I don’t know if I can be convinced if the noise from these under ground lines can be so air born. Laying awake after two AM for a couple of hours listening to this I feel this noise is from the communication towers for everyones cell phones and toys. As I drive around I noticed we are completely surrounded by these towers. Being in the AC service field for many years I could see first hand just how extensive even one installation is on just one building. And that was years ago. Today there are alot more of these stations. Just take a long slow look around you the next time you are out and take count on the ONES YOU CAN SEE and multiply that accordingly. To me it may explain why it gets louder during the day when I see atleast 40% of the people driving around talking or texing and this goes without mentioning the ones that are at home talking about nothing but nervous chatter. Anyway Steve, back to your research. Yes I have to agree on the huge area these lines feed but these lines are already high pressure and old. So I can’t imagine these gas companies increasing the flow and now we have all this noise. Not too long ago in the east bay there was a huge gas explosion killing and destroying a huge area so I don’t think they are going to chance that again. As a matter of fact the gas companies weren’t even sure where this line came from or went until they made extensive research. I’m hoping your resources are reliable and they are not just pacifying you. I am confused about your comment on when the temperature increases the generators will increase supply. AC uses electricity not gas. Hmmmmmm.

    1. Lakotah
      What generates the electricity, if not nuclear (which I support), clean coal, it’s natual gas (which I support if they admit an fix problems). Of course for those in the NW hydro.
      So in general to power the AC (Air Conditioning) needs of heavy users, and a host of other hot temperature problems, you have to run the regional gas fired power plants that generate electric allot harder. Hope that explains my cryptic note. (yes we in the NE do get Quebec hydro electric power, but that is the issue).


      1. Steve, well if your electricity is generated by gas fired equipment, that would make sense if the noise was coming from the gas lines. But we here on the west coast generators are powered by water flow from Dams. So that would lead me to think the noise is not from gas lines here where we live. Steve I have to thank you for your willingness to discuss this and not take offense of my different view.The main thing is to find out where this disturbance is coming from. Even if we can’t do anything about it, at least we may sleep better knowing what and where it’s coming from.

        1. No offense ever taken. There certainly are numerous sources, all need to be dealt with. Too many people suffering. Keep in mind what I said about only thinking about your area. The lines passing through your area may be feeding those down in LA and San Diego. I hope to get this into the news someday, just not as popular as reproting on the mistakes of movie stars……

          1. Steve, I just happened to think of something you would be extremely interested in seeing. It’s a movie/documentry called “Gas Land” by Josh Fox. It will give you a clear picture of just how powerful the gas companies are and how worthless our Representatives are. You have to see it rather than read what it’s about to get the total impact of what lengths corporations will go to for money.

          2. Thanks, watched awhile back. There are also other compressor station you tube videos. In many cases the typical screaming off them is far worse than what we have here in CT. What the videos can’t replicate is the LFN effects at the station and miles down and miles away from the pipeline. Assuming they admit the hum, it may be regulated under a federal FERC regualtion 18CFR380. It has to do with perceivable increases of vibration from modified or new compressors. MAybe they will get an investigation going.

  127. Steve. You know I respect what you are doing with all your efforts with research and all, but you know I have a real problem with all that noise being able to travel down miles of “underground” pipes. I could see it if the pipes were above ground with no isolators that have direct contact to the pipes, but to be underground which would absorb the noise I just don’t see it. I’ve had a lot of experience with noise issues with heavy duty equipment and the ground will absorb the sound very quickly. Espeacially seeing as how there is so much ground around it. We would have to be living very very close to the source of the noise (pumps/motors) to hear it as easily as we do. Unless the gas companies have found a way to disperse the gas at intervals deliberately in sequences like one can do with sound levels from an amplifier, I just don’t think the gas companies are responsible for this noise. If they are the ones that are responsible they are hearing it also. So I hope all the money they are making from their devious efforts are worth it to them. I guess as long as they have their health they are fine with it. I don’t know, what ever it is we may never find out. There is so much information out there saying this and that, all one can do is “Think” about it and come to their own conclusion for all it’s worth. The problem is that there are just too many people hearing it and and there is too much confusion with people playing games with theories, bogus videos and negativity and people that just have no experience with sounds other than what they hear from music, TV and every day non-sense and they don’t have enough time to decifer thru it all. The ones that are causing this, know this and they know people just can’t make time during the day to do anything about it. My guess is that us commoners will just have to except the fact that we are under control with no mercy.

    1. This is why a wide spectrum investigation using un biased professionals and researchers is needed. There will be more and more LFN sufferers as this worsens that in time will get attention. This is solvable.

      1. Steve, maybe during their investigation they could check out why the Smart Meter at the main electric panel on our house started a fire and burnt the breaker contacts. Also the house two doors down from us had the same problem from the Smart Meter, at a repair price of over 2K. I beleive the Smart Meters fall under the gas companies jurisdiction. This is what I mean, we are under their control with no mercy because the gas companies will not put the original style meters back unless we agree to pay a replacement fee plus an increase in the gas bill. I also feel these noises we hear are partially from this new technology the Smart Meters produce.

        1. We do not have smart meter in my region of CT. My opinion, maybe they have a high pitch localized hum, but not the extensive hum we are chasing everywhere.

  128. Hello everyone, hope its ok to post here. North England rural here. I have had humming/vibrations since 2005. I get woken up with my (iron) bed vibrating at a very high frequency. Has been heard/felt by others too. Its always at night It can get right in my head I actually feel my jaw vibrating and my bones/pelvis resonating the frequency etc Its not the pipes or electrics or vehicles on my road. I checked all this out. Woken every night, sleep deprived for years! I’m awake from 3am every morning and could be described as a walking zombie I am so tired. Tonight early to bed as exhausted and woken with it at 9:30pm really vibrating and humming. On a couple of occasions it is actually louder and overhead like a drone sound but again vibrating the house. Thought I’d add my two penneth and am eager to hear of more cases. Its definitely not the electrics, boiler, tested that over the years and nope, not a loony! I’m a scientist so always deduce from facts anyway.

    1. Duir, there are thousands reporting the very similar problem, albeit some variations in symtoms. I am in CT USA, a Mechanical Engineer and believe research done by consultants and my work proofs out the source here as changes to operations like pressure and capacity, of the hgh pressure natural gas pipeline grids is the hidden solution to the hum and vibrations of floors here. I would suggest you check how far away you are from these type National Grid lines there. On Yahoo Hum Forum you find others from the UK active in this pursuit. Let me know what you find.
      Also, on the same forum you can find a map of hum I have assemble for USA locations. It’s int eh file section. You will surely answer in your mind the credibitly of my position (assuming you trust the mapping)

      1. Hello, I live in Stroudsburg PA and have been a victim of this Hum since mid February 2012. The utilities here deny they have implemented the smart grid here but I am certain they are lying, I have a RTK request with the PA PUC that is going on 2 months, I bet there is more to it otherwise they would have just replied it was not implemented yet. Also I spend a fair amount of time on Fire Island NY, no pipelines there, I hear the Hum there as well though not as bad as in Pa. I am sure you have come across the work of Victor Nixon, What is you assessment of it?

        1. Without spending time to do a study concentrating on FI and only looking at the pipelne map, the phenomena at FI doesn’t immediately fit the gasline model. In PA, there is no question it fits, especially as teh gas systems expand there. Without trying to fit FI into an explanation, I will just leave it on the hum map I am maintaining as a point needing further investigation and spot it on teh hum map. Is the FI hum the same as PA?

          1. Thanks for your reply.
            The hum is the same in FI perhaps less intense plus the ocean sounds help mask it.
            At home in PA the hum stopped for a few hours twice since February, both times after a severe thunderstorm, not sure why…
            Also the sound is no more intense when you put your ear to the ground, it feels airbone which fits the “smart grid hypothesis” As you may or may not know ,you can be connected/affected to/by the “smart grid” and still have an analog meter on the side of your house.
            I am convinced the Hum is related to the “Smart Grid” That is, until another theory proves more convincing…
            Where can I access the pipeline map?

          2. The map is posted on Yahoo Hum Forum in the file section. You need to join to access, but well worth doing so. We were just in Block Island on a boat for one nite (docked a Champlins and no noise). No hum and so quiet. That’s because there aren’t any gas lines until you get on to the main land and it’s quite a ways to the nearest line even then, in RI. New Haven Register ran a big article on Sunday about my concerns and current events. Brookfield Resident …..

    2. Wondering where in Northern England you are, I’m in Blyth, NE24 and since I moved house I have this problem, as you say it literally vibrates everything, I get some comfort from earplugs, but ‘feel’ the vibrations through my whole body, driving me insane, very little sleep, can’t think straight. I have also heard this sound at a friends house (NE63), but otherwise most places are okay. I have visited my doctor, in case it was me, am so desperate to solve this that although I only moved a year ago, and have spent a lot on the house, I am seriously thinking of moving again, am desperate! Be good to get in touch and maybe set up a network of people suffering from this noise in the area, might help locate the problem.

      1. Hi Steve..DL I am rural and find that I too am suffering from lack of and disturbed sleep and headache for over a year now, I have disconnected overhead sound systems and cctv cameras and now left with either my new central heating system or downloader lights from my ceiling the jury is out..I do believe this is an internal problem though as I have lived in this quiet village for 18 years and slept like a log…????

  129. Please refer to a recent article exposing the issue of problems of sound waves from natural gas pipelines. If link doesn’t work go to the New Haven Register, search on “Brookfield Homeowner fears….” It doesn’t go in depth on the hum but it is a start to exposing the issue we have in our area. Hopefully the next one will. It has already generated others my area to step forward.

    1. I’ve been using this site to mask the noise: Wish I could get it onto my MP3 walkman so I could take to bed with me! Hope it works for others. Pick your best sound. I rotate from ocean-rain-wind-fan. Noise is horrible & getting worse. Steve, what is the color of the pipe lines on the National Map, I’m not sure if they are the pinkish ones, yellow, etc. Brevard County Florida. If you can point them out to me I’d appreciate it. Here is white noise link:

      1. The NPMS Public Viewer maps have blue and red lines for the Natural Gas Maps. The blue are interstate and the red are intra- state. For our purposes it doesn’t matter. It’s been up and down on the hum. I have been running the ceiling fan and the whole house fan all the time for cooling, but more importantly masking so the wife and I get sleep. I haven’t ever broke down for central A/C, which may be fortunate for the hum masking with windows open, fans a running. Pool water vibrations and standing waves that you can see in the New Haven Register article continue. The more I research the more expanaion of the gas systems in FL are going on and beng planned. Maybe the answer is more lines at lower flow and pressures????

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    2. I’m in Cape Town South Africa and hear this most nights.

      I thought it was a truck doing work a few years ago but have now walked around the house at night, switched off all power and still hear it. The moment I go outside it disappears.

      I have turned off all power and it continues.

      We have no natural gas pipelines nearby and area is semi-rural – no street lights, overhead cables etc..

      I’m going to try turn off the mains water and release some pressure in the house and see if that makes a difference.

      Is there a single go to page with all possible causes (or even solutions) listed?

      Many thanks


      1. The maps only show an oil line in Cape Town. Anyhow, I haven’t found a single page of possible causes. Most research work is being done by a few, the rest are just bewildered, suffering people. Needs to be raised to the highest levels to get attention.

  130. I have been really happy to find this site. I live in Pelham Mass 7 miles from Amherst. We live near power lines, have a well, propane tank for the hot water heater. Our house is surrounded by woods so go figure. Anyway. about a year and a half ago I started hearing what’s you have called the hum. It starts about 11pm and ends abut 7am. Is located near one section of the house. My husband hears nothing. I manage a psychiatric inpatient so no worried I’m “nuts”

  131. I have been really happy to find this site. I live in Pelham Mass 7 miles from Amherst. We live near power lines, have a well, propane tank for the hot water heater. Our house is surrounded by woods so go figure. Anyway. about a year and a half ago I started hearing what’s you have called the hum. It starts about 11pm and ends abut 7am. Is located near one section of the house. My husband hears nothing. I manage a psychiatric inpatient so no worried I’m “nuts”

  132. I have been really happy to find this site. I live in Pelham Mass 7 miles from Amherst. We live near power lines, have a well, propane tank for the hot water heater. Our house is surrounded by woods so go figure. Anyway. about a year and a half ago I started hearing what’s you have called the hum. It starts about 11pm and ends abut 7am. Is located near one section of the house. My husband hears nothing. I manage a psychiatric inpatient so no worried I’m “nuts”

    1. Sorry for the multiple posts- I didn’t see the first and kept going… All was silent last night and then at 2:30 am it started again.

      1. Leo, took a look at the maps of pipelines and you are pretty far from teh lines through Springfield. But, geology features like faults and the water bodies (rivers, aquifers, etc) may explain the source from the line that passes near Springfield and also north into East Hampton. You should contact your congressman and complain and tell them to contact CT’s Rep Chris Murphy on what’s going on in CT with the hum complaints.

  133. I have been reading this post. I live in Pelham Mass and the hum started a bit under two years ago. We have lived here for 7 years. I thought there was something wrong in the house, went to the basement at night etc but nothing. We live near power lines and we are the last house on the house with power (then watershed land). My husband hears nothing but he does believe me, thankfully. We have propane for hot water/stove and a well and septic field. It’s really disrupting my sleep at night. Could it be something that can be fixed? I contacted the electric company thinking it might be something from them.

    1. Hi, I am a bit backed up readying for a filing on the hum to the gov’t . I will look into my opinion of the pipeline issue to your location in the next few days. But I can tell you there are many reports from MA. There is a site on Topix called the Chelmsford Hum.

      1. i also live in ct near ri border. this constant hum & vibration prevent me from sleeping. it is about 10 months now. what is it and where is the chart you spoke of. thank you. what can i do about it?

        1. Nay I am in Brookfield and have confirmed from here to Hartford to New Haven. Also other reports of it along RT 84 corridor. You are first from the east side. What town- Wilamantic, volutown,? You can see my conclusions all over this site. You should search on “NPMS PUBLIC VIEWER” for your location relative to under ground high pressure Algonquin system where I think you are.

          A map is on another site called Yahoo Humforum. You’ll need to join (no big deal) , go into file section and look for the COPSNE map posted there.

          I am interested in developing a CT base to go after Murphy and Blumenthal to get congressional investigation into this.


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  135. Just thought I would do more searching on my “hum” situation. I have been hearing this hum since 2006-07. I have contacted several state and federal agencies and my local electric company with this complaint. They gave no help. The noise is worse at night. I can hear it maybe 3-4 miles around my home, also. My family does not hear it, but they are very supportive. I am lucky I get 3-4 hours a sleep at night. I am in the process of trying to find a Industrial Hygienist and Acoustical Engineer. It has been two weeks that I have emailed and sent letters to them. They have not responded. All I want is someone to do readings around my home to try and find out the source of this hum. Thanks for listening.

    1. Nancy, where are you experiencing this. I have a map on the yahoo humforum – in files- that shows where identifiable locations are that you may be interested in. I have also, as well as a gal in SC, other sin CT as well as a YAle grad student filed to congress and FERC about high pressure natural gas pipleines causing this.. I am in CT. Steve

  136. Steve, I think you are 100% correct that it is the natural gas lines causing this humming noise for thousands of Americans to deal with and it can be extremely annoying and even effect your well-being and health. I live in GA and used the site you mentioned for locating gas lines. Well, guess what? They run right through my neighborhood and are underground running right beside my house. I know this for a fact now, because coincidentally Atlanta Gas Company marked the street and my lawn with paint recently, stating where their gas line is underground. For me, I isolated all other possibilities and after living here for 4 years now and noticed this humming noise really only effects me and resonates throughout my home during the Winter. When it gets cold, I believe the usage requirements go up and so the gas company is pushing more gas through the lines and it’s causing this reverberation alternating humming noise. It usually starts up in October and lasts until March. It varies throughout the day for when you can hear it and strangely it will stop at times, but when it is really cold and especially during the early morning hours it can increase dramatically, sometimes sounding like a semi-truck is idling right outside my house. The sound resonates in every part of the house. I have even driven to an upper part of the neighborhood and could hear it, but not as bad as it is inside my house. I believe the sound increases acoustically due to the structure of the house through the foundation. I have never called the gas company, because I think it will be a lost battle as one of your other posters mentioned. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the smart meters, because I’ve been hearing this before they installed them a couple years ago. I don’t remember the noise being so bad the first year I was in this house though, but for the past 3 years it has been bad. This year, surprisingly enough, it has been better than the previous two years and I am sure it is due to the warmer weather we are having this time around, but I am dreading for when January and February roll around again. I would like this problem to become Nationalized and the gas companies do something about it as I’m sure many others would like to see too. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever it is the natural gas companies causing this problem. That’s my opinion and I’m sure it could be proven with contacting the right authorities and have it tested, but as for me being able to afford or have it tested is out of the question. I talked to my brother about this problem and he feels it will be a losing battle too, but who knows if the right person comes along to battle this problem for folks out here.

    1. Bob, good hearing from you. The lines on the NPMS map are large, higher pressure ones that I would suspect. Beleive it or not we do not have avaialbility to gas, even though 3 large high pressure ones pass right by. If anything, contact in writing your congressman and tell themof your problem and susptions. Like the lady from Campobello SC it’ll get attention to this matter at FERC. Another reason it could be waning is we have allot of gas from the new fields in PA called shale gas. So less Gulf coast supplies are needed and may not be coming north the way they used to.


    2. We live outside of Atlanta, GA and we are experiencing this identical problem. It is quite debilitating and we do not know what to do….starts in the night and gets worse into the early morning hours to where my ears feel like I am getting an earache….nothing shuts it out. listened through the walls and the entire house is humming. It is not every night and we just moved into this home 1 one year ago. First 6 months no hum…now humming. We previouslylived 15 minutes away from this location but have never encountered this….soooooo…i think it cell towers? although your theory makes alot of sense. Perhaps we could start a site to gather others experiencing the same in our area? Thanks for posting.

      1. Beleive me, its not the popular excuse of cell towers or HAARP. Contact your congressman have them contact Senator Murphy in CT

  137. Mapping Project for the HUM- A large group of concerned people and a couple of hard working organizers who want to get the bottom of the incidious Hum effecting tens of thousands (and those visitng this site) are asking you report your locations where the Hum is sensed. Please visit “thehum.info” and add your locations onto the google map. If you experieince difficulty let me know.
    Thank you we need your help


    1. Steve, we live outside Atlanta GA, and this has started happening at our home during the night. IT IS QUITE annoying and feels as though it is everywhere. Like everyone else, it begin in the night and escalates in hum by the 3am to the point the whole house is vibrating…not one room to escape from it. We went outside, drove around in middle of the night, turned off everything in th ehose going into evey room…then we put our ears up the walls…the entire house vibrating with the hum. Just thi smorning began a search for this phenomenon…just freaked out by how many people are hearing it! Where to begin the complaining is difficult. What is the Mapping PRoject? I have contacted ABC NEWS regarding this because I fear health risks due to it let alone the sleep deprivation we are experiencing. At least now, we know we aren’t alone in the experience.

      1. I am trying with ABC to run a segment on the hum and some bizzare findings about it. Also, others at FERC and congress, but not to successful YET! There are a number of mapping projects. One that is global is http://www.thehum. The one I am doing that is the most complete for the US is USA based where I surf all these type sites and collect hum reprots, as long as they as the symptoms you describe. Including the sound of an idling diesel. My map can be found on the Hum forum. yahoo in teh files section, you have to join. Use your discretion to come to a conclusion.
        What town in GA. There are tonnes of reports in GA. My findings as well as a few others, the high pressure natural gas lines are the source of the sound waves (you don’t hear until they reasonat your home) . Go to NPMS Public Viewer and see where you are relative to some. If within 10- 15 miles, you fit the model.
        Push ABC in NYC


  138. I am not alone. I was starting to think I was crazy. The hum started Monday. I also have a new baby so I cannot take much more of this. I need some sleep I reported my hum to the website mentioned as well. Does anyone have any ideas of what can cause it to start? Ive lived in my home for 9 years and then out of nowhere the noise started. I also feel pressure in my ears. Like they need to pop but they wont. My middle child can hear it to but no one else in the family can. However, I think the baby may hear it as well. Were screwed aren’t we?

    1. For the hum map I am maintaining, what town and state do you experieince this? Let me know and I’ll respond back on an opinion what may have happen to cause this to begin. We lived in our home 15 years until it started right after the pipelinees transmitting natural gas changed the way the were operating. That may or may not be an explanation of yours.

      1. I live in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. I had hoped my case would be easy to identify or at least be one of the hums that comes and then goes suddenly. I guess I’m not that lucky. Its worse today much louder and the vibrations are stronger.

        1. We’ll get to the bottom of this. At this point I keep telling everyone, as I continue to do, is contact your congressman and tell them you know of a theory from someone in CT that says the pipelines are the problem and to contact FERC (Fed Energy Regulatory Commission). I am pressing them and need many more people to speak out. You may not agree with me, but we need to make noise (literally). Steve

        1. Yes Bob that’s me, did you watch the video of the pool water standing waves (if not in the article, go to New Haven register- search on Brookfield Homeowner …. for article with embedded video). Been away for 2 weeks and escaped the Hum during that period. From what I know the NPMS viewer only includes major transmission lines, not the local gas company distribution ones. I did some perusing this morning for SW FL and for one county Hillsbough it was fine, but Colier shows no lines, which I beleive were one teh map previously, maybe not??.
          For your area, keep in mind, from my region wide testing in CT I beleive a line 25 miles away can be a culprit. There are numerous sources besides the lines, but my work is focused on them as they are our areas problem.
          The fan is a very good “soother” of the hum for sleep. I use a Holmes HEPA filter, the one with a fan and 3 filters. On teh Yahoo Humforum many people aere using these.
          The symptoms of hearing inside and not outside are typical. And yeah, it is a debilitating sound and also tingly contact vibration sensations on the body.
          Need many more people to complain to their congressman, get articles in the news to get any attention to this matter. Whatever their Hum source idea is. As it worsens time will probably expose this issue from others than me.

      2. Something else I want to tell you Steve. I just went to http://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/ and it isn’t showing me the gas lines running through our neighborhood anymore. In fact, it shows very little now concerning Gas or Hazardous type pipelines. Now, I am wondering if the gas companies have taken hold of this viewer, so the Public can’t tell where the lines are now. Just my opinion, but the word gets out that it is the natural gas companies causing this humming noise with thousands of people everywhere and they will do what they can to ignore or say it isn’t them. The things people will do for $$$. They don’t care about anyone or anything when it comes to $$$.

  139. i have the same problem started last xmas four days constant over the holiday period then when i came home from work the first day back it stopped i thought someone had sorted the problem then ten months later on a saturday night around seven pm it started again and stopped again when i got home from work on monday that went on for three weeks and now its all the time if i pull up on my driveway in my car my ears go mental as the sound comes throw the windows and when i get out i hear nothing there is no hideing place in the house i cant get a way from it and i am getting next to no sleep and when my head hits the pillow its a nuff to drive you crazy i have tryed ear plugs no good even stayed up as late as possible no good i have put it down to a large sub station 700ft from my house i also live close to the airport and they have been digging up the gas pipes recently.i live in englang bedfordshire near london luton airport

    1. Noticed the hum about 3 years ago. Started late at night and it was so loud, actually thought it might have been a fire truck out front of the house. The sound has never stopped. The vibration actually hurts my ears, but I’m the only one aware of it. You cannot hear the sound once outside the house. One solution that I found is by putting a floor fan on (it creates a type of white noise) that gives a constant and I can sleep. You can purchase white noise machines also, but the “floor” fan actually works.

      1. Moved into my new house approx 3 months ago. Noticed a Hum that seemed to vibrate my ear drums. Doctor said its Tinnitus. (Bullsh*t) The hum hurts and feels like pressure. I went onto youtube to fined the Hz frequncy of the hum and ive narrowed it down to 50 to 65Hz. The I looked up the frequency (Hz) of the electrical sub-station that is located approx 150 metres from my house. Guess what?? It runs at 50-60 hz. Ive done a (car test) to see the Sub-Station is the cause. I Parked my car next to it and closed the windows. Ouch!!!! I thought my ears may burst. St Helens, Merseyside.

  140. Have had the hum just in the winter months and at night. Here in north Spokane, Washington. Of course, we have natural gas.

  141. The hum has been hunting me since 2010 and I live in Morden Surrey.
    My other half cant hear it I thought it was my neighbour at first,but no it just repeats day after day and so on.I sometimes drink more to get to sleep.I still have not learned to live with it.

    1. Use a HEPA air cleaner filter for sleep. Run it near the bed. It will help cut down on driniking, beleive me.

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  170. Hi, did you ever fix the house hum problem? I too have experienced the exact same thing and it’s driving me crazy. The hum is happening at my vacation home and I just noticed it about 9 days ago. I hear it all over the house, but can never pin point it. As soon as I step outside it disappears. I’ve seen suggestions that it may be a transformer or something else up in the electrical wires , but it’s silent outside. Sometimes it goes away for a few minutes. I’ve had this home for about 5 years and this hum just started. My wife and 2 kids say they don’t hear it.

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