Applied Technology Institute (ATI)

Applied Technology Institute (ATI) has specialized in short course technical training in satellite communications, space, defense, radar, sonar & acoustics, signal processing, and specialized engineering / systems engineering since 1984. We provide open enrollment offerings and on-sites. Our clients include DOD, government agencies, military, government and military contractors, technical industries, NASA facilities, and aerospace contractors.

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Methods of delivery


ATI currently offers all of our courses as virtual live webinars, for onsites/private offerings we have numerous webinar platforms available. From GoToWebinars, Webex, Zoom and more to choose from. If we don’t have it, we will get it to run your courses. Give Lisa Badart, at ATI, a call at 410-956-8805 with your questions or to schedule a virtual onsite for your team now.


ATI has scheduled all of our courses through 1st quarter 2021, to run as live virtual webinars. Here are some of our upcoming courses. Visit our schedule. OCTOBER – 2020 October 20 – Space Mission Structures, From Concept to Launch October 20 – MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2 and Joint Tactical Radio Systems Capabilities October 20 – Satellite Communications- Introduction October 27 – Design and Analysis of Bolted Joints NOVEMBER – 2020 November 2 – New Directions in Remote Sensing November 3 – Deep Learning Architectures for Defense and Security November 3 – MIL-STD-461G Test Methods and Compliance November 3 & 10 & 17- Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) for Space Systems November 17- Composite Materials for Aerospace November 17 – Systems of Systems DECEMBER – 2020 December 1 – Satellite Communications Design and Engineering December 1 – Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design December 1 – Link 16 with Network Enabled Weapons December 8 – Counter UAS Technology and Techniques December 8 – Structural Design and Analysis for Aerospace Engineers January January 4 – Space Missions Fundamentals January 5 – Requirements Development & Management January 11 – Link 16 with Network Enabled Weapons January 12 – Antenna and Array Fundamentals January 19 – Multi-Target Tracking and Multi-Sensor Data Fusion January 26 – AUV and ROV Technology January 26 – Certified Systems Engineering Professional February February 2 – Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements and Applications Febraury 2 – Software Defined Radio – Practical Applications February 9 – Submarines & Submariners – An Introduction February 9 – Wavelets: A Conceptual, Practical Approach February 9 – Satellite Link Budget Training Using SatMaster Software February 16 – Earth Station and Terminal Design February 16 – Ground System Design and Operation February 23 – Wireless Communications & Spread Spectrum Design February 23 – EMI/EMC in Military Systems ATI’s commitment to training and education within the space and defense industry has years of history, ensuring that the courses we offer are done with the best instructors in the industry! If you would like to have a private offering of any of our courses let us know. Register NOW!