Applied Technology Institute (ATI)

Applied Technology Institute (ATI) has specialized in short course technical training in satellite communications, space, defense, radar, sonar & acoustics, signal processing, and specialized engineering / systems engineering since 1984. We provide open enrollment offerings and on-sites. Our clients include DOD, government agencies, military, government and military contractors, technical industries, NASA facilities, and aerospace contractors.

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ATI has scheduled all of our courses through the end of 2020 and into early 2021, to run on a LIVE, interactive, virtual web platform. Here are some of our upcoming course offerings. For listings through the year end visit our schedule.

June 23-25 – Wireless Communications & Spread Spectrum Design
June 29-30 – Agile- An Introduction
July 14-16 – EMI/EMC in Military Systems
July 14-16 – Requirements Development & Management
July 14 -16 -High-Speed Digital Design and PCB Layout Including Internet of things (IOT) and 5G
July 20 -23 – Practical Statistical Signal Processing Using MATLAB
July 21-23 – Multi-Target Tracking and Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
July 28-30 – Deep Learning Architectures for Defense and Security

ATI’s commitment to training and education within the space and defense industry has years and years of history, making sure that the courses we offer are done with the best instructors in the industry! We continue that commitment even when things around us get a bit crazy. As we move forward we will continue our commitment to adding courses via live virtual webinar. If you would like to have a private offering of any of our courses let us know. Please visit our web site and register, knowing that ATI is there for you. Hoping that you, your family and co-works are well and safe. Register NOW!