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ATI's Space Mission Analysis and Design course

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    Technical Training Short On Site Course Quote

    This three-day class is intended for both students and professionals in astronautics and space science. It is appropriate for engineers, scientists, and managers trying to obtain the best mission possible within a limited budget and for students working on advanced design projects or just beginning in space systems engineering. It is the indispensable traveling companion for seasoned veterans or those just beginning to explore the highways and by-ways of space mission engineering. Each student will be provided with a copy of Space Mission Analysis and Design [Third Edition], for his or her own professional reference library.
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Edward L. Keith is a multi-discipline Launch Vehicle System Engineer, specializing in the integration of launch vehicle technology, design, and business strategies. He is currently conducting business case strategic analysis, risk reduction and modeling for the Boeing Space Launch Initiative Reusable Launch Vehicle team. For the past five years, Ed has supported the technical and business case efforts at Boeing to advance the state-of-the-art for reusable launch vehicles. Mr. Keith has designed complete rocket engines, rocket vehicles, small propulsion systems, and composite propellant tank systems, especially designed for low cost, as a propulsion and launch vehicle engineer. His travels have taken him to Russia, China, Australia and many other launch operation centers throughout the world. Mr. Keith has worked as a Systems Engineer for Rockwell International, on the Brillant Eyes Satellite Program and on the Space Shuttle Advanced Solid Rocket Motor project. Mr. Keith served for five years with Aerojet in Australia, evaluating all space mission operations that originated in the Eastern Hemisphere. Mr. Keith also served for five years on Launch Operations at Vandenberg AFB, California. Mr. Keith has written 18 papers on various aspects of Low Cost Space Transportation over the last decade.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Conceptual mission design
  • Defining top-level mission requirements
  • Mission operational concepts
  • Mission operations analysis and design
  • Estimating space system costs
  • Spacecraft design development, verification and validation
  • System design review

Course Outline:

  1. The Space Missions Analysis and Design Process
  2. Mission Characterization
  3. Mission Evaluation
  4. Requirements Definition
  5. Space Mission Geometry
  6. Introduction to Astro-dynamics
  7. Orbit and Constellation Design
  8. The Space Environment and Survivability
  9. Space Payload Design and Sizing
  10. Spacecraft Design and Sizing
  11. Spacecraft Subsystems
  12. Space Manufacture and Test
  13. Communications Architecture
  14. Mission Operations
  15. Ground System Design and Sizing
  16. Spacecraft Computer Systems
  17. Space Propulsion Systems
  18. Launch Systems
  19. Space Manufacturing and Reliability
  20. Cost Modeling
  21. Limits on Mission Design
  22. Design of Low-Cost Spacecraft
  23. Applying Space Mission Analysis and Design


    Tuition for this 3-day course is $1995 per person at one of our scheduled public offerings. Onsite pricing is available. Please call 410-956-8805 or email us at

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