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  • Adrian James Acoustics — Acoustic consultancy specialising in acoustic design for theatres, studios and concert halls.

  • Bien Entendu — Engineering in acoustics and electro-acoustics in Paris, France.

  • Corvib — Vibration Analysis, Predictive Maintenance and specialized NDT instrumentation.

  • EnterSound Health — Distributors of Intrasound Products. - Claims sound wave product that produce a tone that helps the trillions of cells within the human body come into harmony.

  • Envibe Condition Monitoring — A predictive maintenance company, we design and implement predictive maintenance programs for industries including food plants, manufacturing facilities, municipal utilities, petrochemical plants, hospitals, commercial buildings gas transfer stations, and more.

  • Lubell Labs Underwater Speakers — Lubell Labs manufactures underwater speakers for the scientist, synchronized swimmer, lap swimmer, and scuba diver.

  • Machine Dynamics, Inc. — We specialize in noise and vibration analysis of machines & structures, field & shop balancing, and alignment. We sell alignment fixtures & offer training.

  • Miller Henning Associates Acoustical Consultants — Architectural acoustics, mechanical noise control, environmental, vibration, audio visual design and specification.

  • Noise Control Engineering Inc. — Our company offer noise and vibration control engineering services for commercial, industrial and marine projects.

  • Noise Control from Memtech — Solutions for noise control, noise damping, acoustical and vibration problems.

  • Oros Inc. — Manufacturer of multichannel FFT analyzers for noise and vibration measurements.

  • Time-Frequency Sonar Detection — Reports on Time-Frequency Analysis and Multichannel Adaptive Filters.

  • VMC (Formerly Vibration Mountings and Controls — Vibration isolation products including mounts,isolation shock and damping materials.

  • Vibration Test Systems Home — Unholtz-Dickie Corp. — We specialize in manufacturing complete Vibration Test Systems including Shock and Vibration Controllers, Electrodynamic Shakers,Head Expanders, Power Amplifiers , Transducer Calibration Systems and Instrumentation.

  • VibroTek, Inc. (Russia) — diagnostic software and balancing software for vibration analyzers by Bruel and Kjaer, Data Physics, Diagnostic Instruments, Vibration Specialty Corporation, VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, and The DPL Group.

  • Vold Solutions, Inc — Innovative and Practical solutions for Noise and Vibration Analysis.

  • Wakefield Acoustics, Ltd. — Specializing in acoustic engineering for industrial noise control.


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