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  • Acoustic Companies compiled by ATI — Company names, addresses, phone and fax for companies working in acoustics and underwater sound.

  • Benthos — Benthos Oceanographic Instrumentation. Benthos, Inc. specializes in remote sensing technology for harsh environments. The company designs and manufactures oceanographic and robotic systems for research, exploration and defense, and through Datasonics transducers.

  • Bruel & Kjaer, Sound & Vibration Solutions — Bruel & Kjaer provides transducers and complete systems for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration in a wide range of applications: Noise, Vibration, Sound Quality, Modal Analysis, Quality Control, Telephone Testing, Transducer Calibration, Pass-by Noise.

  • Commercial Sites — ASA Commercial sites emphazing acoustics.

  • Damper, 3M(TM) Viscoelastic — 3M's applied damping material for vibration damping. Constrained layer materials.

  • DRS Technologies — DRS Technologies, a leading supplier of defense electronic systems to government and commercial markets.

  • Electric Boat Corporation (EB) — Electric Boat Corporation (General Dynamics Corp.) is the premiere designer and builder of nuclear submarines for the United States Navy.

  • International Transducer Corporation — Manufacturer of Acoustic Transducers for Ship and Submarine Sonar, Oceanographic Survey, Seismic Exploration, Marine Life Research, Medical Devices and Industrial Proximity Sensing.

  • ITT Corporation

  • Klein Associates — Manufacturer of side scan sonar systems.

  • Lear Corporation — Automotive manufacturer specializing in interiors. Floor and acoustic products are provided for trucks and cars.

  • Lockheed Martin — Lockheed Martin — the largest defense contractor — a resource for current news, product information, financial data, and career opportunities for Lockheed Martin.

  • LORD Corporation - Mechanical Products Division — Lord manufactures rubber-to-metal products, including lord mounts, elastomeric bearings, engine isolators, couplings, rod ends and active technologies for controlling noise, vibration, shock and motion.

  • NVH Materials — Your web guide to noise, vibration, and harshness! — Links to associated websites around the world involved with noise, vibration, and harshness. Links are categorized for easy searching.

  • Ocean News and Technology Buyer's Guide — Firms working in the oceans and seas.

  • Raytheon Company — Defense systems from Raytheon.

  • SeaBeam Instruments — Manufactures multibeam swath ocean survey sonars and provides services. These systems are used to map the ocean floor with precision and accuracy.

  • Sippican — A division of Lockheed Martin — Manufactures expendable oceanographic and meteorologic instrumentation and associated data acquisition systems; communication and navigation antenna systems for submarines and aircraft; autonomous underwater vehicles for anti-submarine warfare (ASW); electronic warfare systems.

  • Sonalysts, Inc. — Sonalysts provides analysis of submarine sonar systems, and a wide variety of airborne, surface, subsurface and land-based navy systems.

  • Sonatech — Sonatech, Inc., a Channel Technologies company, is an underwater acoustic systems development organization. Includes underwater sonar, navigation and tracking systems.

  • Sonsub International — Sonsub owns and operates over 40 vehicles worldwide, including ROV and offshore service vessels.

  • Welcome to M & C Specialties Co — Applied damping materials. Constrained layer materials primarily.


Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration Companies — Large Businesses